100 + reasons the BC Liberals needed to go.

While the BC Liberals  have always been very good at shouting their real and more often contrived wins, they are by far the masters of spin who smoothly deflect their failures into thin air.

The extent to which they will do this is quite phenomenal and has been demonstrated in several elections, most recently backfiring in 2017 when Clark  seemingly adopted the NDP platform in an last minute attempt to woo voters. Not surprisingly, even her own party members turned on her and we ended in a minority NDP/Green govt.

I’ve investigated, researched and covered so many stories of the Liberal governments misdeeds, that it’s been my opinion they needed to go. Furthermore, I have been calling for a Charbonneau style, sweeping corruption inquiry since at least 2010 and still do, particularly with all that has been revealed with respect to casinos,money-laundering,and the decisions made by those in government during the BC Liberals  time in power. The scope of the Cullen Commission is too limited and not deemed with finding fault.

Regular readers know that I  have always held both the Liberals and the NDP’s feet to the fire, and continue to.The BC Liberals fostered an environment of deception and secrecy in the BC legislature, one where the less the people know about what is going on, the better it is for their party.

Way back in 2010, I asked my readers to see how fast they could come up with 100 reasons NOT to vote for Gordon Campbell ( and the Liberals) again.  Readers rose to the challenge, and the comment sections quickly filled with concrete examples of Liberal failures that have all occurred during that Golden Decade during which the BC Liberals revealed an agenda of slice and dice with social services, to make up for a massive tax cut and corporate welfare.

Ironically, Christy Clark played a large role in many of the most drastic changes to the provinces most vulnerable citizens, while she was young MLA mentoring under Campbell. It’s important to remember that while Christy Clark tried to rebrand the  BC Liberal brand as “new” and different from Gordon Campbell… how different and new can they be when all the same names,faces and donors remained and are still there?

Deals aren’t made in the legislature, but back rooms of restaurants and behind closed doors. Let the facts speak for themselves.

What began as a fun challenge to readers, became a comprehensive list of 100 + reasons the BC Liberals must go.

The public is welcome to reference the list as needed – I only ask that you include reference back to this site and not assume this list as your own, nor attach your political party or organizations name to it ( this did occur prior to the 2013 election, without permission). This list serves as a reminder for the people, not a political tool to further any party.

* note, this list has not been updated or added to for years. It also explains why here is outrage and confusion when the BC Ndp continue or fail to correct some of these regressive actions and policies.

146) During the Liberal leadership race, Clark campaigned on calling an early election to get a mandate from the people – in fact she said two years was too long to go to wait for an election with new leadership –  and then promptly broke that promise once in the premiers office.http://www.ipolitics.ca/2010/12/15/b-c-liberal-leadership-hopefuls-call-for-early-vote-lower-voting-age/

145) Christy Clark thought it was funny to drive through a red light, on the urging of her son, with a reporter in the car. Her son stated ” You always do that.” Clark denied that was true,but the entire incident called into examination her judgement. https://lailayuile.com/2013/04/27/i-guess-the-message-from-our-premier-is-its-ok-to-do-it-as-long-as-you-dont-get-caught/

144) In 2001, newly elected Campbell tore up legally signed and binding contracts between the gov’t and the HEU, creating a rush to privatization that continues to this day.

143) Campbell gave himself a whopping raise of  $ 60,951  in 2007, which works out to a crazy 48.1% hike – and gave all BC MLA’s a pay raise of 29% while he was at it. http://thetyee.ca/Views/2009/04/29/PayRaises/

142)Drunk driving conviction in 2003 while on vacation in Hawaii http://dawn.thot.net/campbell_dui_media.html   ( I feel strongly politicians who are convicted for any crime, should no longer to be able to hold office, based on the notion that they need to provide an example of a standard of integrity that is inherent to the position. )

141) ” Fabricating ” an ‘energy crisis’ in BC to be solved by forcing the public utility BC Hydro to buy power at twice the market value from Liberal-stocked independent power producers and then reselling it at a loss to owners of air-conditioners in California .

140)Closed 24 of 68 courthouses so the Attorney General could meet budget targets , therefore putting excessive strain and overload on the remaining ones, and forcing people to travel further to deal with family and criminal matters.http://bccla.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/20120401-Justice-Denied-report1.pdf

139) above reduction in the number of courthouses has  now lengthened the trial wait times  in some areas to years, which often results in the accused being released from all charges  because of the right to a speedy trial. http://bccla.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/20120401-Justice-Denied-report1.pdf

138)  Since 2001, 10 jails have been closed across the province, creating dangerously overloaded conditions in the remaining facilities,and increasing the likelihood many criminals will serve time in the community or receive suspended sentences because of that overcrowding.https://lailayuile.com/2012/02/07/never-underestimate-the-predictability-of-stupidity-or-how-the-bc-liberals-are-now-overspending-to-fix-the-corrections-crisis-they-created/


137) Massive, MASSIVE cutbacks to legal aid services in this province, across the board, for the entire time the BC Liberals have been in power . More people than ever are unable to remedy family law and simple legal matters because of lack of funding and resulting closures to free clinics, help lines and offices. http://www.povnet.org/node/3629 details  in the reasons below.

136) 85% of  Legal Aid offices in BC closed,

135) reduction in 75% of staff

134) cut family law by 60%

133) Closure of LawLine, a free legal assistance number for low income people to access help and advice.

132)Closure of 5 regional Legal Aid offices in Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George.

131)legislating the Paramedics working conditions. http://www.fpse.ca/news/fpse-news/free-collective-bargaining-takes-another-hit-campbell-government-legislates-paramedic

130) Campbell supports and champions the Enbridge project,  and refuses to commit to protect the BC coastline from a spill like the Exxon Valdez  You can read the debate here : http://www.leg.bc.ca/hansard/39th2nd/h00323p.htm#3548

129)The B.C. Liberals issued permits to a company that wanted to burn creosote soaked railway ties in the city of Kamloops without any consultation. The project was only stopped when countless community members and more than 100 Interior doctors opposed the project. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/02/15/bc-kamloops-g…    ( from BC NDP site)

128) Massive cuts to the Parks Budget over the years has resulted in a lack of protection for endangered ecosystems, a lack of park rangers, and unsafe and unsanitary conditions in provincial campgrounds across the province.  Many  free campgrounds  and picnic areas have been de-commissioned over the years

127)committed to NOT introduce internet gaming in 2007, then created and introduced the new BCLC online gambling site this year, again increasing and furthering the incidence of gambling addiction and family strife, since there is no way to police it.

126) raised gambling limits to $ 9,999.00 – a mere $1 below the reportable level to FINTRAC, the agency that monitors and polices money laundering… lol. http://billtieleman.blogspot.com/2010/07/explain-bc-liberals-addiction-to.html

125) raised MSP premiums, while service and wait times increased – and get ready for another MSP premium increase January 1st, 2013. http://www.vancouversun.com/health/premiums+rise+second+straight+year/7987242/story.html

124) Campbell lowered tax rates – the wealthy benefit the most from those rate cuts, while instituting user fees for some public services that were formerly paid out of tax revenue. This resulted in proportionally higher tax increases for the working poor struggling the hardest to make ends meet. http://www.straight.com/article-349819/vancouver/ndp-leader-carole-james-should-acknowledge-impact-personal-tax-cuts-rich

123)  Charging user fees at publicly funded hospitals in Vancouver , even to people with insurance, for anyone requiring short term residential care to recover from a medical treatment  – coming soon to a hospital near you http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Health/20101022/bc-user-fees-101022/

122)closed 176 schools between 2001  and  2009 . ONE FREAKING HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX SCHOOLS!!!! http://bctf.ca/SchoolClosures.aspx

121) cut funding to the Success by 6 program, an initiative which gave young children a head start  through more than 400 projects in 240 communities in British Columbia, including early childhood literacy programs, music and social programs for preschoolers, mentorship programs for single mothers,  and pregnancy support . http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/03/24/bc-success-by-six-cancelled.html

120)Cuts to seniors services and care http://www.hsabc.org/news/seniors-victims-long-term-care-and-home-support-cuts

119) Cuts to PAC’s across BC  ( Parents Advisory Councils) resulting in parents struggling to make ends meet having to pay more for school related activities http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2009/09/09/bc-parent-advisory-council-funding-cut.html

118)Cuts to Annual Facility Grants http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2009/08/28/trustees-protest-the-cancellation-of-annual-facility-grant/

117)government continually breaks it’s own class size limit legislation  http://bctf.ca/NewsReleases.aspx?id=20508

116) cuts to funding and programs for special needs children in schools as a result of budget cuts.http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/06/25/bc-vancouver-special-needs.html

115) highest tuition fees  ever on record , for university and colleges in BC http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/September2010/16/c2521.html

114)  Liberals show their true feelings about education and the future of our province, and cut $16 million dollars in student loan funds, with no warning, leaving students unable to attend classes, and wreaking havoc on families already financially strapped http://www.straight.com/article-246824/ashley-fehr-gordon-campbell-governments-cuts-devastate-postsecondary-students

113) In addition to the above loan cuts, the BC liberals also cut non-repayable grants to student, also with no warning as detailed in the above link. Some university students found out the hard way when they called Student Aid BC to find out where their grant was, after enrolling and days prior to classes commencing.

112)BC  has one of the highest BC Student loan rate in the country.

111) BC post secondary students collectively pay more in fees than government collects in corporate income tax, showing where Liberal priorities really are.

110) cuts to surgeries in BC http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/01/21/bc-oylmpics-cancelled-surgeries-dix.html

109) cuts to diagnostic and rehabilitation services http://www.hsabc.org/search/cuts%20to%20diagnostic%20and%20rehabilitation%20services

108) cuts to community outreach services http://www.nupge.ca/content/3456/bc-cuts-southern-vancouver-island-social-services

107)HORRIFIC cuts to domestic violence programs and violence against women outreach and counselling programs http://www.endingviolence.org/files/uploads/inst_women_programs_going_in_wrong_direction.pdf

106)cuts to many vital medical and health related items previously funded for those on income assistance http://willcocks.blogspot.ca/2009/07/latest-secret-cuts-hurt-those-who-most.html

105) closed CHIMO Achievement Centre, a therapeutic day program for adults with disabilities http://billtieleman.blogspot.com/2010/01/fraser-health-authority-to-kill-amazing.html

104) cuts to income assistance programs http://www.bcfed.com/node/294

103) although the Liberals increased the number of Casinos and access to other forms of gambling, continued cuts have been made to the amount of gaming grants given out to  social service agencies, programs, playground and schools – only a small portion were  ever restored. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/03/08/bc-community-gaming-grants.html

102) Special needs assessment for children eliminated in the Fraser Health Authority, meaning families must travel to Sunnyhill at Childrens hospital for diagnostic services and care  http://www.betterbc.ca/2010/05/cuts-update/

101) Autism: BC’s Early Inten­sive Behav­iour Inter­ven­tion pro­grams were cut http://www.straight.com/article-302303/vancouver/bc-coalition-protest-gordon-campbells-cuts-saturday-vancouver

100) There were only enough reg­u­lated child care spaces for 15% of chil­dren under 12 in BC http://www.ccsd.ca/factsheets/family/

99) elimination of conservation officers mean less enforcement and protection over larger areas, putting people and wildlife at risk http://www.nupge.ca/content/3512/bc-parks-hurt-budget-cuts-and-poor-enforcement

98) Cuts to envi­ron­ment min­istry saw the Envi­ron­men­tal Stew­ard­ship division—which includes pro­tec­tion of BC’s 2,000 species at risk, fish and wildlife habi­tat, and air and water—sliced by almost $4 million http://www.bcauditor.com/pubs/2010/report3/conservation-ecological-integrity-bc-parks-and-protected

97) unregulated fish farms on the coast of bc and their impact on wild salmon stocks, as well as the increase in fish farm licences the Libs handed out during their tenure.  http://thetyee.ca/Views/2005/10/02/WildSalmonWipedOut/

96) the systematic rape of many rivers in BC through Independent Power Projects https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/province-of-bc-criss-crossed-by-independent-power-projects/

95) while the Liberals continually pressed and pushed these projects as safe, clean energy, the truth is that they can, and have extremely horrific impacts on the environment around them, as detailed in this post https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/what-the-liberals-dont-want-you-to-find-out-until-after-election-day-documents-obtained-by-cbc-news-show-run-of-the-river-projects-are-breaking-environmental-regulations/

94) The announcement by Campbell to flood hectares of prime land for yet another dam to generate power the province will sell elsewhere – and Christy Clark continues the push for Site C, admitting it’s needed for her LNG dreams https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/the-worst-is-yet-to-come-rafe-mair/


93) Crown land giveaways and contracts apparently based on political donations https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/brookfield-asset-management-gordon-campbell-and-british-columbias-best-assets/

92) clearing ALR land for development, over and over http://www.straight.com/pressure-builds-agricultural-land-reserve



91)  The Liberals admitted that during the last election they suppressed information showing the number of people in BC forced to apply for welfare had increased by 10,000. The information was released shortly after the election  http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2009/05/22/bc-welfare-cases-up.html

90) Gordon Campbell claimed he was not aware of how bad the financial outlook of the province was prior to the election, despite the world financial crash that was well underway. ( sound familiar?)

