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Politics must not trump public safety – It’s time for government to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to Surrey.

After another Detroit style rolling shoot-out yesterday in Newton,the last thing Surrey residents wanted to wake up to was news of more gun violence this morning- this time in North Surrey. It is little solace to anyone that todays shooting … Continue reading

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If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone in the city hear? * UPDATED April 3/2015

* Update April 3rd,2015 I received a reply from Jess Dhillon, head of Acquisitions & Development at Redekop Development  Corp and I followed up with a phone call where we talked more in depth. This is his response: “Hi Laila, … Continue reading

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Why I am (still) voting No in the Transit tax vote

From the very beginning, the entire Transit tax referendum turned non-binding plebiscite, has been a stunning example of the inadequate leadership and poor governance we find ourselves under as a province. Worse yet perhaps, is how the mayors plan is … Continue reading

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The ‘real’ thing about the Port Mann Bridge.

“The thing about the Port Mann Bridge is people start using it–and they love it, because it saves so much of their time that they would otherwise be driving and they can spend with their family for example or get … Continue reading

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This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Mega-city unsuitable for region.

This week’s topic: Should the Lower Mainland become a mega-city like Toronto with one election for the entire region? Brent is right on the money when he states: “What an election!” For politicos, there’s no bigger rush than election night – … Continue reading

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Countdown to Surrey Votes 2014: “The only people truly bound by campaign promises are the voters who believe them.” ― Christopher Hitchens

I admit it, I’m more than a bit cynical when it comes to elections in general. Why? Because while countries overseas will riot,march by thousands in the streets and overthrow governments simply to have a free election and exercise the … Continue reading

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What community is all about.

The Grove in Newton is one of those places that for many years, was nothing more than a place you had to pass through to get to somewhere else. To get to the bus loop from the library or Newton … Continue reading

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Life on 135A street, or, The little Pop-up Soup Kitchen that could

“Compassion is not just feeling with someone, but seeking to change the situation. Frequently people think compassion and love are merely sentimental. No! They are very demanding. If you are going to be compassionate, be prepared for action!” Desmond Tutu … Continue reading

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Hepner unwittingly calls into question Community Safety Patrols done by Commissionaires.

It’s been said that Surrey politics is the one to watch this year and certainly it never fails to provide fodder for ample discussion. Mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode released her crime plan yesterday,one crafted in part in consultation with soon … Continue reading

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Houston, we have a problem: hardly anyone votes in Surrey

I tweeted out some stark reminders of Surrey’s last election today: Population of Surrey: approx. 472,000, estimated to grow by about a 1000 every month Number of registered voters : 279,051 as per the last election in 2011 Number of … Continue reading

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