And the Oscar goes to… Wally Oppal, for “Worst Performance in a Public Inquiry” …


Please, if anyone knows Wally ( I’m a movie star) Oppal, please tell him I think there is something so sick, so wrong, about his choice to take a role, as a gunshot victim in a movie about a serial killer – period. His personal choice makes a mockery of his current public standing overseeing the inquiry,and his lack of concern for public perception is astounding, appalling and highly offensive on many levels.


This is what’s wrong with our “Justice” system

Earlier this year, on March 13th, I blogged about a shooting that had occurred in broad daylight, in a residential cul-de-sac where children play freely.

Some men were arguing in front of one of the homes. The verbal disagreement became a physical fight and at that time another man puled out a gun and shot another man in the back ,paralyzing him permanently from the waist down. 

 My account of the aftermath is here.

The man who fired the gun,Jessie Dhinda,  left the scene and in a press release issued  by the RCMP to the public, was described as “armed and dangerous”. Makes sense – he  had, after all, just shot a man in the back and left him critically injured.

Jessie Dhinda was later apprehended by police and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one charge of discharging a firearm with the intent to wound or disfigure.

This same man, is now back out on our streets, a free man-  as reported  by Dan Ferguson in this excerpt from The Surrey Leader :

” Jaspal “Jessie” Dhindsa of Surrey is back on the street, free on bail while he waits to stand trial for allegedly shooting another man in the back.

A Surrey Provincial Court judge ordered Dhindsa’s release on April 9, court records show.

The 22-year-old  has been ordered to have no contact with two individuals and is banned from possessing firearms.”


How does this work? You shoot a man in the back and paralyze him, and it’s called assault.  On a busy street with children about.  Clearly endangering the public.

Of course, it makes sense to give him bail. Of course. He’s been out for almost a month, enjoying the sunshine.

Of course that makes sense.

He must  not  be armed and dangerous anymore…

” The Kinsella Connection” – It’s no secret that Patrick Kinsella is one of Gordon Campbell’s closest friends…

having co-chaired the Liberals’ 2001 and 2005 campaigns.
A wonderful bit of work has come my way from a very keen source, that I would like to share with you – it’s a detailed look at Patrick Kinsella’s dealings.
Forgive the format- wordpress isn’t always the best in this area…
Patrick Kinsella’s consulting firm Progressive Group has made millions closing lucrative deals between government and private industry.
According to his own estimate, Kinsella’s clients have raked in more than $2 billion in government deals.
The NDP have long been calling for an independent investigation into Kinsella’s lobbyist activities and contracts with government.
The details below connects various dealings between Progressive Group’s clientele to lobbying work with the Campbell government and in some cases, donations to the B.C. Liberal Party.
The format for this information is listed sequentially in the following order:
Progressive Group Clientele
Lobbying timeline
Progressive Group Lobbying Work

Donations to the B.C. Liberals
A global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.
Lobbying timeline: Jan. 2003 – Jan. 2008 – Progressive hired to promote and educate the B.C. government on the benefits of outsourcing a # of B.C. Hydro government services.
Result: Accenture wins a $1.5-billion take over of B.C. Hydro office functions. Accenture donated $500.00 between 2005-2008