89)The public is kept in the dark as John Les, the province’s top cop, is under police investigation for almost a year http://willcocks.blogspot.com/2009/09/creeping-pace-of-john-les-investigation.html

88) The “coincidental” and repeated occurrence of  development and real estate companies who donate large $$ to the Liberal party of BC, getting lucrative land deals and approvals across the province http://thetyee.ca/Blogs/TheHook/BC-Politics/2009/05/08/Builders-real-estate-firms-gave-big-to-BC-Liberals/

87) The ” coincidental” and repeated occurence of other corporations( mining,gas, oil and independent power producers) who donate large $$ to the Liberal party of BC getting lucrative contracts, deal and approvals across the province: https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/the-kind-of-corruption-the-media-talk-about-the-kind-the-supreme-court-was-concerned-about-involves-the-putative-sale-of-votes-in-exchange-for-campaign-contributions-james-l-buckley/



86)  In February 2008, the public learned that Campbell’s TransLink board voted themselves a 500 percent pay raise. Only a few weeks later, the premier’s BC Ferries directors received an increase of up to 60 percent — on April 1, 2008 – the same day ferry fares were increased for British Columbians.
Compare this with the fact that in 2008, more than 50,000 British Columbians worked for minimum wage or less http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/02/08/bc-translink.html

85)  The very large and expensive  mess that is known as BC ferries http://thetyee.ca/News/2009/11/07/BloatedFerries/

84) The very large and expensive mess that was known as the BC Transmission corporation http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2010/05/03/LiberalsOweApology/

83)  The very large  and again, expensive mess known as BC Hydro , which is on the path to financial ruin http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2010/08/23/BCHydroPathToRuin/    and another opinion http://www.bclocalnews.com/bc_thompson_nicola/clearwatertimes/opinion/101681738.html

82)  2010 olympic debt legacy http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/bc-government-releases-details-of-olympics-costs/article1634211/

81)  Despite those ” tough economic times “Campbell decided to appoint a larger, expanded cabinet, costing us all more ( for quite a bit less, in my opinion) http://thetyee.ca/Blogs/TheHook/BC-Politics/2009/06/10/CampbellCabinet/

80) The over-inflated, expensive and relatively useless Public Affairs Bureau( otherwise known as internet trolls who monitor,watch and read everything written anywhere about Campbell and his Liberal co-horts) http://bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com/2009/04/about-that-public-affairs-bureau-this.html

79) ” Die Entscheidung von Campbell, deutsche Scheißfährschiffe zu kaufen “, or for those of you who do not speak German, ” Campbell’s decision to buy crappy german ferries ” http://thetyee.ca/News/2008/12/15/NoisyFerry/

78).  Choosing to contract out the storage, handling and administration of our personal medical records to an American company, which leaves personal information potentially open to dubious uses with American law enforcement https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/bc-citizens-assessment-of-what-the-campbell-government-has-done-to-british-columbia-so-far/

77) Campbell failed to hold regular legislature sessions- twice – http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/09/10/bc-fall-legislative-session-cancelled.html

76) Christy Clark has spent so little time in the legislature,she needs a map to find her way around the building when she does show up. Only 19 days in session in one calendar year! http://www2.macleans.ca/2013/01/13/the-absentee-b-c-legislature/

75) Campbells decision to sign TILMA – the Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility Agreement http://thetyee.ca/Views/2009/05/07/TILMA/

74) Sold off BC Gas, now known as Terasen

73)Passed Bill 20, which prevents local municipal veto of Run of the River projects  http://www.pej.org/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=4659&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

72)  Exporting raw logs to China and elsewhere ( a direct contradiction to a campaign promise he made prior to first being elected back in 20o1) all while closing BC mills who could process wood here. http://www.peoplesvoice.ca/articleprint21/02)_BC’S_FOREST_JOBS_CRISIS.html  http://store.wildernesscommittee.org/campaigns/communities/campaigns/communities/readers/raw_logs/

71) Vancouver convention centre completely ridiculous cost overruns , which technically might make it the largest screw-up in the history of BC – that is, until the final and true bill for the new Port Mann bridge comes in http://www.bcndp.ca/newsroom/campbells-convention-centre-overruns-largest-boondoggle-bc-history

70) Sea to sky highway over-runs – with no toll to cover costs . Campbell told press repeatedly at photo ops that the cost of the highway would be $800 million, yet the final cost was  nearly$2 billion + http://www.bcndp.ca/newsroom/campbell-liberals-p3s-not-time-not-budget

69)A report in 2007 stated that the province could have saved the taxpayer over $ 220 million by financing it themselves, because borrowing costs were underestimated by Partnerships BC, and the government always – ALWAYS- gets a better finance rate than other entities. http://dcnonl.com/article/id20954/profservices

68) Failed P3- Port Mann Bridge debacle – ONGOING with the ice bomb incident last winter and with no true inkling of how much it will cost because it has yet to be completed – not to mention Coquitlam and Burnaby residents get a hell of a lot of road/highway improvements, yet don’t bear the brunt of paying tolls like everyone south of the Fraser does…. https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/the-truth-will-set-you-free-but-first-it-will-piss-you-off/ and of course the must read https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/laila-yuile-says-time-to-start-those-tolls-on-the-sea-to-sky-highway/

67) Failure to enforce what faulty lobbyist legislation there was – and still is http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/westcoastnews/story.html?id=c268578c-1bba-4e0a-b5e2-de25a87e9040

66) Failure to protect renters in BC with appropriate “Renoviction” legislation http://rentersatrisk.wordpress.com/2009/06/01/news-more-renovictions-what-next-for-renters/

67) Bill 29, which was  and still is, a  constant source of tension and stress for seniors and health care workers http://www.bcfed.com/issues/Bill_29

66)The  tragically expensive new roof on BC Place stadium,  which Campbell has repeatedly claimed is ” on time and on budget” (  at a cost that some say, could have given us an entire new facility) Originally announced at $365 million BEFORE the election, it went to $458 million after the  election, but then we found out it was actually $ 563 million.. unless you include the cost of Empire Stadiums upgrade of $ 14 million… which gives us a grand total of $ 577 million-  only $208  million over the first announced budget ( gotta love that Liberal accounting, eh? )  http://www.burnabynow.com/news/Costs+balloon+Place+roof/3385325/story.html

65) The horrible fate of Fish Lake – a pristine lake in the Chilcotin that will be killed if Tasko mines gets their way http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/the-political-storm-watch-on-fish-lake/article1703514/

64) More cuts to seniors beds in residential care, than have been created, leave seniors and their families at risk and great worry http://www.straight.com/article-218182/ndp-leader-carole-james-whacks-gordon-campbell-seniors-care

65) Homelessness in BC  has risen over 300% during Liberals time in power

64) As of March 2008, there were 12,050 people on B.C. Housing’s wait list for subsidized housing. Somehow we don’t have the ability to address these issues, but we seem to have found all that money for the Olympics, a new roof for BC Place, and a host of other expenditures authorized by Campbell and the Liberals.

63) Social housing projects that the Liberals announced would be fast tracked and completed by the Olympics, were not, and no word where they are at now http://www.campbellcuts.com/social_housing_funding_cuts.html

62) severe mental health and addiction cuts left many on the streets and without care- this continues through 2013 with no plan to address the challenges of the most vulnerable http://www.bcndp.ca/newsroom/bc-liberal-mental-health-and-addiction-cuts-will-hurt-communities

61)Ken Dobell. And there are many more just like him among the BC Liberals crew of supporters/corporate friends. http://billtieleman.blogspot.com/2008/03/tieleman-ken-dobell-is-not-crook-he-is.html

60)” The Kinsella Connection”  https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/04/11/the-kinsella-connection-it%E2%80%99s-no-secret-that-patrick-kinsella-is-one-of-gordon-campbell%E2%80%99s-closest-friends/

59) Neglecting to protect public assets and interests from foreign takeover.

58) Kevin Falcon…. ugh. Screwed up transportation, did not do well in health and jumped ship when Christy Clark came on board. Responsible for contracts on Port Mann, Sea to Sky, William R Bennett Bridge etc.. all which are making foreign corps and investment funds rich off of taxypayers dollars. Read  through https://lailayuile.com/best-of/ for many examples.

57)School budgets are so tight as a result of being underfunded, that our children are required to bring boxes of kleenex as part of their school supply list!

56) Campbell never answered the 70 questions Krog asked him about the sale of BC Rail. http://www.straight.com/article-194779/gordon-campbells-privatization-bc-rail-leonard-krogs-70-questions

55) Campbell and his government continued to demonstrate a lack of transparency, and accountability, and seemed to specialize in secrecy, as repeatedly shown by their refusal to initiate public inquiries into a number of their activities, including the sale of BC rail.

54) For years, our minimum wage was the lowest in Canada, and the Campbell Liberals introduced a training wage for young and new workers at$6.00 an hour ! They justified this move because ” we have other programs to offset any issues related to lower wages”. While Clark removed the training wage and raised minimum wage, the impact on poverty in the province still shows.  http://www.timescolonist.com/business/minimum+wage+lowest+Canada+consider+increase+groups/3480843/story.html

53)  The BC Liberals cut student aid, while tuition rates here in BC remain at an all time high- making it hard for domestic students to obtain a post  secondary degree.  It turns out that the Liberals have been promoting our universities and colleges to overseas students, leaving our own BC students in the cold.   http://www2.news.gov.bc.ca/news_releases_2009-2013/2010ALMD0057-001287.pdf

52) The highly contentious and suspect South Fraser Perimeter Road – yet another project in Campbells infamous Gateway program, that  runs through farmland, skirts the unique and precious Burns Bog, and has taken more than a few peoples home, AND  has already been downgraded before it is even built https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/south-fraser-perimeter-road-downgrades-confirmed-by-news-1130-reporter-dave-white/ and https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/south-fraser-perimeter-road-moves-ahead-as-revised-fraser-transportation-group-signs-agreement-with-ministry-of-transportation/

51) The sale of BC Rail, and everything related that has happened before- and since   http://bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com/


50)  The pay-off of Basi and Virk to plead guilty to some charges in the trial – but not the ones relating to the sale of BC Rail http://therealstory.ca/2010-10-20/bc-politics/bc-rail-6-million-and-a-non-disclosure-deal-suppresses-evidence

49)And the highly suspect relationship between someone who assisted in authorizing the deal- and one of the key witnesses about to appear http://therealstory.ca/2010-10-21/bc-liberals/can-you-say-conflict

48) The HST and all the lies that surrounded the introduction of it to the people of BC – http://fighthst.com/

47)  Child poverty rates the highest in the country – 7 years in a row – Shame, shame, shame. Doesn’t Campbell know the children really are our future ? http://www.firstcallbc.org/pdfs/currentissues/press%20release08stats.pdf

46) The closure of St. Marys Hospital, yet another broken BC Liberal health promise http://billtieleman.blogspot.ca/2008/03/bc-hospitals-shut-down-in-code-orange.html

45) BC Liberals appointed Kevin Falcon minister of Deregulation… and de-regulate he did.. sometimes with disasterous results http://optometrists.bc.ca/upload/documents/Important_New_Regulations/MINISTER_REBUTTAL_public_website.pdf

44) Hidden tolls paid by everyone in BC, on the Sea to Sky highway, disguised as ” Vehicle usage Payments” https://lailayuile.com/2010/10/31/shadow-tolls-on-sea-to-sly-highway-the-william-r-bennett-bridgeand-the-bc-rail-connection/ AND  scroll down on this link to the full series https://lailayuile.com/best-of/

43) Gutting of Freedom of Information laws in BC http://www.straight.com/news/micheal-vonn-bc-government-job-posting-exposes-crisis-democracy Under Christy Clark, allegedly an open government, requests are now posted online, which inhibits many people from requesting. However,often newsworthy  FOI requests are not posted.

42) Lifted moratorium on grizzly bear hunts http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2005/04/29/bc_grizzly-ndp20050429.html

41) Introduced permits for resorts in public parks http://islandnature.ca/2011/04/a-sad-day-for-strathcona-provincial-park/

40)Closure of domestic violence clinic at VGH http://billtieleman.blogspot.ca/2010/08/closure-of-vancouver-general-hospital.html leaving vulnerable women alone and at risk.

39)Refusal of Translink or Stephanie Cadieux to stand up and intervene on behalf of seriously ill and disabled passengers homebound by HandiDart strike http://www.canada.com/story.html?id=9ca74660-4409-47e1-8e1f-b50598ab906c

38)Ongoing school wars which have continued from Campbell to Clark http://thetyee.ca/Views/2005/10/13/Newschoolwar/

37)Gutted workers rights, undermined labour laws http://www.telusplanet.net/public/afl/LabourNews/june02-07.html

36)The introduction of the Carbon Tax ( still don’t like it, punitive to northern residents) and the Pacific Carbon trust, that has provided a fabulous income to friends of the BC Liberals https://lailayuile.com/2013/03/27/auditor-generals-long-awaited-report-on-pacific-carbon-trust-finally-released-and-surprise-surprise-there-are-big-problems-all-around/

35)Amalgamated Crisis lines on Vancouver island… and didn’t change the signs in places youth in crisis can find them, including those students at University of Victoria http://martlet.ca/2013/03/uvic-emergency-contacts-and-student-services-signs-outdated/

34)Cuts to charitable organizations from gambling revenue in the province… massive cuts  were given to charities in the province receiving gambling revenues in 2008/2009 – some completely cut, some by 50%… even though gaming revenues have increased. Some of those cuts were finally restored in 2012, but not before years of catastrophic, direct and trickle down impacts were felt across the province. http://stopbcartscuts.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/bcacg-bc-auditor-general-investigate-bc-liberals-gaming-cuts-charities/

33) Continual mismanagement of the Forests and related forestry industries in this province http://www.policynote.ca/pat-bells-youtube-foray-sewing-seeds-of-misinformation/

32)Gutted the apprenticeship system in BC, laid off apprenticeship counselors and replaced them with a 1-800 number http://pacificgazette.blogspot.ca/2012/12/we-are-shockedshocked-we-tell-you.html  ( Hey Christy, you need skilled labour to fill jobs in BC)

31)The entire Accenture/Bc Hydro ongoing debacle… http://thetyee.ca/News/2010/03/22/Finavera/

30)The loss of BC Jobs to an Ontario call centre to reserve your camping spot !!! http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:GGt2U0AZzxcJ:www.bcndpcaucus.ca/en/bc_liberals_contract_out_bc_parks_reservation_service_to_ontario+bc+gov+contracts+out+park+reservation+service&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

29)Tsawwassen power lines debacle http://thecanadian.org/item/39-damien-power-lines

28) BC liberals and Christy Clark have all complained about teachers pay demands… yet continually give themselves and public entities like Hydro, Bc Ferries etc, wage increases with benefits.http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/05/03/bc-ministerial-aide-salary-increases.html

27)Christ Clark handled the highly irregular investigation into the Ken Boessenkool scandal very poorly,even taking him on a trip to China following serious allegations, and concluded the entire scandal without leaving any paper trail. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/probe-into-boessenkool-affair-oddly-lacking-a-paper-trail/article4900224/

