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We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men. ~ Herman Melville

A wise man once said that as soon as you see a mistake and don’t fix it, it becomes your mistake. Surrey city mayor and councillors would do well to hold this proverb close to their hearts. Never could that … Continue reading

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And the total cost of the new Surrey city hall/civic plaza/ parkade is….. ( drumroll please…) $138 million plus.

Much more than the $97 million dollars borrowed by the city to build the city hall : http://www.surrey.ca/bylawsandcouncillibrary/BYL_17231.pdf What no one from the city has mentioned yet, is that the building cost of the parkade that services the City Hall … Continue reading

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Things that matter.

The Newton Community Association held a public forum today to follow-up the public meeting from January. Great dialogue from the community and I’ll have more observations on that soon, but tonight I have some writing to do for a deadline, hopefully … Continue reading

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This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: B.C. premier should get rid of referendum and work out a proper transit deal

Columnists Laila Yuile and Brent Stafford battle over the issues of the day. The winner of last week’s duel on marijuana laws was Laila with 61%. This week’s topic: Should the premier cancel the transit referendum and leave planning and … Continue reading

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“You are what you do…not what you say you will do.” ~ Carl Jung

“We tend to treat politics as a game, as if the people living and dying by the policies set by those in power are less important than the stories generated by colorful characters…” ~ Tyler Clark I’ll never profess to … Continue reading

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BC Liberal property ‘fire sale’ begins in Surrey

Residents in the Sullivan/Panorama area of Surrey were all abuzz about the new sign from Colliers International listing a government property once earmarked for an expansion of Surrey Memorial Hospital. http://www.collierscanada.com/11954#.UsbXe9GA2M8 The property in question is being listed as a: … Continue reading

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“We don’t need more task forces, we need results” -Esmir Milavic

Strong words from Community Relations Strategist at @Surrey604, Esmir Milavic, on how to address the issue of violence and safety in Newton, as the community copes with the tragic death of Julie Paskall. I agree with Esmir completely. And this … Continue reading

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The price to pay is far more than Newton residents should have to.

My heart stopped at news today that a woman had been severely beaten in what appears to be an attempted robbery outside of the Newton Arena. http://www.thenownewspaper.com/woman-not-expected-to-live-after-savage-beating-near-surrey-s-newton-arena-1.774064?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_campaign=hootsuite Foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with her, her family and her friends … Continue reading

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It really is God’s Little Acre, and right now it’s an ice rink just waiting for you to make memories…

In the muck and mire of all that is political in this province – and this country- it is those rare rays of light that I find such inspiration in to keep the belief that change is not only possible, … Continue reading

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Surrey transit after dark reveals ‘Boulevard of broken dreams’…( and they wonder why more people don’t take transit)

Come my friends, let me tell you a tale of harrowing adventure, for I have seen the dark side and survived to see the light… Last night, I took the #321 bus from Surrey Central Station down King George Boulevard … Continue reading

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