Alcan B.C. is part of the global operations of Alcan Inc. and produces primary aluminium for Pacific Rim customers.
Lobbying timeline : – The Progressive Group was contacted by Alcan “to promote and educate the provincial government on the value of allowing Alcan to increase the size of its smelter operation in Kitimat B.C.”
Result: Kinsella’s lobbying resulted in a plan that meant job losses for Kitimat and a deal for Alcan from the BC Liberals that was so generous the B.C. Utilities Commission had to intervene on behalf of consumers. No record of donations
B.C. Motion Picture Production Industry Association
Lobbying timeline: March 2005 – 2007 – Progressive contracted by the B.C. Motion Picture Production Industry Association to convince the Provincial government to extend foreign tax credits.
Result: Despite the Campbell government’s stated opposition to business subsidies, extended the foreign tax credit – and the B.C. Motion Picture Production Industry Association receives $65 million in provincial tax breaks.
North Shore Studios’ Paul Clausen and Peter Leitch, donated $9,375 between 2005-2008
B.C. Rail
Lobbying timeline
Aug. 2001 to Sept. 2005 – B.C. Rail paid Progressive Group $297,567 to provide strategic advice to the President, BOD and Chair.
Result:To be determined….
Patrick Kinsella and the Progressive Group donated a total of $126,085.50 between 2001 and 2005.
Engineering, construction, and project management.
Lobbying timeline: Spring 2006 – Record of meeting in 2006 between Special Advisor Ken Dobell and Patrick Kinsella. The meeting is notated as Canfor-Bechtel.
Result: Hired by Bechtel to assist with plans to win a government transportation contract, namely the Port Mann/Hwy 1 Project .No record of donations
Brooksfield Lepage Johnson Controls
BLJC deals in workplace management services for real estate portfolios.
Lobbying timeline: Dec. 2003 – FOI documents reveal that Progressive arranged meetings between BLJC in its capacity as the government of B.C.’s facility manager and Washington businesses seeking facility management business.
Result: Awarded 5 year contract in 2003 as B.C. Buildings Corporation\’s (BCBC) outsource provider of property management services.
Brookfield Asset Management donated $51,400 between 2001-2008
Canadian National Railway
Unknown Documents relating to the BC Rail corruption trial suggest that Kinsella was working for CN as well as BC Rail during the brokering of the sale of BC Rail to CN.
CN donated $166,085 between 2001 and 2005. CN, and principal officer David McLean, are consistent BC Liberal Party donors, and have donated outside this time period as well.
Canfor Forest Products
Forest Products Company based in Vancouver, B.C.
Lobbying timeline: Jan. 2004 – Jan. 2007 – Progressive contracted to assist Canfor with the Provincial government in regards to complex softwood lumber issues. Record of meeting in 2006 between Special Advisor Ken Dobell and Patrick Kinsella. The meeting is notated as Canfor-Bechtel.
Result: Progressive describe the outcome of their work as “The Canadian and United States governments settle long disputed softwood lumber deal.”
Canfor donated $363,927 between 2001 and 2008.
Chief Development Company
Lobbying timeline:
Sept. 2005 to March 2006 – Progressive contracted to convince the Township of Langley and B.C. govt to invest in a $30 million Private Public Partnership for the development of a new spectator ice arena.
Result: Secured $25 million dollars Nov. 2006 to build the spectator arena.
$5,170.00 donated between 2001 – 2008.
Clean Energy
A California-based public company that provides natural gas for transportation.
Lobbying timeline: 2005 Progressive contracted to promote Clean Energy as a provider of natural gas for transportation.
Result: In July 2007 Clean Energy won a contract to upgrade certain TransLink fueling stations and fuel demonstration vehicles. No record of donations.
John Les’ calendar reveals that on Feb 9, 2006 Kinsella and Tom Nellis of Playtime met with the then Solicitor General along with other community gaming industry players.
The BC Liberals’ massive expansion of gambling is in part due to its policy decision to allow small town bingo halls to be transformed into mini-casinos with slots or “community gaming centres” .
A Public Eye investigation found that the B.C. Liberals accepted over a quarter of a million dollars worth of hidden gaming donations between 2002 and 2007.
ING Insurance
ING Canada is a provider of property and casualty insurance in Canada.
Lobbying timeline: April 11, 2007 – Calendar for then-Solicitor General John Les states meeting between Kinsella and an ING Canada Inc. executive at the premier’s Vancouver office.
The topic of the meeting: “polling info” specifically related to ICBC. ING corporate communications VP Gilles Gratton was unable to say what kind of work Kinsella was doing for the company, “The only thing I can tell you is we’ve used the services of his firm on a number of occasions…”
Donated $15,400 between 2005 to 2008