26) The long and storied relationship between the BC Liberals, SNC Lavalin that continued with Christy Clark bringing on Gwyn Morgan as her personal advisor during her  transition https://lailayuile.com/2013/02/11/friends-helping-friends-the-story-of-how-the-bc-liberal-snclavalin-connection-persists-with-christy-clark/


25) Cost over-runs with BC Place http://thetyee.ca/News/2013/01/14/NDP-BC-Place-Probe/

24)Another longstanding friendly relationship with a US company dogged by scandals https://lailayuile.com/2009/10/09/laila-yuile-says-time-to-start-those-tolls-on-the-sea-to-sky-highway/


23) One word: PAVCO, who hates the truth so much they want to stop investigative journalist Bob Mackin from getting any from them http://2010goldrush.blogspot.ca/2013/02/pavco-seeks-to-blacklist-inconvenient.html

22) Ethnicgate  : http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/opinion/blogs/lett/195318072.html


21)  On a related topic, the overpriced Time of India Awards Show, billed as being a strategic move to open BC to Indian investment and business opportunities.. but no one in India watched and it turns out its just a huge advertising plunder to attempt and buy more votes from the Indo community in BC : http://2010goldrush.blogspot.ca/2013/04/the-trials-and-tribulations-of-toifa.html

20) Christy’s unprofessional conversations and provocative past have made a mockery of the office of the premier : https://lailayuile.com/2012/12/27/how-christy-clark-set-the-standard-for-vulgar-questions-and-innuendo-a-rebuttal-to-david-obee/

19) and https://lailayuile.com/2013/03/10/and-where-is-ms-isingers-indignation-now/

18) While claiming she has government spending under control, she spent more on government credit cards than Campbell in the same time period https://lailayuile.com/2012/07/30/show-me-the-money-seehow-what-little-we-know-of-the-legislature-spends-its-money-plus-premiers-office-spends-double-what-campbells-crew-did-in-his-last-year/

17) Bill 22 http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/03/15/bc-teachers-legislation.html

16) Bringing the still controversial Smart Meters to British Columbia.. when in other locales, people have a choice, and in others, they haven’t worked well  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2013/01/30/bc-smart-meter.html

15) Failed Jobs Plan, worst yet, Clark continues to spout inaccurate numbers and expects voters to believe her  – http://blogs.canoe.ca/davidakin/politics/no-other-way-to-say-it-the-bc-government-is-fudging-its-job-creation-record/

14) Fudged NDP spending numbers in the leaders debate and on the BC Liberals Spend o Meter : http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2013/04/26/bc-reality-check-ndp-spending.html She can’t add? And she wants to run our province? Should have stayed in university instead of dropping out,as per this CBC report http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/bcvotes2013/story/2013/04/02/bc-leader-profiles-christy-clark.html

13) The BC Liberals have continually refused to adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Principle, instead manipulating the provincial books to make the financial picture of the province look better than it really is https://lailayuile.com/2013/01/06/british-columbians-deserve-easy-to-understand-financial-reportingwith-a-clean-opinion-from-their-government-auditor-general-john-doyle/

12) The BC liberal government continually stonewalled their own Auditor Generals attempts to find the truth behind the $6million Basi- Virk payment. http://billtieleman.blogspot.ca/2012/09/basi-virk-stonewalling-auditor-generals.html

11) Clark keeps insisting – and repeating on air – that Moodys rating agency verified her budget was balanced… when in reality, they did not and that isn’t even what they do. Hasn’t stopped her from repeating it over and over again… http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2013/04/26/bc-reality-check-ndp-spending.html

10)  BC Liberals real debt load is far more than claimed: https://lailayuile.com/2013/04/22/bc-liberal-legacy-a-huge-debt-burden-aka-christy-clark-really-has-no-clue-what-she-is-talking-about/

9) Christy Clark, aided and abetted by the Liberal party and her supporters, has mislead, mis-informed and made up completely false statements which have been proven wrong in many media outlets http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/04/23/brian-hutchinson-b-c-premier-christy-clarks-baffling-campaign-strategy-is-to-misinform-mislead-and-make-up-stuff/

8) Jobs Plan success? Not true. Clark has been completely inaccurate in telling the truth numbers, as per a CBC Reality check. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2013/04/16/bc-reality-check-jobs-plan.html

7) That same Christy Clark spent $15million taxpayers dollars on partisan government ads on the very unsuccessful BC Jobs Plan….http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2012/11/20/BC-Liberals-Ads/ …. all while claiming she controlled government spending. http://m.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-party-leaders-spar-over-pipelines-balanced-budgets-in-radio-debate/article11578970/?service=mobile

6) While claiming to have reigned in government spending, under Christy Clarks leadership, the BC Liberals added $ 11 Billion dollars to the provincial debt and obligations. http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/2013/04/22/highs-of-liquified-natural-gas-a-fiscal-downer

5) While thousands of British Columbians were calling for provincial opposition and review to the Canada China FIPA, Christy Clark was happily endorsing the proposition https://lailayuile.com/2012/10/26/i-very-much-look-forward-to-the-ratification-and-implementation-of-the-canada-china-fipa-unelected-premier-christy-clark-during-the-canada-china-investment-summit/

4) Those horrible 90’s when thousands and thousands of people left BC for work under the last NDP government? Not true. Clark and the BC Liberal again tried to deceive voters with inaccurate numbers and claims, as per a CBC Reality Check http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/bcvotes2013/story/2013/04/19/bc-reality-check-outmigration.html

3) BC’s credit rating tanked under the NDP ? More spin from Clark and the BC Liberals. Thanks again to CBC Reality Check http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2013/04/12/bc-reality-check-credit-rating.html

2) Christy Clark’s LNG plan for the future of BC? Just rainbows,glitter and unicorns, as shown by CBC Reality Check http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2013/04/26/bc-reality-check-lng.html

And the number 1 reason the BC Liberals must go?

The BC liberal party actually voted Christy Clark as their leader… and look what’s happened since.


  1. Holy crap, that is one hell of a list, Laila Yuile!

    I thought it would be mostly random complaints, but you’ve backed it all up, and then some!

    This should be on the front page of every paper in BC. Mind if I send it around?


    • I had no idea it was this bad and has for seniors, I’m one myself, three times in the past four months I’ve heard some say, why don’t they be honest and just shoot us. The last time I heard this was from a gentlman in a wheelchair who had fought in the second world war. I have a question thou, how did C Clark ever get in? and since we Canadians out number her by millions, how come she’s still in power?


      • Not sure what exactly you mean by “how Clark got in,” but keep in mind that in the 2013 election, she didn’t even win her original constituency. She had to bump an elected MLA out of his seat in the very safe free enterprise stronghold of West Kelowna (home of the Socred Bennett dynasty) and hold a by-election there.

        Also worth noting is that after all the number-crunching is done, only about a quarter of those on the voters’ list actually cast a ballot for a BC Liberal candidate. The Liberals got their majority of seats mostly through voter apathy. The actual share of the popular vote they got in the 2013 election is actually not much more than what they received in 2009; they just managed to get enough votes where they needed them.


      • Mainly because NOT NEARLY ENOUGH people in this province of B.C. VOTE TO KICK HER SORRY BUTT OUT!!! I sure have a dislike (to put it VERY mildly) for Christy Clark and never could ‘stomach’ Gordon Campbell either— they are all for the wealthy and as long as they are voted into power, ‘WE’ cannot do ‘sweet-diddly-squat’ about what goes on in ‘OUR’ Province of B.C.!


  2. God, it is something to see it all laid out like this in front of me. This man is insane, and so are the liberals for keeping him as leader so long.

    Go, Gordo, Go!!

    Anyways, thanks for this because I never even heard about some of these things, like the bill 30. So, someone could put a run of the river in my area, and the town couldnt stop them.


  3. Take a bow laila, this is steller! I too,didnt know about some of these items, and I am just getting mad as hell right now. Someone needs to run this guy right outa town!


  4. Thanks everyone, and thank you to my wonderful readers who provided an excellent start to get this going. I did want to provide concise and accurate links that documented the reasons, and in some cases it was difficult to find older links still around.

    One thing I found odd was how many story links to articles and reports the Sun or Province have done over the years, that have been removed – even the cached versions have disappeared in some cases.

    Freeman, I fully hope that you do send it around to everyone, please, no need to ask permission, this is my contribution to the future of BC.

    Kim, that is a really great post! Your writing is very good, my friend,I’ve enjoyed reading. Here is the link to Kim’s piece, which echo’s the sentiment here so eloquently. http://sistersagesmusings.ca/2010/10/22/on-b-c-being-china/


  5. Campbell bypassed and legislated out the Public Utilities Commision.
    The PUC ruled the ( Burrard Thermal Plant should be kept as a backup power source.Instead Campbell did this in order to sign long term contracts with private power builder and developers which BC taxpayers will be charged increased astronomical fees by the private power producers.


  6. Here’s another to add to the list- a book has been written as well.

    The Life and Destruction of Saint Mary’s Hospital is the story of Saint Mary’s Hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia, from its founding in 1887 by the Sisters of Providence, with forty-two beds and a staff of five, through its modernization and growth into one of the finest surgical centres in the province.

    From its opening day, Saint Mary’s Hospital brought profound changes to health care in the province. Unlike other hospitals at the time, which did not accept children or persons with incurable conditions, Saint Mary’s welcomed both. The Sisters did not discriminate by race and served the old, the rich, the poor and the mentally ill alike. Even those who did not need medical care but were simply hungry were fed.

    Author Jaimie McEvoy skillfully places the remarkable history of Saint Mary’s within the context of the history of British Columbia and New Westminster–encompassing a period including the creation of the province; the Gold Rush; two world wars; smallpox, cholera and influenza epidemics; the Great Fire of New Westminster; numerous health-care reforms and the ultimate controversy that closed Saint Mary’s doors forever in 2004, after 117 years of faithful and compassionate service.

    More reading on it here – http://billtieleman.blogspot.com/2008/03/bc-hospitals-shut-down-in-code-orange.html


  7. Dale, thank you for that, because I do remember – now ! After leaving the financial investigations world behind, I became the housing director/ intake/ do whatever needed to be done gal for a non profit agency on Columbia street. I personally sent people up there before it’s closure, and they would send people in need to us.

    Mind you, this was before Vancouver was awarded 2010, and before Campbell realised all those homeless wouldn’t look good on the streets. We lost our gaming grant and eventually closed due to lack of funding, but I am proud to say we helped people in every aspect of their lives despite being a housing agency. Anyways, the lovely people who felt the same way at St. Mary’s were in the same boat.

    Thank you, for reviving the memories, and the realities, Dale!

    Machon, thank you for adding to this list. This is a permanent record, and I welcome anything and everything I have missed!

    Olga, lovely to hear from you again! I have missed your pointed comments, and promise that more blog posts are coming, with regularity, in the weeks and months to come.

    Pale cold – thank you, and have at ‘er!!

    Norman – on behalf of my readers, so wonderful, all of you! – thank you. I consider my fingers to belong to hundreds of thousands of people all over BC, I write what the people want to say.


  8. Here is another one that I found out about the hard way when the mayor of the Town of Ladysmith BC told me they(the council) were the community.
    I was then informed that our Premier had given municipalities all the power to make decisions for their communities without public consultaion!
    Michelle Quaife


  9. Another aspect of the Campbell regime is the attack on regulations. Deregulation that the BC Liberal government has practiced over the last ten years has left British Columbia in a much less protected and much less safer way.

    Gone are the decades of good regulatory oversight – only to be replaced by “industry self regulation” – as in oil and gas exploration and increase lack of environmental protection. Even public health has been affected where sewerage systems are no longer inspected by the health department – or any other for that matter, for proper and safe operation. Again, we are told that “industry self regulation” is sufficient – allowing for large amounts of corruption to occur and continue as no one ( BC Government) wants to deal with the problem. The potential for another major water contamination ordeal is very real – and yet the government continues to look the other way and lie.

    The list just continues to grow !



  10. Love the fact that it’s all fact. Nothing better than having it all backed up. It should be front page in the Sun, Province and the Globe & Mail.
    Well done.


  11. Nicely done Laila. 100 and counting!

    One note: the Sea-to-Sky highway has a hidden toll. Traffic is monitored and a user fee is added to the performance payments the concessionaire periodically receives. But one would never know this from the agreement, because of course the details are hidden in the annex, which has not been released to the public.

    The gutting of B.C.’s Freedom of Information laws might be 101.


  12. Michelle, that is not a well known bit of information, I think, for most people, and I really appreciate that you brought that here !

    Workforfun- this is also an excellent point -in particular with regards to people in rural areas where septic tanks in the ground are standard because there is no city water or sewer- similar to my childhood in Prince George.

    Pat, from the outrageous number of unique visitors that have read this post, I think it would be a great idea as well, but not likely we would see that happen anytime soon. Everyone is free to send this around,and submit to where-ever they want, without asking. This information belongs to all of us.

    Robert Cooper – since I am such an enthusiast with regards to the activities of the MOTH, your comment wins for the best of the month. Wow. Hmmmm. Watch for my email.

    Tks, Alison and fire away! As long as he is in power, this list will grow and flourish.

    All I ask, is that everyone please stick to concrete, factual examples rather than just complaints with no substance – I think we all know just how much most of us hate him, but there is far more power in factual information rather than whines and moans which no one takes seriously.

    And to me, getting rid of Campbell and exposing the rot in the ministries is priority number 1!


  13. Brilliantly done. With all facts backed up, it should hard for other media to ignore your hard work.. But if Vancouver and Provincial media continues to ignore it, someone should send this whole article to world media. The Enquirer would love it. We’re a huge laugh – a province of sheeple who openly allow a convicted drunk driver and his cohorts to govern us. Badly. And then repeat the agony over and over again.

    Send your blog to the US, to Europe, to Timbuktu – heck, send it anywhere where the media is not in the back pocket of Campbell and his cohorts. Maybe other places in the world would use it as a “funny Canadian fact” but at least it would get coverage.

    Coverage of the atrocities the Liberals have commmiteed is definitely downplayed. For example, locally, both the Province and Sun – as well as most T.V. news, refused to cover the recent closure of the long running (18 years) Domestic Violence Clinic at VGH. And with no consultation with community beforehand. Disgusting.

