Let’s talk about priorities, and doing what needs to be done now, not at next years budget.

The BC Liberal government just announced this: $100 million dollar fund to boost B.C’s tech sector 






And this: Government leads the way with $50 million for health research






Yet even having acknowledged that the Ministry of Children and Family Development has been starved for resources for years-YEARS-and a stated need for at least $50 million to hire and train new staff….

This is the governments response:

Cadieux said she’ll study the report for the next few months and has asked Plecas to remain with the ministry to help implement the recommendations and provide a six-month update.

She promised no immediate specific funding, saying that is a matter for the budget, to be tabled in February.

Now let me say this. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond has been saying the same things Bob Plecas has said in this new report, for years. ( this link is from October 2014. Nothing was done.Think about that.)

So have others.

It’s not a surprise to anyone,least of all this government that something has needed to be done for far too long. They have chosen to ignore those prior recommendations and with every single tragic death pledge again and again, to ‘examine the issues and find out what went wrong.” It’s one show of concern after another with absolutely zero results. Kind of like the Highway of Tears #MMIW recommendations.

How many children and youth deaths does it have to take for some action? It’s just not right to wait until February to make a firm commitment to get that money out, when $150 million was just handed out like an election was happening tomorrow. 

But I get it. Those kids in care don’t vote.  And they sure as heck don’t make for a good smiley photo opportunity for anyone in this government.

Just for once, please, do the right thing, right now. Because we don’t want to see even one more tragic story appear in a list that grows longer every year. 



When wrong just doesn’t begin to describe it.


I’m about to give the old fingers a rest from the keyboard for the May long weekend –  they’re getting a bit claw like – but there are three more stories I wanted to bring to your attention for posterity.

Readers who have been with me long enough know that while I feel strongly enough about the  current government that there’s a list of reasons they should go on my blog, I continue to hold the opposition to account as well. Political hypocrisy doesn’t impress me nor does an opposition that sometimes doesn’t oppose. And if the NDP do manage to win an election provincially, I will continue to hold them to the same standard as I have the Liberals and they know it.

But I digress.

Three stories came out this week that really highlight wrong actions, wrong policy and terribly wrong results.

1) http://bcndpcaucus.ca/news/liberal-insider-wins-contracts-from-the-agency-he-leads/

When it comes to the awarding of contracts in government, it is as important to avoid the perception of conflict as it is, conflict itself. It doesn’t matter that this story didn’t come from a reporter, it’s still wrong.

” Well-connected Liberal insider Larry Blain won $219,000 worth of public contract work from Partnerships B.C. while he was also serving as the chair of Partnerships B.C., according to documents obtained by the New Democrats.”

I have a hard time believing that there was no other company who could have fulfilled the requirements of the work for a reasonable price. Seriously. Here are the FOI documents the NDP received. http://bcndpcaucus.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2015/05/Blain-Package.pdf

Might be just me, but that is just wrong.

2) http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-government-fires-outspoken-chair-of-agricultural-land-commission/article24450072/

In a time when foreign companies are being allowed to buy farmland and plant it over with trees to get carbon credits – wrap your head around that one,will you? –  it would make sense to have someone who will fiercely defend the ALR, in charge of the Agricultural Land Commission.

But no, the government thinks it makes perfect sense to suddenly fire the chair Richard Bullock and replace him with a former mayor who has no agricultural experience.

Smart move? Wrong. See ya farmland. It was nice knowing you…

3) http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/death-of-b-c-aboriginal-teen-paige-blamed-on-brutal-and-cruel-support-services-1.3074515

If there are angels on earth, one is surely Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, the representative for children and youth. Along with a damning level of child poverty in this province, the handling of children in government care is one of our provinces greatest shames. In particular, aboriginal children.

Turpel-Lafond has taken this government to task so many times and yet every little change is hard-fought for.