Lobbying timeline:
2005 – Kinsella and partner Mark Jiles have had meetings with the Solicitor General on behalf of private liquor interests. In addition, Kinsella was a Liquor Barn Income Fund trustee and director with Liquor Barn GP Inc. According to a directors’ circular dated April 25, 2006, Kinsella owned 2,500 fund shares, with an option for a further 5,000.
Result: Between 2002 and 2006, the BC Liberal government has repeatedly made policy changes beneficial to the private liquor industry, including two increases increase in the wholesale discount between March 2005 and January 2006.
Received $150,000 during the 2005 election campaign from the private liquor sector
Orca Creative
A Washington State company that deals in trade show exhibits.
Lobbying timeline: 2005-2008 Kinsella and Jiles work with Orca Creative Group to win a contract with the B.C. Government’s Olympic Secretariat – successfully circumventing the Bid Book requirement for BC businesses to get 2010 contracts Orca Creative scored a lucrative 2010 contract in the summer of 2006.
No record of donations
Payday Lenders/ Cash Store Financial
Lobbying Timeline: Spring of 2007 – In May of 2007,Kinsella had meetings with John Les, noted in the Solicitor General’s calendar as “payday lenders”. Cash Store Financial VP Michael Thompson said about Kinsella’s work: “He was just basically bringing [John Les] up to speed on what our position was with respect to the regulation of payday loans in the province of British Columbia.” Asked if that was lobbying Thompson said, “Correct.”
Result: The Campbell government’s payday loans bill included a promise to consult with the industry on the regulations.In 2007, Cash Store Financial sent a letter to Ontario payday lenders claiming success inblocking” that BC’s legislative effort. Michael Thompson has since clarified this remark, saying the use of the term “block” wasn’t appropriate.
National Money Mart donated $10,600 between 2005-2008
Plutonic Power
Plutonic Power currently develops run-of-river hydroelectric projects in British Columbia.Plutonic communications director Elisha McCallum has confirmed that Kinsella provides the company’s vice-chairman and CEO with “high level strategic advice on public policy.” Result: B.C. Hydro Corp. offered Plutonic an energy purchase agreement for its East Toba River and Montrose Creek project in July 2006.
Plutonic donated $50,956 between 2005 and 2008
Washington State Allied Waste company. Rabanco accepts garbage from Whistler, Powell River and Maple Ridge.
Lobbying Timeline: Fall of 2005 – Progressive contracted by Rabanco to pursue the long-term waste disposal business of the replacement of the Cache Creek Landfill. Progressive reports work in November 2006 as “ongoing”.
Result: Metro Vancouver board approved an interim solution to allow Rabanco to manage 600,000 tonnes of garbage a year from Metro Vancouver in March 2008. Pending approval by province No record of donations
Sun Micro Systems
Develops technologies for the global marketplace.
Lobbying Timeline
: 2002 – Progressive contracted to work on business development objectives with the B.C. government.
Result: Selected to develop and implement the Provincial Laboratory Information Solution and the Electronic Health Record system as components of B.C.’s eHealth strategy. Donated $16,655 between 2001 – 2008.

Jan. 2005– Jan. 2006

Premier Gordon Campbell feeling the heat as allegations of political interference find their way into Basi-Virk hearings

Defence alleges possibility of political interference by Premier Campbell through Attorney General’s ministry

The defence in the BC Legislature Raid trial today raised in BC Supreme Court the possibility that Premier Gordon Campbell used the attorney general’s ministry to politically interfere with the case.

Defence lawyer Kevin McCullough alleged in a combative presentation that Justice Elizabeth Bennett should disclose additional documents from the attorney general’s ministry that would let the defence potentially argue political interference in the case.

“The point of these submissions is to put documents in front of you to draw inferences related to political interference,” said McCullough, who is acting for Bob Virk. Virk, David Basi and Aneal Basi face corruption charges connected to the $1 billion privatization of BC Rail in 2003.