    Previously, women could come to VGH for outpatient counselling – and many women had their lives changed for the better. Now, women have to wait until they have been beaten badly enough to warrant admission to an Emergency Department.. Once in Emergency they can be directed to a social worker. But why make them go through that? And the permanent damage done to the psyche of young children who witness abuse is long term therapy just waiting to happen as they age. Surely it is more cost effective to prevent injury, trauma and hospitalization.

    Last year, big media also refused to cover the Handidart strike and the impact that had on disabled persons, Handidart drivers and office workers for almost four whole months. Imagine, if another group had been impacted. There would have been no end to outrage and outcry. But for more than 4 months, I and other disabled or patially abled persons had no way to get to work or doctor’s appointments or other outings normal people enjoy.

    As well, and Scrooge would be proud of this, many of us were denied a proper Christmas – not being able to get to seasonal festivities, shopping, visits with friends. No Handydart rides meant we were held hostage. It was a travesty and most big media ignored it or minimized the problem. .

    And, by the way, we riders are still suffering the same poor service inflicted on us my MVT – the contracted American company now running Handidart. Late pickups and return trips are frequent. And long trips, some as long as 2-1/2 hours to get somewhere occur. I can vouch for that myself -having been “held hostage” for 2-1/2 hours on a bus on a Saturday evening while it wended through the downtown area, picking up and dropping off passengers before taking me home near Burnaby. Even though I had booked that bus trip more than a week in advance.

    But I digress, although their contract was eventually settled by binding arbitration, the HandyDart drivers and other staff who were awarded pensions (a bone of contention during bargaining) have yet to see them.

    I’ve heard from multiple drivers that the municipal pension plan awarded by Vince Reddy in binding arbitration has not materialized. The whole issue is a mess. And I blame Campbell for allowing the situation to occur and to continue.

    Also, no one will admit to voting for Campbell and the liberals. So, I wonder how we can know that those results haven’t been tampered with? It doesn’t add up that with so many people against all the hardships people in this Province have been subjected to, that the majority of voters vote to restore them time and again. I don’t believe it. Someone should be looking into that.

    Nicely done, Laila. I hope all your hard work gets some action.


  14. Beryle, your comment is poignantly written. You are dead with respect to all the issues you’ve mentioned, and it is often why the press is often referred to as fickle. Once a story breaks and runs it’s newsworthiness course, it’s gone and replaced with another. This is why it is so important people like myself, and my readers, keep certain issues in the public eye long after the press has come and gone.

    Remember these words, left to me by a thoughtful reader some time ago :

    ” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ”

    You are part of that, and with your comment, perhaps have reminded many people of items that still command our attention. Thank you for that.

    Norman, you crack me up. How many email addresses do you have for Vaughn? lol

    Yousef, thanks for that. And send it on to all your friends.


  15. I am so disappointed that I supported the liberals. I have ceased to become a member and have signed up with the BC Conservatives. I believe we need a renewal in this Province and it is young enough to be influenced to turn things around and act responsibily. Both the NDP and Liberals have shown they cannot manage.


  16. Good list, I would love to see “100 more reasons not to vote for Campbell’s liberals”…

    I would suggest the gag law be on the next list, http://www.justshutupbc.com/

    There is some on the ndp site too, http://www.bcndp.ca/newsroom/history-lesson-bc-liberal-broken-promises-five-great-goals such as BC’s economy being the 2nd worst in Canada even though the liberals say they have a very strong economy, not much to back it up with on that website though unfortunately.


  17. My comment was that Gordon Campbell will be in Nanaimo at the Nanaimo Conference Center on the 25th of Oct. (tomorrow) as a guest speaker at the State of the Island Economic Summit between 12-2pm if any one was interested in showing their support of what a wonderful job ou premier is doing in that area!
    Michelle Quaife


  18. He gutted workers rights regarding wcb and turned it into a 12 billion dollar asset of the backs of injured workers.I’m surprised he hasn’t raided it like he did icbc


  19. Agree with all your 100 reasons except for the comments on the Prosperity Mine. In fact the province is in dire trouble with resepct to our mining industry for failing to provide support for the fine work that is taking place with respect to environmental protection and sustainability. If we continue to allow this industry to shrink as it has over the past two decades, we must share in the blame for environmental disasters that will inevitably occur in other parts of the world with poor environmental regulations and enforcement.


  20. William,

    You are a brave man to admit you supported them, considering public sentiment for the Liberals right now. Good on you for getting rid of that membership card!

    Thanks Jim, good links and must reads for sure. Campbell’s gutting of the Freedom of Information should be on the list too….

    thank you Anon, for the link, yet another nail in the coffin

    Michelle, thanks for letting us know- all Island readers take note and why not attend to let the premier know how you feel? If you can’t get in, or they won’t let you, wait outside and shout it out.

    ron m. – thanks for adding to the list. I can’t believe the workers comp issue hasn’t come up yet! Glad you thought of it.

    John Meech – thank you for adding your take on the prosperity mine. I’m not in agreement with your comment that if we allow the mining industry to shrink here, we must share in the blame for environmental disasters related to mining in other less developed countries. In fact, I would say it directly speaks to the lack of conscience and corporate integrity that a mining company would have if it didnt do the right thing somewhere else, simply because it didnt have to!! This is my issue with many mining companies- they will only ” do the right thing” if the law requires it, not because it is the right thing to do.

    I believe mining can be an economic powerhouse, and done correctly, and managed properly, can provide communities with work for decades on a good deposit. I think it can be achieved, but unfortunately, simply going in and draining lakes doesn’t jive with that. We will have to agree to disagree on this one, but I am glad you spoke your mind. We need more discourse to find the right solutions.

    I would like to point out a trackback in this comment thread, that goes back to a SFU student who has made private a post he wrote about my list and why the Liberals should stay.

    I emailed Andy to invite him to comment here with his reasons, and asked him why he made his post private. No reply, but since he thinks I don’t let Liberals post, I wanted to clarify that I do not moderate comments here- with the exception of ones with explicit content of any kind, or defamatory ones.

    I welcome and encourage Liberals to comment and give alternate views !! Have at it ! And I would like to urge everyone to post this far and wide, in the north, the interior, everywhere, BEFORE the televised speech Campbell is giving on the 27th. As well, I am working on another exclusive story that will be posted prior to that speech, so stay tuned.


  21. Congratulations to all readers who have been emailing, facebooking and tweeting this around the province : we just hit THE all time high of any Laila Yuile post ever, in fact far beyond !! Todays count is ticking like a clock, for gosh’s sake!

    A Big, Huge, ” Yea!!!!” to all of you, for sharing, caring and believing !!


  22. #6 is terribly misleading. International students pay double the tuition, providing much-needed money to pay for the subsidies on the tuition for regular students (the $ for professors, resources, buildings, research).

    And a general comment on university/post-secondary education:
    For all the people complaining about student debt, the proactive approach would be gaining knowledge and skills, and some basic financial common sense (spending within your means), and then earning your way out of debt. Instead nowadays, more and more young people are treating university as an extended version of high school and just float on having fun, without a thought about their future. It’s same for arts students, science students – if you can’t make use of your four years of education after graduation, reflect on your own performance.

    University is a privilege that should be paid for, given all the resources necessary to babysit teenagers that haven’t grown up yet.

    Also, it is important to note university isn’t for everyone, despite the widespread belief. There are plenty of colleges and trades programs that can yield lucrative stable careers of >100k/yr.

    I apologize for the lack of coherence in this comment… don’t have time to organize my thoughts.


  23. I am happy nobody has mentioned carbon tax as a reason Gordon Campbell should go.

    I am ashamed how the Liberals handled the HST , but the fact remains the HST is the way to go in terms of what’s best for economics for everyone in BC. GST+PST was an outdated system that made no sense. Eventually HST would have been implemented no matter what.

    HST seems like a big deal, but people are ignoring the less visible income tax reductions and annual benefit payments. Everyone is keeping more money in their pockets, though it might not seem like it because of the economy. Do the math people!

    Another comment re: power – Hydroelectricity is one of BC’s gifts: a relatively clean and least impactful power generation option. If BC can serve other jurisdictions like Alberta and California and replace their coal, gas, and nuclear generation, while collecting revenues which make BC stronger, then it’s a path worth taking, even if it means loss of habitats and agricultural land. Pick your poison – society is dependent on energy and electricity and there’s no getting around it.


  24. Really? Nobody listed the Carbon Tax – Campbell’s phony money laundry ‘carbon tax’ deserves to be on the list as well as the adoption of the HST – which is just another way of taxing the poor and the middle class while giving undeserved rewards to the wealthy and business.

    The Carbon Tax isn’t a carbon tax George, it’s a money laundry, spinning cash out of the pockets of people who need it and not reducing GHG production one gram.

    In fact, the Campbell Tax is a net drag on the economy.
    A true Carbon Tax doesn’t pretend to be revenue neutral AND, actually would use the revenue generated to help people get out of cars; support public transit and reduce the cost of housing nearer to where people work.

    The Campbell Tax does nothing but spin money AND, it doesn’t even apply to airlines and cruise ships.


  25. One other thing that I would like to add. There was an amalgamation of Crisis caller lines in the Fraser Health region as well as on Vancouver Island. Instead of three lines for the Fraser Health Region there is now one. As a result of getting rid of the line in Mission there was another hole in the system. Mission had specially trained the volunteers to work the 1-800-SUICIDE line. There were only 5 centers in the whole province that were qualified and accredited to handle this special line. The volume of calls for both the Crisis Line and the Suicide line were substantial and a real help to many who were dealing with Mental Health issues. So much for the promise of helping those with mental health issues.


  26. “taxing the poor and the middle class while giving undeserved rewards to the wealthy and business.”

    Carbon tax is a flat cost based on the carbon content of a fuel that is purchased. Everyone pays an amount proportional to their carbon footprint.

    Sure the big bad “wealthy and business” will “dodge” the carbon tax because they can afford hybrid vehicle technologies or residences that are close to workplaces, but that’s exactly what the carbon tax is encouraging – consumers making good choices. So instead of carbon tax, they’ve chosen to spend their money on smart low-carbon technology (and reducing those grams of GHGs by the way).

    And carbon tax revenue goes to income tax reduction, so you get to decide what to do with it.

    I am tired of the “poor and middle class” victim rhetoric that doesn’t make any sense!


  27. Bullshit George The carbon tax doesn’t create any net revenue – it’s actually a drain on the economy – the treasury is poorer because of it.

    The fact of the matter is YOU haven’t been paying attention.

    The Carbon Tax impinges more on people who can least afford it – like all consumption taxes it has no relation to ability to pay – that’s what’s wrong with it.

    But what’s worse is that it is revenue neutral (actually revenue negative when the costs of administration are taken into account) AND it hasn’t reduced the use of fuels, prevented the production of one gram of CO2 or encouraged any of the other positive carbon neutral things that a real CARBON TAX would.

    Not a single work truck has been converted to natural gas; not a single new bus has been put on the road; not a single house has been better insulated – instead, the proceeds of Gordon’s latest little ponzi scheme just swish around in Victoria’s Wurlitzer for a few weeks and then get spat out again.

    Give your head a shake GEORGE!

    Campbell’s government doesn’t encourage good choices – it encourages cheating, graft and lying.


  28. The Campbell government owes BC charities over $1.2billion plus interest. In 1999 an agreement was reached with Union of Municipalities and the BC Association for Charitable Gaming where BC charities would receive 33.3% of the annual net proceeds of gaming. This has gradually decreased to 10-12% for charities while the municipalities continue to receive their agreed upon percentage of gamimg proceeds. Gaming has increased by almost 300% but charities are receiving less than they did in 1995.

    The government keeps saying the MoA is not legally binding but it was used as the foundation document for the Meekison report in 2002 AND the government continues to submit the same percentage of gaming to the municipalities that have gaming establishments within their boundaries. If it is not binding, why is the government continuing to honour this section of the 1999 MoA?


  29. George, you remind me of a fellow that was calling me a ” right wing, socialist wing nut who lives in Laila La-La Land” in an online political discussion group recently.

    The Carbon Tax has done nothing to change the average persons habits overall,in my opinion, and those that are buying hybrid and electric vehicles are occasionly doing so because it is socially cool to do so now, not because it is the right thing to do.

    As for foreign students, yes they bring in extra income, but there is something wrong when local students get shafted because foreign students get first pick at courses, housing etc. Speaking from experience on that one, and don’t tell me it doesn’t happen because it does.

    Clearly, you are out of touch with current tuition and housing rates in the lowermainland, both of which make it prohibitive for many kids to attend university even between jobs and loans. If this province wanted to invest in it’s future, it would take a hard look at how to ensure post secondary education for more people than can afford it now. And many people do go into trades, there are programs in highschool now to address that area.

    Vicki, thank you for this addition, which is really important. Another testement to lack of thought to the end user.

    Ivan, thank you for the kind words, but remember, I have the most wonderful and smart readers who helped with this too, as you are all doing still!!!

    Eliza, that is a great point. I’m going to take a look at that when I have a moment!

    Workforfun, you do work hard, don’t you? I did see this on the BC first site,and it should be interesting to see what happens, or if this will even be addressed,

    Campbell and crew don’t exactly have a history of accountability to the public that elected them, do they?

    Makes me wonder if they even really, honestly, ever think about us at all, or if we are simply considered another source of revenue or mere numbers on a page.


  30. What would this list look like if the NDP had been in power for the past decade?

    1. The deficit would be huge.
    2. There would still be scandals about contracts being awarded to companies that made campaign contributions.
    3. The public service would be bloated.
    4. We wouldn’t have enough electricity.
    5. The unemployment rate would be through the roof.

    Criticize Campbell all you want, but I’d like to see someone else try to do a better job.


    • ok gonna answer boos delusions that this liberal party is worth it, the ndp should be in power and were robbed.

      1. The deficit is currently huge, staggeringly so due to the liberals not the ndp.
      2. What hasn’t the liberal government done that isn’t a. a scandal or b.awards companies making contributions.
      3. Public service is bloated thanks to our liberals, if the ndp had of been in power this area would have been fixed already.
      4. We have plenty of electricity and most of which is a result of ages of processes that you can hardly credit the liberals for. (maybe the ndp, and maybe the socreds)
      5. The unemployment rate is through the roof, most work is low pay no benefits and there are way too many people that are either on disability or welfare all thanks to our liberal government.
      so boo do us all a favor and go back school, leave the thinking to people that don’t have their heads up liberal asses.


