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Me? A government plant?

Hang onto your seats, children… http://www.taxrevolt2012.ca/the-news/61-laila-yuile Courtesy of  Tim Felger

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For my Abbotsford readers : Tim Felger Invites you…

to an evening with him at Matsqui Centennial Auditorium,this Wednesday. Tim Felger will give a speech on the state of the economy and how it will affect Abbotsford. In his email to me, Tim says: “It is going to be hard for … Continue reading

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His Own Worst Enemy.

Fred, editor of Something Cool news, http://www.somethingcool.ca , has said enough is enough. In what some would say was a long overdue move, Fred cut Tim Felger loose after his controversial and childish participation in Abbotsfords Canada Day Parade. In the midst of what … Continue reading

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Here’s an election campaign promise for the record book…..

”  When elected, I am not solving all the problems in the courts, I am merely stating that the Abbotsford Police will not arrest anyone for another drug crime, property crime that is drug related or street prostitution. The APD … Continue reading

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Where Do I even Begin ?

From SomethingCool.ca, a news website run by Fred Johns, orginal link here  : http://somethingcool.ca/letters272.htm  Tim Felger Responds to Laila Yuile Last week, Tim Felger responded to freelance writer Laila Yuile’s blog about the Scott Young fiasco. In turn, Laila responded … Continue reading

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