“That political interference is rooted in the fact that the premier, the premier’s office, the politicians were using the attorney general’s ministry as a political arm in this matter, and particularly, that this necessarily conflicted the attorney general’s ministry in their role,” McCullough alleged.

Read the rest of this rousing post over at political commentator,columnist and fellow blogger Bill Tielemans blog:
As well, regular updates and colourful commentaries from Robin Matthews continue over at my wonderful friend BC Mary’s blog :
And what would a trip around the blogosphere be without a stop to read the Gazetteers musings and wry notes? :

BC Liberals End spring session early- more eager to campaign than answer some very uncomfortable questions

I could not believe my ears yesterday, after hearing that the spring session of the legislature would be ending two days early- apparently because members are more eager to get out campaigning than answer questions or take care of business. 

And they are leaving some unfinished business laying about- the premier never did get around to fixing that very sloppy lobbyist registry that he so vehemently promised he would take care of in this spring session. Ah well, I guess it really isn’t in his best interest to correct the mess, because then all his lobbyist buddies might actually have to be accountable for their dubious actions and associations.

 Two days early closure makes no difference in the end.

The premier never  intends to answer the questions surrounding the long-term payments to friend and lobbyist Patrick Kinsella who appeared to be working both sides of the table before, during and after the BC Rail sale.

Wally Oppal never intends to answer the very same questions.

And oddly enough, both  Wally and Gordo really seemed to be trying their best to be sincere at saying the GAG law recently struck down by the law, was their noble attempt to level the playing field – in fact, the government might even waste more of your money launching an appeal to prevent you from hearing anyone else’s views but their own….

Meaning, they think YOU, the people, need someone to make up your minds for you. Democracy? Bah. These two act more like bullies  desperately trying to hold down a fort in the school yard.

Latest in the ridiculous realm of the Liberal nuttiness in the Leg, is Stonewally Oppals application of his standard response, ” It’s before the courts- I can’t comment.” to the deal between BC Hydro and Accenture- another of the premiers ‘friendly’ business dealings…. check out Sean Holmans post on this here:

Now,  my fellow blogger Gazetteer, , has really been doing some wonderful bits on all of this lately. Smashing, goosebumpy liveblogs and commentaries. Go and check it out for yourself, and scroll down to read it all.

Here, is just a teaser to get you going….

RailGate Retreat…..Accentuate The Positives

” Today, during Question (not answer) Period in the British Columbia Legislature, (Attorney) General Stonewall Oppal indicated that, in addition to any and all matters railway-related, the privatization of a portion of BC Hydro is also before the courts:

J. Horgan:Well, let’s try a privatization scheme that’s not yet before the courts. In 2003 Patrick Kinsella’s organization, according to their own resumé, did the following: “Did a survey of the landscape and interviewed a number of stakeholders in the British Columbia government and B.C. Crown corporations and determined that the best opportunity for Accenture was B.C. Hydro.”

Now, the minister of defence took this question on notice last week. So I’m hopeful that the Minister of Energy has been prepared for this, and he’s able to stand in this place today and advise this House what role Mr. Kinsella, what role Mr. Martyn Brown from the Premier’s office, had in the privatization to Accenture. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Hon. W. Oppal:Those questions I expect will be answered by (RailGate’s presiding judge) Madam Justice Bennett. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]


Mr. Speaker: Members. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Member has a supplemental. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

J. Horgan: It’s curious to me how the Attorney General can stand in this place and tell us that B.C. Hydro is now before the courts. For every activity [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Now, based on this, it is difficult not to conclude that General Stonewall might have at least a few rocks in his logic.

And it’s not just Hydro….It just might be gambling that is before the courts as well….