  31. A better job? A better job than Campbell? Did you actually read that list BOO?? Did you? Did you read my new post today?

    No one really knows what the true deficit is, because of the irregular accounting practices the Liberals use that no one else does. Remember that?

    You want more scandals about Campbell and contracts awarded for OTHER reasons than campaign contributions? I’ll serve that up shortly.

    Electricity? Do you really want to go down the road of ELECTRICTY and Gordon Campbell? Do you? Because I will go there Boo, and it won’t be pretty.

    Phew… I’m sorry, I had to take a break and laugh there for a moment.

    Boo, read the list. It has been making people barf, gag, throw pillows and freak out.

    A guinea pig with one leg tied up could have done a better job than Campbell has. Unless of course you are a fan of selling off BC assets bit by bit to foreign interests…..


  32. Just in, another great reason from a reader in Duncan who emailed me moments ago :

    ” Hi: another point for the recordI worked as a cook in an elderly care facility in Duncan, BC for 10 years. After the care aides, the cleaners and the cooks worked on the front lines supporting over 56 residents each day…recently our facility was ‘contracted out’ and the BCGEU contract was gutted. The end result was that only 60% of the former staff were rehired and after 10 years without a pay increase-all front line workers received a pay decrease by over 20%. The work load was increased dramatically ‘with less staff hired’ to cover the new contractors own profits. So, instead of owner and union staff….we now have owner, contractor and struggling staff. Meanwhile as you pointed out, the Premier gave himself and other MLAs a hefty salary increase. ”

    Tragic, really tragic. Seniors and children, the mentally ill and disabled and those with other learning impairments seem to always bear the greatest brunt.

    Tragic. I love our seniors, they have so much to tell, and so much we can learn from. Too bad Campbell isn’t listening.


  33. re: BOO, on October 26, 2010 at 7:15 am

    It’s Halloween – time to trot out the NDP boogie men, eh, Boo?

    It’s also time for an old, worn out cliche – that, in some cases, is the only comment that is suitable for someone like this.

    “There are none so blind as those who will not see”

    So sad.


  34. Boo, the deficit is huge but look at taxpayer supported debt. It has grown extraordinarily in the last decade. In addition, BC Hydro is now in debt for $50+ billion in high cost electricity that MUST be purchased from private producers in the next 40 years. That commitment and financial risk is growing despite advances in geo-thermal, solar and nuclear power generation. The electricity market will look very different in 10 years and the USA may be self sufficient. My grandchildren will be paying taxes to subsidize the mistakes with BC Hydro by the Campbell’s gang of bandits.


  35. Late last evening, CBC, CKNW, CKWX, Global had tips about this news story. Has there been any coverage beyond The Tyee?

    It is time for blog readers to do their part. Call into the open lines and newsrooms and ask why they aren’t covering this story. Give the names of blogs that you think are telling the rest of the story.

    If need be, be sneaky. They won’t let you on air if your are trying to promote Laila, Ian Reid’s The Real Story, mine at Northern Insights, RossK at The Gazeteer, Tieleman or other blogs.

    Its time to expand the readership of alternative news and you can help build the blogs so that ordinary people have a public voice.


  36. Well at last someone with brains has put the truth out there about just what this guy is all about. “Pain and Suffering” that’s all this greedy horrible man is about.
    I can’t believe that people are just starting to wake up now. I am convinced that anyone that takes the time to go through and read this list would not have the audacity to say that this man was, is or ever has been close to doing anything right for the constituents of the Province of British Columbia.
    He is and has been the biggest detrimental elected official in my life time and should be completely ashamed of himself, his party and their self seeking insane policies.
    We can only hope that the voters of this Province can correct this debacle but that being said, who can we believe any more?
    It’s all lies! In the last 50 years, whom ever has opened their mouths and claim to have been able to correct the problems of the Province has been full of false promises
    and untruths.
    The only real and truthful statement I have seen is on the side of a Septic Tank truck and it says this truck is full of Political promises.


  37. 101 the gutting of the apprenticeship system in BC. Laying off all the apprenticeship counsellors and closing all the regional offices and replacing it with a 1-800 number. Many of the colleges and institutes picked up the fired employees and the downloaded responsibilities. In the non-union workplaces, there is no one looking after the interests of the apprentices.


  38. How’s about the fact that Gordo the Greedy seems to go out of his way to contract out/outsource business to the most corrupt and irresponsible companies he can possibly find everytime.

    For example:

    1. Doing billing etc. for BC Hydro now is Accenture – the corrupt accounting firm that had to change its name from Anderson Accounting due to the stink from their cooking the books for Enron. This outfit is based offshore, so when you get a call that your heat will be cut off for being behind in your unecessarily inflated hydro bill (to cover the Campbell imposed losses due to Pirate Power scams) it is from some dude sitting in the Carribean. Accenture is blacklisted from doing business with the state of California, even under fascist Arnie the Governator.

    2. When they secretly let contract for methane gas exploration in the Flathead Valley they chose British Petroleum – the company that not only blew up 11 guys on Deepwater Horizon, but keeps trying to blow up Texas City with their refinery to save the odd $100,000 and spills oil regularly on the North Slope of Alaska rather than maintain equipment.

    3. They gave BC Gas to a company with one of the worst safety records on the planet.

    I could go on………………..


  39. Excellent website!

    A couple more to add to your next century of reasons to turf Campbell.

    1. Eliminated MSP funding for routine eye examinations effective Nov. 19th 2001

    2. Announced on Mar. 3rd 2010 the plundering of ICBC to the tune of $778 million over the next three years.


  40. WOW! You are all amazing at continually finding excellent and substantial reasons to grow this list into something Gordon Campbell is going to be embaressed about for a long time. Are you reading Gordon? Because if you are, feel free to comment!

    Wait! What the heck am I saying? After your expensive taxpayer funded speech on tv, when we could have been watching perfectly crappy, but less crappy than your speech ETalk Canada or whatever it is called, we had to listen to you.

    Nah, I’ve changed my mind. Keep it to yourself, Mr. Campbell…lol

    Koot coot, do go on, please do. I also will be posting some more reasons that others have chosen to email me, over the course of the day.


  41. oh no, Karen, Stephen Harper good. He cut the GST remember??? benefiting single parents and families and the poor and middle class everywhere!!!

    and he ignores the economists statisticians academics elites experts and elites and goes with common sense – that’s exactly what we need in government !!! Check out the PM’s Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/thepmsaidso


  42. Further to G West:
    Gordo’s carbon plan also forces public institutions to pay into the “green” slush fund. that includes public school boards.
    $20 per ton of our property taxes designated for my and yoru children’s education going to the slush fund.

    BCIT, UBC, SFU all forced to pay it too. If memory serves me correct. it is set to ratchet up to $35/ton over the next few years.

    We’ve been suckered.


  43. The BC govt is deliberately bankrupting BC Hydro so that it can be privatized. One SFU estimate says that losses to BC residents will be at least $16 TRILLION, if Campbell is successful.
    Three years ago we earned $500 million per year, now we are losing $200 million annually because BC Hydro must BY LAW, only buy new power from private developers. The BCSEA has become an advocate for govt privatizing action, such as the BC Energy plan, which gave Alcan billions more than it deserved for its Kitimat power. Alcan’s much lower rates were set by the BCUC, then it was over-ruled by the Campbell govt.


  44. The laws can be changed – if Pinocchio Campbell can do it, so can the government replacing the BC Liberal government.

    It would be very interesting to have new laws and then go after Campbell and ministers, for gross public fraud. Because the current government doesn’t want to be held liable, doesn.t mean they can get away with it.

    I am very concerned about what the public does not know of, with regards to “deregulation Campbell style” and the full implications of “running the government llike a business”.

    It sure seems that everything Campbell touched, looked at or got involved with, has turned out to be against the best interests of British Columbia and it’s people. In short, these acts are nothing short of treasonous and should be treated as such.

    Never, in my 67 years, have I been so angered and disgusted with a political figure such as Campbell. To think he was given the right to act on the behalf of British Columbians – in their best interests and he goes and acts like a moron.

    I find it very difficult to say polite things about Campbell – I cannot call him a man, he just doesn’t act like one and appears to have some sort of mental instability too. So, having said that I will just shut up and hope others can find the strength of character to admonish this pathetic excuse for a provincial leader.



  45. Nice work everyone! I will be forwarding this thread to everyone I know.
    To understand why Cambell and Harper do what they do and where they get the brass from to continue their streams of unconcionable and treasonous acts against BC’s and Canada’s interests, I would implore poeple to learn everything they can about how the Builderbergers recruit prominent leaders around the world. They use a head hunting formula that seeks vainglorious, deceitful, easily corruptable elected officials who will sell out their constituents. The ultra elite have a plan to rule the entire earth. It is called the New World Order and it is rapidly closing the doors on democracy. It usurps puplic tax dollars to fund secret projects around the world. The CIA, alone has a 50 Billion Dollar black budget to use against the population in order that the NWO agenda be fufilled as soon as possible. Money is doled out to whoever can be bought. That is why polititions continue to sell off water and mineral rights to Multi National Corporations. Read for yourself at every opportunity. Don’t let them lull anyone into a sense of hopelessness. Fight back! Kick the traitors out of office!


    • Hi everyone, I will be able to reply and answer your questions and comments in a while, I’m a bit backlogged with emails at the moment and some are urgently needing replies. I would like to say that I hope there is a journalist out there who can and will pick up on this story, including the surprising assertion made by that UK journalist about the very specific $$ amount of BC rail sale proceeds that went to finance phase 1. This is information never found anywhere else, to my knowledge, and I wholeheartedly encourage rampant investigation by all to follow that trail and demand some answers from the premier.

      I’ve also heard this morning, that NDP transportation critic Harry Bains may be commenting on this soon, and there are a few reporters working on the story.


  46. Thank you very much for opening that strange curtain for a moment and revealing the truth. Everyone who lives in this province deserves to read your piece and see for themselves how it pokes them in the eye.
    Well done !


  47. Hi, love this one. Just read the 100 list in Stand up BC.
    Could we add a few more, such as Campbells secretary getting a $170,000. raise to $350,000. a year.
    Monica did not even get this much? How about, with the help of the NDP votes, all members get an extra years pay if not re-elected, I’m sure there are more out there. Lets shoot for 200!


  48. I read in a Courier newspaper several months after he had left the mayor of Vancouver position that he had lost a paternity suit that had been brought to court by a female Vancouver Police Officer. Odd that this has been so easily suppressed.


  49. The party has to go, but when they do, they will be the typical turn coats and go back to being called the Social Credit Party again.

    Tolls the Port Mann Bridge, but lets his high income buddies like Patterson, Jimmy boy that is, travel the new Highway for free and ski up at Wistler or have a expensive lunch while being able to pay the H.S.T. without a second thought.

    Thanks Gordo, go back to Maui and lets go for a car ride!!

    Yaaaa Whoooooo


    • The new highway isnt free, Average Income worker- we are all paying for it through shadow tolls. Read the stories on the main site, scroll down to read about the sea to sky.


  50. Great work,Laila- Campbell has also decimated Fish & Wildlife & Enviroment Ministries-remember the slogan? “B.C. is open for business”. Welcome to the “Greatest Place On Earth” The guy should be publicly tarred & feathered.


  51. We need to keep remembering this stuff. The one thing the Liberals were good at was constantly reminding the public of any perceived shortcomings of the previous government. We need to follow their example.


    • Most certainly Rafe, I would be honoured.

      Please, feel free to repost anything you wish from my site,no requests or permissions needed. We all must do what we can to make sure the people of BC never forget what Campbell and the Liberals Golden Decade was really like. Please make sure you stop at Norman Farrells link on my latest post to read again, the Liberals original 2001 platform, and thank you for stopping by, Rafe. Your work and Damien’s is so important.


  52. Maybe, people can tell you the worst 10 out of this list, so that you can publish the “Bottom 10” reasons to a much wider audience. 100 is too big. The elephants get lost in the stampede.
    My list is:
    1, 2, 4, 7, 18, 22, 98,41,59,79


  53. ok, last comment, this is brilliant. I hate to say it, we voted Liberal and were going to again, but now we don’t know what the hell to do. Wish we had seen your site long ago.


  54. The last defiant efforts of a crazed, mentally challenged former premier, in totally ignoring the wishes of over 85% of the people of British Columbia.


    This act is a last minute defiant move by a pyschopathic narcissist who is determined to continue to do the bidding of large businesses – despite the fact the people of BC do not want it!

    Campbeels departure is too late already – Campbell be gone.



  55. First of all for the fellow who lectured post secondary students to lead a sensible lifestyle and watch their pennies I submit this article which details what Gordon & Co. paid for their educations and what students have to shell out today. http://www.straight.com/article/avoiding-student-loan-hell
    And let us not forget Gordon’s first evil lie upon his victory in 2001. Even though the NDP government left a budget surplus of a billion dollars, Gordo told the people of B.C. that the Liberals had looked over the books and “things were far worse than we could have imagined.”


  56. The loss of jobs in BC to Ont for BC Parks reservations, when BC Liberals awarded a contract to Ont. Good job creating jobs and economy in ONTARIO, BC Liberals.


    The disregard of the argeement to spend 33% of gaming monies on Charities.

    Moving the School Link funding etc… into BC Gaming so that money came directly from non-profits to fund what should be handled under ministries.

    Great Job btw.


  57. Interesting and much of it, no doubt true, but much of it too, could be argued. For instance, #18, homelessness. Is this about longtime residents of B.C. becoming homeless, or is it on account of many coming from the ROC because it is better here than where they originated from? And the alternative to all this is? Giving snivel servants more money? Raising taxes even more to pay for the lazy and drug addicted, building more InSites?

    Of course, I have my biases too; for instance it is never good to start off your blog with a quote from airheads like Eleanor Roosevelt.


