Premier Christy Clark : “Better a MILF, than a cougar.”

Every once in a while, something wicked this way comes… and in this case, wickedly embarrassing for the premier… or at least worthy of a face-palm for the rest of us.  This post might land me on someone’s naughty list, but seriously? I couldn’t pass on it…

Yesterday morning, Dec 19th, a good friend and reader in Powell River who listens to the morning show from Courtenay radio station, Jet FM, let me know that Christy was on air and that the conversation was pretty darn funny. Funny if you think being called a MILF ( mother I’d love to f#*k) is a compliment, that is. Well, apparently, our Premier thinks this is a great compliment, her words, not mine.

Well, of course I had to email the morning host, Drex and ask him if what I heard was true, and sure enough, it was….

Unbelievably, Christy shares her personal views on being a MILF in response to a question from the host, at the 1:38 mark. And speaking as a woman with a sense of humour as well, and intelligence, I don’t find it very…. endearing.

Talk about setting women back in politics !! She thinks being a MILF is better than a cougar, and when people tell her that, she thanks them and takes it as a compliment. For the love of everything respectful about her position, I introduce to you, our  Premier who likes being a MILF.

Embarrassing for female politicians everywhere, yes, however,  it is particularly befitting both her #1 spot on Santas Top Five Naughty Liberals and her appearance on the Vixens of Vancouver list….

Is that a Grrrowwwl…. I hear, Christy?

Too bad she didn’t use this air time to solicit gifts for kids in ministry care who aren’t in foster care yet, or other kids in poverty… or even think about how her own son might be embarrassed by this …

Christy, still wondering why women don’t like you?

*****Breaking news…  6pm, Saturday December 22

Arrived home to find an email from my good friend RossK, telling me that the audio has been pulled :

” out of respect for the premier….”

*** the follow up post to this breaking story can be read here

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