John Horgan continues:

J. Horgan: ……….Mr. Kinsella was involved with the B.C. Lottery Corporation. Does that mean we can’t ask questions about the Lottery Corporation? Is everything that Mr. Kinsella touched now off limits to the people of British Columbia? [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Again, a simple question to the Minister of Energy — and I know he’s anxious to get to his feet. What role did Patrick Kinsella and Martyn Brown have in the privatization of one-third of B.C. Hydro, a $1.45 billion deal to the friends of the government, Accenture? [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Hon. W. Oppal: I’m sure these questions are asked for the purposes of getting a sound bite on the six o’clock news. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

I’m not going to answer the question. The question is before the…. All of those matters are before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, and everybody here knows that it’s inappropriate to talk about matters that are before the court. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT]

……. Wow!! Read the rest of this at

Since when is BC Hydro and Accenture before the courts? Or does good old Wally know something we all don’t know…. IS there something to look into? Something untoward about the relationships and names involved in THIS deal as well? Come on Wally! This is no more before the courts than the Premier is answering questions.

As well, Gazetteer includes a hilarious video of  Wally Oppal’s reactions and answers during the media scrum… where he seems to be running out of justifications…. courtesy of Sean Holmans public Eye Television available on Youtube:


Hmmm…… now that the Leg is done, does that mean that we are now responsible for asking those questions during campaign appearances and visits?  Someone should get on Christy Clark about all this BC rail  / Patrick Kinsella nonsense – I believe she was deputy premier during part of the time this was all going on… she must know something she can speak to that is ” Not before the courts”…. speaking of Christy Clark, check out this link for a little stroll down political memory lane..   Doesn’t this just spell out all the connections  that can make all the difference in a political career for you?

Campbell: ” I know that many people think they can turn this into an election issue…”

Shall I put a pot of coffee on , Premier? Because it sure is time for you to wake up and smell it….  we don’t need to turn this into an election issue, because you’ve already done that by refusing to answer for your actions despite repeated questions by the media, the NDP and the public.

Many thanks to the tireless Sean Holman of, for the ongoing video contributions you will not see anywhere else but on Youtube.

( Public Eye is a daily journal covering the backrooms of civic, provincial and federal politics in British Columbia, breaking headlining stories before they become headlines. Our voice is neither conservative nor progressive. It is independent and irreverent, biased only against pomposity and hypocrisy. ) ~ youtube , publiceyetelevision

Criminals facing trial applaud VANOC’s commandeer of the RCMP for 10 weeks during 2010

If you don’t follow David Berner’s  blog now, I suggest that you do. He writes and comments and talks about various important issues facing those of us in Lotusland, and often touches on items that would otherwise escape the scrutiny of the public.

Imagine my surprise when scrolling through his feed this morning, to see that I had completely missed one such topic of great importance….

“The criminal justice system will be on hold for 10 weeks before, during and after the Gordon Games. (DISRUPTION) the disturbing and undemocratic power now given to VANOC.  

RCMP and other police will be too busy on security assignments to testify in local courts.

This peculiar news raises another other questions.

Will policing in general be “on hold” at the same time?

Does this make the calendar period from January 15 to March 26, 2010 a great time to commit murder, robbery, rape and other public mayhem?

The other day we pointed out in this space

This is what I wrote:

“VANOC is now apparently the highest form of government in the land, unelected though it may be. VANOC can close streets, re-route traffic hire or buy buses by the freight load and do just about any darn thing it wants to in order to make its famous Games work.”

How little I knew in the dark days of Thursday.”

 Read the remainder of Davids post on his blog here:

After reading his post, I clicked on the imbedded link  which lead me to his Globe and Mail story, that frankly, is very alarming.

There have been 5 shootings  recently near my home  in Surrey alone, three of them uncomfortably, nerve-wracking close. The RMCP are absolutely and completelyswamped with the onslaught of criminals in our lovely coastal cities. The Vancouver police are busier than ever. Delta Police are resorting to kicking the gangsters out into other cities, like mine.

The RCMP have promised us throughout this increasing violence they are doing everything in their power to get these people off the streets.

” We will do everything we can to get these people off the streets, and make it clear this criminal behavior will not be tolerated.”

 So they have been making arrests and crown has been laying charges faster than hens lay eggs. Many of these cases may end up before the courts next year- around the time of 2010.