    • Factes are rarely arguable larben, but go ahead and try if you like. When I left the private sector and moved into non-profit, working for a community housing agency, I saw first hand how bad and misrepresented the homeless situation is in BC. Yes, without a doubt there are transplants from other provinces contributing to the problem, but there are many more homeless that are long time residents as well. The numbers used to count the homeless are completely inaccurate as well, speaking from experience, because they do not include the unseen homeless population who survives by “couch-surfing” – ie, living off friends good will and moving from house to house to house to stay off the streets, It also does not count properly the number of entire families who are homeless, some of which are also staying with friends or family, and some of whom suffer the traumatic experience of being split up in order to get shelter care. Women and children under a certain age can go to a woman’s shelter, but dad and or older male children must go to a men’s shelter. So the problem as this government represents it is completey out of proportion and underplayed in the media, to the extent that it really exists.

      The alternative to all of this is to stop treating poverty as the industry it has become in this province and address the root issues behind it, something the Liberals have never done. Gordon Campbell and Clark made devastating cuts to funding agencies that worked to fix the problem, closed mental health facilities and let the residents go on the street, creating a far bigger problem since no one could monitor if they were taking meds or not, or taking care of themselves or not. Ask anyone off the record in the industry and they will confirm it. On the record is harder, since some who have, become jobless or lose funding.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion of Eleanor, but that quote is the only way I would start this blog. I’m not afraid to put my name on my views, it takes courage to do so, unlike many who hide behind pseudonyms.


  58. I will agree with you on the fact that the mentally ill deserve housing, drug addicts and bums do not, and once you start giving them free housing, it only means that they have more money for their vices. I too make use of subsidized housing, but my rent goes to help pay for those who aren’t working, and I live in about 400 sq. ft., nothing luxurious here, and I have to pay my rent, nothing free, which means I must keep working, and because I am over 60 I had to take early CCP, which means I will get 1/3rd less for the rest of my life. I too agree that “they” have made poverty an industry that employs poverty pimps, most of whom make big union wages, far higher than you will find in the private sector.
    As to your comments about those who use pseudonyms, that would include most of those who think you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.


  59. Had to leave a “great job” post here Laila, I’ve been to this page a number of times and still I cannot believe that with all this “evidence” sitting out in the open, that the LIEberals are STILL in power.
    The government has gone completely corrupt, needs to be excised like the malignant tumor they are.


  60. I’m no fan of the Liberals and with my quick skim of the list I agreed with ALMOST every issue you raised…
    The HST. There were some lies but the big problem was the horrible education on how the system actually works.
    I also find it funny that you quoted Bill’s website who is also infamous for lies (and a website that is full of errors and lies as well).

    I also find it funny how in many other provinces/countries a harmonized VAT tax was accepted by both left and right wing ideals. One problem we have with BC politics is that always one side will always go against the other, even if it’s a good idea, because it’s the opposition.


  61. If Christy had reduced the HST to 10% now instead of saying it would be reduced in a few years the outcome would have been different. Then again, by the time the reduction came, she might not be the pseudo premier and all heck would break loose again.

    I posted your link to this so more people could see it.


  62. There is a myth going around about how “terrible” the NDP were. Here are a few of the “terrible” things they did.
    – They listened when people opposed cutting Burns Bog into two pieces. The only ecosystem review ever done through the BC EAO’s office not driven by development is the Burns Bog Ecosystem Review 2004.
    – They entered into an agreement in 1999 to give charities 33 1/3 of the net proceeds of Gaming. This agreement was confirmed as legal in 2002. The Liberals started gradually breaking the agreement until 2010 when the Libs drastically cut gaming funds to charities to the level of 1995 in spite of the booming gaming profits. It is estimated that the Libs owe non-profits/charities about $1.2B.

    The Liberals however:

    – They squawk about the wage demands of teachers, but give themselves huge pay raises and do a tut tut about David Hahn’s (BC Ferries) exorbitant increases–but take a look at the board that approved it?

    – Ignored the opposition to BC Hydro lines in Tsawwassen–and having it end up costing more than if the lines had gone underground.

    – Paid elders $20,000 each before the Tsawwassen Treaty was signed.

    – Used the treaty to pull farmland out of the ALR.

    – Gave Canada a black eye at the UN. Google CERD (Committee to Eliminate Racial Discrimation and read the letters sent to the Federal government over the treaty.Harper does enough to weaken our international credibility, we didn’t need Campbell helping him.

    – Ignored opposition the the location of the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

    – Failed to do a proper hydrological assessment of the location of the South Fraser Perimeter Road.
    – Failed to protect archaeological sites that are older than Stone Henge or the Pyramids.


      • I could come up with a 100 list of that bad things the Glen Clark NDP government did in the 1990’s to equal your list. Poverty and economy responsibilty of all citizen’s not just government(s)!


  63. You are absolutely right! That’s what happens when I try to be funny in the middle of the night! The first part is about the “good” things the NDP did. All the rest applies to the Liberals right after I introduce the word “liberal”. The only thing the Liberals have been “liberal” about is helping their friends and themselves.


    • Hehe, that’s ok! I did a little edit for you, I hope that works! And all really great points, thank you for adding them to the 100 reasons the BC Liberals must go!


  64. I am unable to figure out how to start a petition to go viral to get Gordon Campbell outsted from his cushy position in the UK…You seem to be computer savvy and would like some help with it or can you get this think going for all us Canadians…

    Your help is appreciated..and by the way good job on the 100 reasons..now lets get this guy out of London!!!


    • Sandra, I have heard from a source who has already been in touch with UK media contacts there.. I will email you a bit later with some strategies that usually work. There of course are the two items on the story below this one, the facebook page and the petition link, so you dont really need to start a new one ,simply send those links around because they are already established!!

      gee NVG…loll what can I add to that? Nothing, you said it all.. shes a handler, gatekeeper, guard…

      Way to go Brian, but I suspect with growing outrage,the ceremony will be moved, guarded or whatever… we must all spread the links via newspaper comment section letters to the editor, email, facebook, discussion forums, posters, tattooed on your back… ok, not the last one… but you get the idea!! ; )

      Doug, my friend , I do so understand your point… I do… and while many time I agree ignoring someone or something is the way to handle it, in this case, I do believe a resounding cry of outrage is the exact message to be sent. Finally we have a province of awakening people who are only beginning to realize their power and they are ready to use it. Today, a wonderfully concerned and angered mom I know asked for assistance on arranging a rally /protest after she saw how overfull her childs school was, and how much worse it is going to get…. and I was heartened to see her roused to action. And although she claims to be ” just a stay at home mom”, I want her to know it will be people like her who are the change of our province. She said, a lot of people want to change things, but hope other people will do it. Well, I say it only takes one person to get another person to stand beside them.. and then one more, and one more, and pretty soon you have a whole crowd of people standing up for what they believe in!

      That is what is happening here Doug. One person started, than another, and now more than 3 thousand people are standing beside each other online, because they know now that we are all drops in the tsunami of change…. and this is achieveable. Campbell does not deserve this award, and neither does Dobell, and you so nicely pointed out there are far more that need to be honoured who are deserving, and yes, Rafe, Damian and Alexandra are the most honourable that come to mind!!!


  65. Very comprehensive list….here’s a few more
    Gutted the BC Labour code and closed offices
    Gutted and revamped WCB
    Increase ICBC rates under the guise of rising costs and then raided the profits to the tune of almost a billion dollars
    Tried to sell the Coquihalla Hwy that would have included a toll raise of base fare to $13.00 and raises to the other fares aswell…..then closed it 4 yrs later saying the debt was paid
    Introduced an escalating carbon tax that goes no where it should
    Cut some 11000 public service jobs in 4 yrs only to hire back many of them as private contractors
    Tried and failed by the grace of god to make cash strapped seniors pay for bus passes

    And…I am sure there are many many more outrageous things out there that we have forgotten….its been a long ten years


    • That it has Mona, that it has… and thank you for adding to this seemingly never ending list. Once I get my son settled into school again, then I am going to sit down and update it to include the new Liberal leader who is filling the shoes as premier until we can have some democracy and elect a real one.Apparently she personally talked to and listened to a whopping 80% of British Columbians who told her they don’t want an election right now… are any of you one of them? Nah, I didnt think so….lol..


  66. I am not a huge fan of the Liberals either, but this province will be down the tube in no time should the NDP get back into power. None of them are perfect or even great, but give me the liberals over the NDP any day of the week!

    So instead of just slamming, why not post your ideas on how to fix the so called wrongs you list!


    • I suggest you start reading archives and you’ll find plenty! And clearly you didnt spend enough time reading the list or you would have realised the province is already down the tube thank you to this provinces current crop of for the most part, fake Liberals that really just a bunch of old So-Creds and Cons masquerading as such.


  67. I suggest Scott talk to people who remember what it was like under the NDP.

    For example, people on welfare and disability had more money in their pockets. The advantages: more dignity, more money for them to spend out in the business community.

    Student fees: Yes, they started rising but compare the university fees under the NDP and the BC Libs. The benefits of lower student fees; Students finished school sooner and were out in the world using those skills; smaller loans to pay off–the benefit again–they are able to spend more money out in the business community and that includes buying a place to live.

    BC Gaming: in 1999 the NDP signed a memorandum with BC Charities to give them 33.3% of the net proceeds of gaming and 10% to communities that hosted gaming establishments. Since 2002, the BC Libs have consistently ignored the 33% to Charities in spite of the huge growth of Gaming in BC. At one time charities were getting less than they did in 1995! This loss of funding has killed charities–the very charities that gaming was set up to benefit!

    Davy Barrett was the first (to my knowledge) where people on social assistance got extra money to volunteer. I remember one young girl whose mother was on social assistance. You have no idea how proud she was of her mother volunteering and how excited she was when her mother bought things for the family out of that money! It gave both dignity.

    Now the BC Libs are cancelling that program so that people on social assistance and unable to work won’t be able to earn an extra $100/a month volunteering.

    I was told once that originally welfare/social assistance way back in the olden days was set up so that people could work 20/week and still qualify. This needs researching for verification but it makes perfectly good sense, especially for people with disabilities.

    As it is people on disability assistance can only earn the maximum of $500/month. What kind of a job can a person get that only pays that little? On top of it all, they are lucky enough to make more than that, it is clawed back to that people on social assistance are kept in poverty. Many of these people would lose their medical if they went to work for mimum wage or attempted to work and then discovered that they couldn’t manage. They then have to start the process all over again.

    If I remember people on social assistance are getting less than they did under the NDP. That is one reason we have people on the street.

    A Calgary study (yes, perceived right-wing Alberta) pointed out it cost more to keep people on the street than to house them properly. Another bad business decision. People on the street don’t buy things or pay rent!

    It wouldn’t cost the government a dime if people on disability could make up to $1000/month without having any of it clawed back.

    Then there is the education system: Students with special needs are taught in hallways instead of a proper classroom setting or the Specialist teacher is used as a high-priced aid in the regular classroom. I know. It happened to me when I was teaching in Surrey.

    You think BC teachers are highly paid? Check out what teachers get elsewhere. Remember reduced buying power by teachers means the less they have to spend out in the business community. So keeping teachers poor is not a good business plan.

    Keeping children starving and unable to learn doesn’t make sense either. It costs all of us down the road in health costs, lost earning power and lost generations.

    Classroom teachers, especially at the elementary level, continually buy teaching supplies out of their own pockets or they are collecting stuff for the classroom. One teacher I know spent part of her holiday in Reno going from one casino to the next asking for samples of pens, pencils and other items for her classroom.

    Others collect pebbles, seashells, buttons and numerous other items for their classrooms while on their “so-called ” holidays.

    Retired teachers no longer have their medical benefits paid for–and I am sure there are other people who are being forced to pay their benefits that didn’t have to under the NDP. This means less money for seniors to spend in the community.

    Check out what happens in other provinces.

    Speaking of seniors, there is going to more of us that the non-seniors. Look out if we revolt and start refusing to pay the high rate of taxes foisted on us by the Federal and Provincial governments. Compare a working person’s rate of income tax to that of a senior who has a lower income and you will see what I mean.

    Are you wondering where all that money for the retractible roof comes from? Sandy Garossino tracked it and compared the money diverted from charities to the amount needed for that roof. What is most obscene is the use of gaming funds to build casinos for the use of for-profit companies!

    Remember when Gordo went ballistic over the NDP’s gaming legislation? Now his successors are hooked on gaming.

    Wonder why we don’t have better public transportation in the Fraser Valley? Ask yourself why a perfectly good bridge (the Port Mann) is going to be destroyed so that two more can be built and tolled? I am not an engineer or an accountant but it doesn’t make good economic or environmental sense to destroy a perfectly good bridge just so your buddies can extract a toll from the paying public.

    The irony is that this same Governmnet is happy to let you drive over the Pattulo Brdige that desparately needs replacing.

    It’s all a matter of priorities–and this government doesn’t have you as a priority.

    Were the NDP perfect? No! But they were willing to listen to the people and change course.

    The last time I heard someone say, “we don’t want the NDP back. Look what they did.” I went ballistic and some of the reasons are above.

    Someone who says that is simpleton or someone who can’t think for himself or is too lazy to do due deligence and check out the facts.

    Are the NDP perfect? Absolutely not! We will have to excercise our social responsibility and keep their feet to the fire if they are elected.

    Don’t ever say to me, “we don’t want the NDP back because they did a terrible job!”

    Compare the debt we are in now and when the BC Libs came in–and don’t make excuses–unless you are willing to make excuses for the NDP in the same fashion.

    This government is spending us into debt to pay for THEIR PRIORITIES–not yours or mine.

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  68. I worked in the public education system for 30+ years and can assure you that the NDP party was no friend of labour either; however, the BC liberals are by far the greater fools by many orders of magnitude. Not even close!


  69. You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.


  70. You can add the new net 0 policy for all government employees, and Bill 22 which, leaves no limit to class size or composition, takes away teacher autonomy and professional development and above all does not allow for collective bargaining. It is legally unconstitutional and teachers now have to spend the next decade fighting it in court. The last unconstitutional stripping of class size was won in Supreme Court and the due back in court April 20th to see if the government followed the recommendations. Bill 22 is also an attempt to overturn that Supreme Court ruling under Griffin by passing legislation. Illegal and undemocratic.


  71. This isn’t a surprise, I am struggling through some of these measures that this Liberal government has introduced. I will admit that something are my fault, but still to be legit and straight in British Columbia is really really hard!