This latest story is a horrific indicator of the systematic failures of agencies overburdened and underfunded, that hold the responsibility to care for our provinces most vulnerable. No child should suffer through a life like Paige’s, no children should be living in the DTES, and that there are right now, 100-150 files just as urgent that need immediate action,is unthinkable.

And please let us not forget that these ‘files’… is a child.

Wrong just doesn’t begin to describe it. And all of these stories are just a small part of why it’s no longer enough to shake our heads and make concerned grimaces at the news.  You’ve got to be engaged in what matters to you.
Have a good, relaxing and safe long weekend,  kick back and be well!

BC Government denies cancelling gifts for kids in care

A joint effort today, proving that when the going gets tough… the bloggers get going!  It started with a really pointed post at The Gazetteer, picked up over with the  indomitable Ian Reids, continued with a new tip and email here on my site and was carried on over at Norm’s….

And the Ministry of Children and Families denies everything, which is a good thing because we wouldn’t want any kids at risk, anywhere, to go without a little something.



My latest post for Huffington Post BC :

B.C. Government Denies Cancelling Christmas Gifts For Kids In Care

Three very important questions for our families first premier… if she isn’t too busy Christmas shopping, that is…

* There is a follow-up post… Here. *

From our good friend RossK, who has a good lead, from a very good source… about a helluva shocking story :

“In the wake of all the money that has been completely and disgustingly wasted on Snooklandian propaganda and ad-buys in the last year ($64 million and counting!) we have two simple questions for Premier Christy Clark and her Minister of Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux:

Question #1:

Why, in the name of budget cutting, have social workers in the MCFD been told they are not allowed to purchase Christmas gifts for the children and youth in government care?

Question #2:

 Is it true that social workers who have already bought gifts for children and youth in government care are being told to return those gifts?

Of course, we have a third question for Ms. Clark and Ms. Cadieux if the answer to either of the questions above is ‘yes’.

Which is…

How, exactly, do either of you sleep at night ? “

Bait and switch toll reduction won’t help BC Liberals.

From my new post headlined over at HuffPost BC :

“The Port Mann Bridge project has been steeped in controversy from its humble beginnings as an economically prudent plan to twin the existing bridge at a cost of $1.5 billion to what we’ve ended up with today: a completely new bridge and highway project totaling $3.3 billion financed through tolls.

Wednesday’s announcement by newbie B.C. Transportation Minister Mary Polak that the tolls on the Port Mann will be reduced for a period of time with incentives — call now and the next five people get a free Shamwow — is no less controversial than the project itself for one very good reason.

Mary Polak is of course a Liberal MLA in Langley facing an election in 2013, along with MLA Rich Coleman and likely Surrey MLA Stephanie Cadieux. Each has confirmed they intend to run again to the press and it’s very apparent to everyone (except Mike Klassen apparently) that the Liberal brand has been all but blown up by the disingenuous Christy Clark. Quite frankly, these MLAs are going to need every bit of help they can get.

The question is, will a reduction in tolls make any difference at all to hardened voters weary of the endless stream of politicking from Clark, the second most unpopular premier in Canada? I don’t think so, and this is why. The Liberals are using the old bait and switch trick, one they’ve perfected over the last 10 years. Sure we get a discount at first, but eventually we’re all going to be paying — for the rest of our lives quite frankly…”

Check out the rest at http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/laila-yule/port-mann-bridge-tolls-bc-liberals_b_1878921.html?utm_hp_ref=canada-british-columbia

Congratulations to the crew behind the Fight HST action, and to all my fellow British Columbians…

And why not make it official by saying I will be signing up to recall my rather hypocritical MLA, Stephanie Cadieux. You better enjoy that rather lush office on 152nd st while you can Steph, because I intend to rally the troops in my hood… he he he!!!

Well done  everyone, well done. I guess even those offices charged with the administration of our voting system are going to fall back on Gordon Campbell’s old stand by phrase:  ” Not while it is before the courts. ”

Recall in the Fall. Recall in the Fall. Recall in the Fall.

I’m loving it!!!