So of course, it makes perfect sense for the RCMP to announce their officers will not be available to testify as witnesses in any cases between January 15th to March 26th, 2010- because VANOC needs them for security.

How utterly and completely ridiculous. The following excerpt details the issues behind the RCMPs decision:

      ”  The news has angered some criminal lawyers, who say that without police witnesses, the courts will be virtually shuttered.

         Vancouver lawyer Chris Johnson said most court officials expected delays, but nothing like what the police are pitching.

        “The police are one part of the justice system and they’ve taken this move without any consideration for any other part, which is, what I    think, kind of shocking.”

          Robert Holmes, president of the Trial Lawyers’ Association of British Columbia, said a 10-week delay in criminal cases could be viewed as unconstitutional if defendants are denied speedy trials.

         “That is problematic from several perspectives,” Mr. Holmes said. “One is the basic principle that the courts should be open and available all the time ”

I understand the security commitments inherent to any Olympic games.

The athletes, the venues, the visitors… all must be safeguarded to prevent  any hint of chaos and tragedy from occurring. Terrorism is a real threat in some circles.

But what about the host country and its residents? Must we all go to the extent that some criminals could escape justice due to an unreasonable delay? Our courts are already clogged and behind, and considering the cuts Gordon Campbell and his Liberals have targeted the  justice system with  they are likely to become more so.

Again, it makes perfect sense to put it all on hold so the world can party at our expense.

And here is where David Berner’s best question comes into play…

                                  ” Will policing in general be “on hold” at the same time?

                                    Does this make the calendar period from January 15 to March 26, 2010 a great time to commit murder, robbery, rape and 

                                    other public mayhem?”

Excellent and valid question David….because if the majority of the RCMP are busy keeping the rest of the world safe  in Vancouver and Whistler….. who will be minding the streets everywhere else?


****It’s been a busy few days around here, so be sure to scroll down to read the weekends news, or click on the following links:

Why won’t Premier Gordon Campbell and StoneWally Oppal just answer the damn question?

Why did Premier Gordon Campbells buddy( and Liberal wizard), Patrick Kinsella,  get paid nearly $300,000 from BC Rail in the period around the sale of BC Rail? 

 And why won’t the premier tell us?  What  more does he have to hide?

Wally Oppal refuses to answer, out and out lying when he says the matter is before the courts. It is not, and  neither are the documents that show the payments made.

Gordon Campbell just sits there and fiddles his thumbs and refers everything to Wally. Except for in the hallway when he told a reporter that ” he believed he answered those questions”…..

There are two fantastic pieces out today concerning this latest political hotbed of Whose on First, and if you want to get some insight into the kind of men in charge of this province, you better go off and read them both. Now.

First up is the Gazetteer. Here you will find every detail, including Youtube video footage of the premier dodging the question again, in a way thats becoming his signature style. Could he be getting a little worried it is not going to be him welcoming the world during 2010 next year? See for yourself at this link: scroll down to the Youtube link from yesterday.

And Vaughn Palmer stunned all of us with this piece today,  for two reasons.

The mainstream media has not been paying very much attention to the entire Basi-Virk- railgate hearings until the recent release of the 8000 documents to the NDP, and I for one, am happy to see more than the usual amount. In conjunction with Michael Smyths offering:, this political disgrace is finally getting the widespread coverage it needs.

It’s about damned time. Now, one can only keep our fingers crossed that the Judge releases those phone records too…. which the Liberals are also fighting in court to have deemed exempt due to parliamentary privilege.


**** It appears the mainstream media has begun to pay attention to the story that certain bloggers ( Bill Tieleman, BC Mary, Gazeteer, House of Infamy) have been following diligently since it began. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!  Read all about the television coverage last night here :

Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.


“While there are some concerns about safety after dark in the city as a whole, most people feel quite safe in their own neighbourhoods. “

– Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts responding to a 2007 Crime Survey in which 71% of respondents said they don’t feel safe at night.  Diane Watts believes it’s a case of perception over reality, with Surrey residents responding to the city’s cliched image of a crime-plagued municipality and not actual fact.