  72. Go to http://www.drtimball.com for complete rundown on Carbon Tax scam. Every politician who spouts Carbon Trading, Carbon Tax, Climate Change schemes should be taken to task with true science. Also ask Vancouver Sun and Province why they will not publish his letters or information.


  73. An awesome list! Thank you! I’ve actually had people seriously ask me what is wrong with the Liberals and Gordon Campbell and I could only remember about 10 or so by memory. Now I have this to show them!

    But here is a thought… maybe they are embarrassed but I have yet to find someone ( other than a complete stranger who apologized profusely ) who will admit to voting for the Liberals. So if the actual number of people who voted for Campbell is possibly so low, how do you suppose they got elected?



    • Seriously jaco, if you voted for the liberals, would you admit it either? 😉 Glad the list is doing you some good, and please share and add to it as Christy has added quite a few reasons as well!


      • The right to vote secretly is a fundemental law; Besides one would have a hard time proven if they actually voted Liberal, NDP or something only that they voted people sometimes lie! People should not be bullyed based on how they voted in an election! We live in a democracy and people years ago fought to have the right to vote!


  74. Nice job of tracking and summarizing the many evil and self-serving moves by these corrupt criminals. I believe in karma, and right now the Liberals have a HEEEYOOOGE karmic boomerang heading back their way. Duck!


    • Haha!! Thanks WestCoaster! I’ve been off enjoying the long weekend so sorry for the delay in reply, but sometimes you just have to get away from the politics! Yes I agree, karma is a bitch…


  75. Thanks for your list. Could you add to this list — updated to 2012?? I am a person who was forced onto disability in 2007. The Liberals have forced disabled people to try and live on less than $900 a month.


    • Did I miss that on the list? It will be added for sure. And yes, anyone who wantd to add some of the MANY new reasons that the BC Liberals must go, feel free to toss them on here,however please note I take pride in factually represented and demonstrated reasons, meaning please add a link to show who/what/when/where/why it is another reason. Can’t fight facts.


  76. Where have you been all my life Laila?Where have you been hiding?This is the best thing I’ve ever read,please add this : Christy Clark. Christy Clark is why the BC Liberals have to go.Bobblyheads should never be let off of car dashboards or this is what happens. Thanks!


    • Been here for the last 7 years or so..lol.. where have you been?

      Great reason! And really quite self explanatory, which is nice. The BC gov server PAB monitor is parked on this right now.. let me know if links start disappearing.


  77. how about the legalized destruction of families? the bc liberals making it harder for the small guy to get the help they require to keep their families together only to have the ministry of children come in and tear apart a family. just like they did ours. the liberals have made it so easy for the ministry to legally kidnap children with no notification to either legal guardian of the children! the people this happened to are family to me and good people doing the best they can for their children and home. please look into this aspect too laila


  78. I got my car stolen 3 year ago I’m dealing with ICBC and as we speak I end up without license driver and a hug debt today I can’t go work and I’m about to file a bankruptcy and close to become homeless that how Bc threat he’s new comer by lure them with advertising in a success growth and shortage of trade skill shame on ICBC this is for rich people not for poor or medium revenue people unreal I have to move out cause living out of town if ICBC revoke licence drivers after been victim of vehicle theft to me it show than rather to help they will punish you till your broke financially and have no compassion what a mess this government how is manage public fund and penalize citizen how can bring income tax in them treasury instead to stay home and haven’t to drive to go work and have 3 regular meal a day it shall fell good for rich I don’t know why citizen kept this government to manage the money of we all work for and give to these jet set still CEO corporation


    • You will be happy to know that I have been working on an updated version that’s even longer, that adds all the failures since Christy took over and hijacked democracy. Oh wait, that’s another reason…. 🙂

      Working to get it out within the next two weeks. Unfortunately there is only one of me, and so much to do…..


    • I just might take you up on that Gini! Let me go through it all this weekend and see what else needs to be done.Links tend to disappear very quickly near any election time! What a wonderful offer and I really appreciate it! : )


  79. 101 – Liberals closed down Riverview mental helath hospital…putting these patients out on the streets. Most ending up on east hastings and surrounding emergency hallways.

    102- The liberals also closed St marys hospital and leveled the grounds creating strains on other hospitals. Liberals cut the hours of operation on Mt St Joesephs Emergency and UBC emergency to 830 pm. This put incredible strain on the surrounding Emrgency departments.


  80. Governmnet cannot solve ever social ill out there, that would cost tax payers more then they all provicnial revenues.; People have take more personal resosponsibility. Poverty rates were no better under the NDP in the 1990’s when money wasted on things like the fast ferries; With then Glen Clark government causing econmy to force some business to move to Alberta because of poor of ax strategy.; also Ujahl. and Paul Ramsey were premiers, NDP ones that were not elected by voters, and few if any raised the alarm bells! Media and too much information that people do really understand relivance to the facts too blame for generally negative view people have of governments in BC. The NDP will do little to help poververty and help more employers so they can hire more people because last time employers spenent to much being taxed and had little money , if any left over to hire more workers in the 1990’s. History proves that BC NDP are tax and spend type of philosophy when government spending money in areas that drain provincial finances and leave more debt with little if any growth from govenment investments; So NDP , in my opinion will be far worse worse then any BC Liberal government would be, even a re-elected one


  81. Security/Damage Deposits of renters in BC collects NO interest from 2002 to 2005 and 2009 to 2013 (and beyond?). All other provinces (except Alberta and recently Newfoundland) provide interest on the money deposited. Renters mostly encompass the poor families and rich landlords not providing interest on those security deposit makes renters even poorer.
    BC http://www.rto.gov.bc.ca/content/calculator/calculator.aspx
    Alberta http://www.servicealberta.ca/1033.cfm
    Saskatchewan http://www.gov.sk.ca/search?c=all&q=interest+rate+on+security+deposit&x=0&y=0
    Manitoba http://www.gov.mb.ca/cca/rtb/resource_list/sdinterestrate.html
    Ontario http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/co/reho/yogureho/fash/fash_009.cfm
    Landlords can collect a rent deposit up to one month’s rent, but this deposit is not a security deposit. In Ontario, security deposits are not allowed. Last month’s rent may be collected as a deposit, but it can never be used to apply to damages. Landlords collect the last month’s rent, or if rent is paid weekly the last week’s rent, at the beginning of the tenancy and pay the tenant interest. Under the Residential Tenancies Act, the rate of interest to be paid annually to a tenant is equivalent to the rent increase guideline of the same year that the interest is due. This deposit may only be applied to the last month’s rent. It is not considered a damage or security deposit.
    Quebec could not find
    NFL http://www.servicenl.gov.nl.ca/landlord/deposit-calc.asp?smonth=3&sday=7&syear=1980&emonth=3&eday=7&eyear=2013&amount=500


    • Thank you and a big thank you to NVG over at Blog Borg Collective for tracking down a few links for me that had gone dead and needed replacements. 🙂 He is the best!


  82. Great work, Laila.
    Norman, I have been outraged for many terms. Now I am pissed right off.

    Equally pissed right off at the media for being so dam lazy and or sell outs.

    Flabbergasted over Gordon Wilson’s return to Nervana (misspelling intended).

    And where the hell is my voter card. I have yet to receive it.


  83. Thanks Laila.

    I think I’ll be quoting this in the coming week. Some people have no clue on the corruption and ineptitude of Ms. Clark’e’s party.


  84. Great list Laila and time for it to be passed around. Let us not forget the election manifesto of the BC Liberals for 2001 election – another documented list of BC Liberal lies, corruption and broken promises.
    As for Gordon Wilson – who knows what has happened to him. I used to have some sympathy about the way the BC Liberals treated him, but now – no way. It just does not make any sense to me, what he is doing. Another day in BC politiics, where ryme and reason make no sense.



  85. YOU MUST BE HIGH! Granted, Gordon Campbell was a liar….SURPRISE! He is a politician. FACT: Adrian Dix is a liar. FACT: Christy Clark is a liar. FACT: Whatever her name is, Sterk I think, is a liar. My point is, and my 85 year old grandfather surviving on a pension will strongly disagree, the province of B.C. IS in better shape today than it was 15 years ago. We harbor business. B.C. encourages growth. The Liberal party has, at times been ruthless, but we have remained strong. In an environment where the majority of future residents will be retired (over 65), B.C. needs to set itself apart.

    The NDP, as it’s track record has shown, cannot provide growth. Cannot provide “business”! The “collective” ideals of the NDP, the “union” way of thinking, are a way of the past.

    This province is truly at a crossroads. Our dilemma; 1) Do we continue to foster business and growth, perhaps at the peril of the elderly and less fortunate, or; 2) Do we pretend, with monies we do not have, to care for “Everyone” in an effort to make a better B.C., a better Canada, a better world….that in all reality is impossible and quite frankly unattainable.

    I could go on for hours, but alas my point is clear. If you are under 65 and enjoy your income, you will vote liberal. The sad state of affairs is this: If you are over 65 or under 25 you have no doubt felt as though you been screwed by the current government in the last decade and therefore will cast your vote to the left. I must urge you to reconsider! Think about the ideals? Do you really hate the current administration so much as to throw away all you cherish to make a point?

    I personally am broaching 40 years of age this year. I remember the NDP of the past. I have no desire to relive the nightmare!

    As I have said from day one: ” A vote cast for the NDP is the equivalent to eating a bowl of shit because you don’t like spinach”.



  86. I have a reply first of all why don’t you get to the meat of our problem .Adrian Dix can we trust him I don’t see how lie cheat and steal from the province get fired and take 70000 thousand dollars of our money that out right stealing from me and you .every thing you talk about is 2010 and before .as far as the hst when it was voted out it cost all low income and seniors money .as proof it cost me 57.00 on each gst hst return or 228.00 per year come on Dix so you are going to give low earning familys 20.00 dollars a month big deal .some one complained about icbc talk to the ndp they brought it in .im 75 years old I have watched what goes on in BC and I love this province and would not do any thing to hurt it that’s why the NDP whont get my vote


    • Actually, you haven’t read the list if you think everything on there is from before 200, because it isn’t.It clearly reflects Clarks time as leader and her many misdeeds as well. Links to those reality checks that her team still keeps spouting have been proved wrong.She is campaigning not on facts,but on rhetoric and fear.

      I tell everyone to examine every candidate in their ridings, and each party,regardless. But the record must stand to show what the facts are for the last government and this isn’t even close to everything they’ve done.

      Good government is a balance. When Campbell slashed personal income taxes after coming into power, that left a massive hole in provincial revenues that was never, never, filled – coupled with world economic conditions it was a recipe for disaster,and the cuts began shortly thereafter.


  87. The difference between lying leaders is us. During the liberal terms all was gutted. Not a peep was heard from the electorate. Until the hst. It mattera not who is elected to be premier. It matters if the citizens care enough to step up every bloody day and participate in the daily business of running the province and country they live in and their need to leave a prosperous future to their children. So each and everyone of you can extol the virtues of what party is good or bad. Whether the ndp will leave the province further in debt or if Christy will sell off the remaining resources to a dicktator country. The difference is whether or not you can stand up like you do here and get involved everyday after an election and a victor is crowned. Their leadership is you. The direction they take is because of you.


    • Brava. Excellent comment Lynn. Let this list stand as a reminder of what happens when you don’t pay attention and don’t look beyond the front page.


      • Comment from a reader, Roland, in Langley via email:

        Public or Private Electric Power?… Ruin of BCHydro.

        Beware governments selling/privatizing public owned assets based on political philosophy. The BC Liberals promised not to sell BC Rail or privatize BC Hydro then did. Christy Clark was Gordon Campbell’s Deputy Premier 2001-2005 when selling of BC Rail and privatizing of BC Hydro schemes were devised.

        a) Legendary Premier WAC Bennett (So-Cred gov’t) created BC Hydro Crown Corporation in 1961, who’s primary function was threefold, to Generate, Transmit and Distribute electricity. We enjoyed the lowest electrical rates in North America from clean hydropower until BC Liberals privatization, resulting in doubling our electricity rates, (the real purpose of the $1 billion Smart Meter scam) tripling to follow.

        b) BCHydro traditionally paid hundreds of millions in dividends every year to our treasury. Today if BCHydro were in the private sector it would be bankrupt. http://www.cope378.ca/sites/all/files/WEB-Powerpapers-cope378.pdf

        c) The Liberals prevented BCHydro from generating any more new power, now mandate private IPP’s ‘Independent Power Producers’ monopoly on generating so called clean green power. (e.g. run-of-river, wind, bio-mass, geo-thermal, coal bed methane, tidal etc.)

        d) Our public watchdog regulator ‘BC Utilities Commission’ (BCUC) announced that IPP’s were not in the publics interest, so the Liberals brazenly removed their oversight. They also removed BCUC from the ‘Standing Offer Program’, the ‘Feed in Tariff Program’, the ‘Clean Power Request for Proposals’, ‘Site C Dam’, ‘Smart Meters’ and ‘New Generating units on the Revelstoke and Mica Dams’.

        e) Sellout of our pristine rivers, streams, (water rights) came with hundreds of private IPP’s and small load Transmission Lines (100-200 metre-wide swaths) hacked through our sensitive parks and wilderness. Many Liberal insiders, ex-cabinet ministers, gov’t. executives, advisers and corp. cronies began to appear as owners and directors of these private IPP Corporations.

        This scheme of milking energy dollars and exchanging the peoples natural resources into political donations brought $millions to the Liberal Party.

        f) They literally sold us down the river by forcing BCHydro to enter into long term ‘Energy Purchase Agreement’ contracts with the IPP’s to buy back their power at as much as 25 times more than BCHydro could produce it themselves. (government math). Example; BCHydro buys hydroelectric power from Alcan in Kitimat (built in the 1950’s) at 10 times more than BCHydro’s cost to generate it and it is our (Kenney Dam) stored water, not Alcan’s.

        g) BC Hydro must honour IPP contracts and pay exorbitant rates for power we don’t need at peak river flow times when our dams are so full we have to spill/dump water. (water stored = electrical energy)

        At this same time, the power is at its cheapest and we can’t even give it away as the American dams are also overflowing.

        h) BCHydro applied to the BCUC for the largest electricity rate increases 55% in history, between 2011 – 2015, and submitted a requirement of 100% revenue increase by 2022. We and future ratepayers are screwed!