Upon sitting down to my computer this morning, I opened the link to the online edition of the Province and immediately spotted this headline:

  ” Mayors meet to map out action plan on gang violence”

Great, I think, more meetings. More talk. More smoke blowing in the wind. That is exactly what we need right now, Dianne Watts hosting more meetings, affecting her ‘very concerned mayor’ look for the cameras. Of course she is concerned!

 The violence that has (and is) happening in Surrey doesn’t exactly jive with the image she is trying to present to the public and the media. 

 The quote above clearly shows how far removed she is from the residents she represents, and I don’t want a letter from her supporters who like to talk about her landslide victory. When only half of the population turns out to vote, that is hardly a landslide victory.

From reading the comments below the article link above, it is shockingly clear that I am not the only one  in Surrey tired of the political bravado being tossed about lately. Other Surrey residents are starting to pay attention to the political scene here, a move which I applaud wholeheartedly, because only when we demand accountability as a whole will the status quo change.

Although the gangs are here among us 24/7, all the time, the violence seems to come in spurts – the last period of intensity dating back to late 2007 and early 2008. I travelled back to that time via the wonder of the internet through which news items and stories remain forever as if forged in stone. Politicians must hate the fact that their past promises and quotes remain floating around the net, just waiting to come back and haunt them. The quote above from Dianne Watts is a prime example of that. It highlights just how far removed from the average citizens reality she is.

But, I  was able to find some gems from Gordon Campbell and Wally Oppal as well. Read on, my friends, and soon you will see why it costs so much money to get nothing done in BC…

Let’s start with a Macleans interview done with Gordon Campbell after a period of gang violence in the lower mainland – last year .  

 When you read it, without looking at  the date, you would think this interview was done yesterday. I would advise him to hire a new communications person, because he seems to be using the same lines now, that he was back then. 

 One portion of this interview really stood out for me:

“And, as I say, they will do whatever they can to have their way and ignore the law and create damage.

I think that we have be just as relentless and just as focused and try to protect our communities, our values and the quality of life ”

– Gordon Campbell, May 2008

Campbell is referring to the dedication these gangs have to violence and criminality in BC, which is an international centre for the drug trade. But think again, this interview was done in May 2008.

Obviously,Campbell and Oppal completely dropped the ball on this one. One would question if they ever had the ball in hand?  Just what happened since that last period of intense violence dating back to 2007, when 6 people where shot in a penthouse in North Surrey? Can you guess ?

Ahh, that’s right! You have it!  


Absolutely nothing.

Let us move  on now, to another gem I found.

This  particular article from CBC was done in November 2007 : 

Back then, Dianne Watts was calling for changes. She did all the requisite PR photo opps. She appeared righteously angered and outraged at the horrific violence.

So did Wally Oppal.

 And Premier Gordon Campbell.

 One would think  such powerful and respected politicians could channel all this outrage and anger and get something tangible done, would you not?

But alas, nothing constructive arose from  any of those meetings or press opps. It was just more political bravado for the cameras.

In fact, it would appear that all the same politicians are  still talking about  all the same problems – nearly two years later. 

How embarrassing!!

How could all of these fine politicians let this one go when the violence died down? Did they think the criminals left BC? Did they think that maybe it wouldn’t happen again, and that we , the people, would just forget about it?

Let’s take a  closer look at the man we call Attorney-General, Wally Oppal.

 This fellow  just  put forth a budget  that demonstrates lofty goals for improving public confidence in the justice system in BC.

He plans to do this by decreasing the time to wait for trials,  and by increasing the number of cases processed – all while cutting his own budget to court services.

How he plans to do that, I don’t know. Read this budget yourself – a teenager can see the mockery it makes of his office.

Two years ago, Attorney General Wally Oppal had this to say about gang violence:

Gang members “clearly” seem to think there aren’t any consequences for committing crimes, and that impression needs to change.

I think some of the sentences at the early stages of some of the careers of these people who turn out to be gang leaders may have to be stiffened because we see cases where a person, the fourth, fifth, sixth time around, still gets a suspended sentence, I think maybe in those circumstances we have to get tougher with those people so that they get a message. ”  –  Wally Oppal, November 7th, 2007

So what happened with that thought, Wally?

Where did all your political bravado get us? 

 To the following bit of insanity:

The people need to know the streets are safe.” –  Wally Oppal, February 4th, 2009

Then, a mere 6 days later, Wally Oppal  flip-flopped and was forced to appeal to the public for help in curbing the violence on the same streets he had just insisted were safe, saying:

  “ We’re very concerned, very, very concerned with what’s going on. ”

Gordon Campbell  then chimed in with this bit of shocked anger( obviously forgetting that he told Maclean’s just last year( see link above) that he was focused and vigilant in his attention to gang violence in BC)  :

I think this is just not something any of us ever imagined would take place in Canada. We’ve got to do whatever we can to stop it.” -Gordon Campbell, February 1oth, 2009

Which leads us back to the start of this blog post, the latest meeting hosted by media darling,  Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts.

Two years later she has done nothing more to curb gang violence in her city than she did back then, other than talk.

She talks on CKNW, she talks to the Province, The Sun, the Now and the Leader… and once again, I suspect nothing will come from all of this other than she can say she what she has been saying all along – that she asked for help, but didn’t get it, and municipalities can not be asked to carry the burden of the cost or the work.

This is how I see it:

Clearly, the only time anything constructive gets done is right before an election,when vying for the approval of  the voting masses becomes  the bloodsport of choice among politicians. The fear of losing those (still cushy despite the recession) expense accounts or the reins of power  are powerful motivators to appease the people. The upcoming election is the only tool  the average citizen has at our disposal right now.

Clearly, Wally Oppal is not the man cut out for the job of Attorney- General.

 Two years ago he saw a problem, two weeks ago he said it was fine and now it’s a mess and he needs help. His appointment is a position that should be elected instead, in order to ensure some form of accountability. Until that happens ? Look back to Gordon Campbell as the source and the solution.

Clearly, Dianne Watts rose-tinted glasses – although not visible in press opps –  remain firmly in place on her nose, evident in her continual denial of the deeper issues that plague the city of Surrey and its  very tarnished reputation – one that is based on fact, and not a flawed public perception as she would rather have some believe.

And clearly, Gordon Campbell – as the leader of our province and Wally Oppals minder – must have his motives and sensibilities questioned if he continues to allow our Attorney General to waffle back and forth on issues that demand immediate and harsh action. When you catch the premier making  all the same noises as he was over a year ago – and yet there is nearly nothing tangible to show for it, something is horribly wrong in Victoria. Something needs to change.

They say you can’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

I agree. It’s time for our leaders to get out of their offices and homes, and walk a mile  in our shoes. Then, and only then, will they experience the fear and anger and uncertainty that we do – on an entirely different level.

( check out this post for more details on the court budget cuts : )


**** This quote  from Dianne Watts, concerning this mornings meeting of mayors, just in from The Sun: 

“As mayors and councils, we’re there on the front lines every day. We are the go-to people for the residents and they want us to act on their behalf and it can be really frustrating.”- Dianne Watts

The front lines?  The front lines of what –  the counter at City hall?  When was the last time Dianne had to wait at the Newton bus loop, or Surrey Central, among the addicts and the dealers and the whores, clutching her purse tightly under her arm? When was the last time she tried to stroll in Unwin park, only to leave in fear of the roving gangs of young men looking for trouble? When was the last time she had to chase an addict out of her garbage bin, or dodge a prostitute begging for cigarettes while waiting to cross the street?

On the front lines?  Give me a break. Again, an open invitation to walk the neighbourhood with me , off the record and to see what “being on the front lines ” is really like….and then you will have a greater understanding of “frustrating”.