        • Why do you think they want smart meters?! To nickel and dime you to death. They want to gleem every penny by sourcing every single watt. Just imagine, renters will be paying more because of the old substandard appliances in their apartments and or homes. The single pane glass that wouldn’t support the weight of a gnat.
          The new meters will ensure all your money will go to private producers. Either for their infrastructure or their profits.
          Still sleeping?


  88. remember the doctors’ strike? Another contract-breaking situation – which caused a major crisis. Got resolved, but still a very black mark against them.

    And the outsourcing of medical records is mentioned, but what about Revenue Services of BC, now run by a Texas company. Speaking of Texas companies, there’s that other outsourcer who handled the document destruction at the Premier’s Office that nobody has yet accounted for, otherwise known as “destruction of evidence”.

    Other highly-questionable outsourcings of government operations. The Queens Printer, the UBCM and Archives…there’s a very long list of US companies, some of them campaign donors, who now run what had been BC government offices and agencies….and that’s not including outsourcing highways maintenance and construction, which of course USED to be DoH.


    • It is now…lol.. keep them coming in the comments section.There were so many people on my site yesterday it was actually difficult to even log in.


  89. Shawn from Alberta, that’s it? Those you list are nothing to what has happened in and to this province since 2001. Read the list Shawn, follow the links.


  90. Without doubt the Liberals could have many things better. However Laila and all, you’re kidding yourselves. How about a nice objective list comparing the crap that the NDP have pulled off. I’ll help you get started,
    Dix forged documents, subsequently lied about it, and still walked off with $70,000.
    The fast ferries.
    Sihota and his lengthy list of improper, if not criminal behaviour.
    I’ll let you fill in the rest once you take off the blindfold.


  91. Christy, in a moment of desperation, DOESN’T go to her “stronghold” of Vancouver-Point Grey (her Riding as an MLA) to cast her Advance ballot for Vancouver–Fairview (where she lives), instead she goes to where she used to live, Burnaby, the Home Riding for her disgraced OIC appointee Communications Director Brian Bonney, who spent 50% of his time on BC Liberal Party Ethnic Memo business and downloading OUR data to the Liberal Party…. and sat on the tri-partisan Burnaby General Hospital C-Dif report with the intent for the Liberals a Quick Win!

    CBC: Clark initially wrote her own name on the blank ballot, but she doesn’t live in the riding she is running in so she made a change.

    Clark took back her ballot and — in front of news cameras — “wrote” in the name of Vancouver–Fairview Liberal candidate Margaret MacDiarmid.


    Which means, of course, that ANY Advance vote can be manipulated, after the fact, after the polls have closed…. ripe for corruption. Christy’s “Red Light” fiasco should be raising RED FLAGS about her inability to think clearly under pressure of LIGHTS, ACTION … CUT.


  92. News1130 is more succinct. She has two names on one ballot, one, the wrong one, wasn’t crossed out! http://www.news1130.com/2013/05/09/christy-clarks-ballot-may-not-count/

    She does not live in the riding she is running in. At first, Clark wrote down her own name, but realizing the mistake, she took it back and wrote down the name of the Vancouver-Fairview Liberal candidate, Margaret MacDiarmid.

    The problem is it doesn’t look like she crossed out her name.

    “At the end of the day, the intent of the voter must be clear on the ballot,” says Main. If the intent is not clear, the vote could be thrown out.


  93. Mike, we still had a railroad.
    Running the fleet wasn’t costing us a million bucks just on one man.
    Don’t recall any charges? (And may I say, I am no fan of Sihota.)
    We still had a full public hydro company.
    The only toll in BC was the Coq, brought in by the previous socred/liberals.
    Meters on homes were doing just fine. Billions for what?
    A convention centre was built, but can’t fill it. Huge overruns.
    Olympics – no comment. More huge overruns.
    P3 contracts the public isn’t allowed to know the costs of for the “public’s services” running 25 years plus.
    So much more ….

    This government has had the best of the best years and look at the mess/debt that has been created.
    2008 we hear of the global mess, but, this province was pretty well ruined and debts piled high.
    The deception stinks.
    And the past two years…

    We certainly can’t afford more of the same of the past 12 years.


  94. This is one fantastic piece Laila. Everything people need to know BEFORE the election. Thank you so very much for your obvious love of this province.


  95. This is truly a good read . . I believe you can’t live in the past but you can’t forget old friends . Learn from our mistakes . This is a good list which helps to remind us of the painful times in which we have tried to leave behind, but feel the pains of and pay for everyday . Thus which will haunt us in the future . Why are we being forced to slowly say good-bye to the Beautiful British Columbia we once knew .


  96. Liberals have destroyed the essence of public education over the past 12 years. Critical under funding is only the start.- more importantly a focus on an ill-advised, poorly copied and poorly grounded 21st Century Education document known as the BC Education Plan. http://www.bcedplan.ca/ Focuses on providing individualized public education that will need to focus on rote / knowledge base skills that is exemplified by their focus and push of FSA / Americanized style of FSA testing – while the call is for a system that focuses on collaboration, creativity, cooperation …Under the BC Liberal plan the “community” aspect of public education will be lost leaving students at home on their own – with only their electronic “friends” to talk to. While education needs to grow and develop this is best left in the hands of teachers – any doubts look at Finland. http://m.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/economy/canada-competes/how-does-finland-get-top-global-education-marks-without-rote-learning-and-standardized-testing/article11810188/?service=mobile


  97. The B.C. Liberals are doing a poor job at educating and informing the younger members who will eventually supersede current leaders and define the party.

    In a recent commentary on the Vancity Buzz, the B.C. Young Liberals VP criticized the Millennium Line SkyTrain project, claiming that it was delivered late, over budget and only made stops in NDP held ridings – and claimed that this was part of a line of a dismal record of 1990s NDP transportation projects. This claim is completely misaligned with the facts. The Millennium Line was actually given an award by a national engineering organization (Engineers Canada) for having been completed both on time and under budget.


  98. Smoke and mirrors gets them elected every time. I realize this is an old post but I have a question. How is it that the BC Liberals are allowed to call themselves Liberal when they are Conservatives? And is there a real Liberal party anywhere by any other name. Thanks!


  99. There has been much concern about BC’s prehospital care system of late; I feel it’s high time someone provided the actual facts of the matter.
    No matter what any PHSA official or ‘hired gun, ex-paramedic’ tells us, understand this fact: BC does not have a ‘best-possible-patient-outcome-prehospital-care-EMS-system, BC has a ‘lowest cost per patient transported EMS system’. We do not have a ‘patient first’ system we have a ‘service provider (BCAS) first’ EMS system. Truth be known, BC has nothing even remotely close to a ‘first class’ EMS system, we have something between a 3rd and 4th class EMS system. Here’s why: ‘first class’ EMS systems make widespread use of specially trained doctors in the prehospital setting. ‘Second class’ EMS systems make widespread use of Advanced Life Support paramedics (ALS). ‘Third class’ systems make widespread use of ‘full-time’ Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance attendants. ‘Fourth class’ EMS systems make-wide spread use of part-time and full-time BLS attendants, and that’s what we have in BC.
    BC currently has circa 3,650 ambulance attendants, of that, over 2,000 are part-timer Basic Life Support attendants and only 5% of all BC ambulance attendants are actual ALS certified paramedics. BCAS does NOT use any doctors prehospital at all. First class (international) EMS systems report their ‘lights and Sirens’ (life and limb saving) responses in ‘90th percentile’ times, BCAS reports their Code 3 responses in ’50th percentile’ (i.e. ‘average’ response time). While the layperson may not immediately see the difference between the two reporting systems, it is significant; 90th percentile times show the lapse time for the ambulance to ‘arrive on scene’ at or less than the stated time, 90% of the time, BC’s chosen reporting process shows the ‘average’ time it took for an ambulance to arrive on scene, meaning BC ambulance code 3 times show the time it took for an ambulance to arrive on scene for only half the calls, meaning half the response times were longer than indicated.
    Another fact I am sure PHSA/BCAS will never share with British Columbians is, prehospital care patients continue to die in BC from highly treatable conditions, ones that have not routinely caused death in other ‘first class’ EMS systems in literally decades. Most people don’t know that a high number of heart attack deaths start as ‘time sensitive conditions’ and only lead to death due to ‘excessive time delay until definitive treatment’. Same holds true for trauma, stroke, anaphylaxis, accidental drug overdose deaths and many others conditions and causes. In fact, most trauma deaths are from simple blood loss; which is a highly treatable condition, FYI, true first class EMS systems carry ‘universal donor’ whole blood to effectively treat bleeding injuries. Again, other first class EMS systems operate with (either) a number of doctors or (a very high percentage of) ALS paramedics in the prehospital setting, we in BC have neither, so when anyone from PHSA states that BCAS provides all British Columbians with a ‘high level of (EMS) care’, ask them by what comparison? Which countries in particular have a lower level of care than we do, i.e. what ‘third world’ nations? Fact is, by comparison to other first world nations, BC has a very ‘low level of prehospital care’.
    In addition to the low level of care, there are a number of ‘turf protection laws’ in place in BC whose only functions are to continue to keep our 40 year year-old system a ‘single service provider’ EMS system. Did you know that it is illegal for the world’s largest ambulance service provider, the Red Cross, to operate even a single ambulance in BC? Same holds true for all BC municipalities; they are legally NOT allowed to operate even one ambulance in their communities! Did you know that the BC EMA Licensing board will not allow a working firefighter to practice beyond ‘first responder’ license level (50 hours of training) when on the job, even if the firefighter holds a valid BC-issued ‘Advanced Life Support licence’ (issued by the same BC EMA Licensing Board, the same licensing board that licenses BCAS personnel)? How bizarre is that?
    Did you know that not one elected official in BC, from any level of government, can make direct EMS service coverage decisions for their region or community? Did you know that EMS coverage decisions in BC are made by (hired-in) bureaucrats, and that they make ‘life and death’ policy decisions in this regard which affect every single British Columbian?
    Then you get into operational issues: Did you know that not one ambulance in BC carries universal donor whole blood to treat (highly treatable) bleeding injuries? Did you know that only a small handful (of BCAS’ 500 ground ambulances) carry clot busting drugs to better treat heart attacks and strokes? Did you know that BC does not have an independent prehospital care patient advocacy group? Did you know that there is no independent ‘critical incident investigation group / process in place in BC, to investigate serious patient complications while within care of the BCAS? Did you know that the BC Coroner Service is not allowed to assign blame or to indicate that ‘cause of death’ was from a highly treatable condition or that ‘time delay to definitive treatment’ was the actual cause of death? I can go on but you get the picture.
    Whenever I hear an insider BCAS/PHSA stakeholder state that we have a ‘world class’ EMS system, all I can think of is; then why do we then need laws to prohibit other (highly proven) emergency service providers from wanting to provide additional EMS resources for their communities? Why is it still illegal for firefighters to provide anything beyond first responder care? Understand this fact: in the US, Fire Rescue Departments provide the overwhelming vast majority of EMS service and the US has over 315 million people. So why do we insist on reinventing the (EMS) wheel in BC? Please ‘Mr. PHSA’, tell me how our vastly inferior EMS system is better for our loved ones in their time of need? How does our chosen EMS system even save us all money? How does it result in lower mortality, lower morbidity, shorter patient hospital stays, less long-term care, lower insurance payouts, less lost work time? Fact is, it doesn’t, fact is, our system needs a complete overhaul. Fact is, ‘clinically salvageable patients’ die far too often in BC from highly treatable conditions, and the recently announced Resource Allocation Plan has take any remaining ‘margin of caution’ out of our already stretched EMS system, and there is no question that it will cost lives. At the very least, best possible patient pain management has taken a major cut due to the new time delays directly caused by the new RAP.
    BTW, did you know that ‘shock’ can be trigger by as simple a condition as a broken leg? Did you know that shock can cause death?
    Finally, if anyone thinks that our very low level of EMS/prehospital care only may contribute to a few unnecessary/treatable deaths each year, i.e. is only a small problem in BC, guess again: on average over 31,000 people die each year here, of that, almost 8,000 patients die ‘outside of
    hospital’ (each year, and that is the exclusive medical domain of the BCAS), many hundreds, possibly thousands, die within minutes (or hours) of finally making it to a hospital. Think about that for a moment.
    Then there is the unnecessary dollar cost to taxpayers and BC society of continuing to operate a totally inadequate EMS system: Trauma Services BC, (ironically) a branch of the PHSA, estimates that trauma related deaths and injuries cost BC society circa $5 Billion (yes, ‘Billion’) each year!
    Understand this fact; there is no other sector of modern medicine in which more lives can be saved, more permanent injury prevented, than in our prehospital care system, yet in BC, prehospital care remains grossly underfunded, grossly understaffed and hugely misunderstood, not only by the public but by our politicians, the very people we trust and look to, to save/provide the best care possible to our loved ones in their time of need.
    WRT, the recently introduced RAP; BCAS carries out over 400,000 calls yearly, prior to the introduction of the RAP, 235,000 calls were ‘Lights and Siren Code 3’ responses (life and limb saving). The new RAP cut Code 3 responses by circa 30% meaning that 75,000 patients in BC were ‘dropped’ from Code 3 responses to casual responses. The initial reasons given by the BCAS for this cut ‘code 3’ ambulance response times was to enhance ‘road safety’ as they felt ambulances in BC were causing too many traffic accidents prior to the RAP, yet no statistically information on ambulance Code 3 response induced ‘traffic fatalities or injury’ numbers were ever provided to the media. Then, once the PHSA/BCAS leadership realized that one was buying their garbage excuse, they quickly changed their reason for the introduction of the RAP to provide faster response times for the remaining Code 3 patients, circa 160,000 or so per year. While I strongly support any reduced response times for any BC prehospital care patient, I question their approach. Cutting service to 75,000 patients per year to save an average 29 seconds (BCAS stated time savings) for the remaining 160,000 patients is utterly unacceptable to me! What the BCAS should done to reduced ambulance response times, is hired/trained additional staff and not “ …. robbed Peter to pay Paul ….” It sound to me like the BCAS is a desperate organization grasping at straws to make themselves look better without actually doing the right thing and spending the needed money to do it right. How about fixing our ultra slow, understaffed, underfunded ambulance service by making every single part-time ambulance attendant FULL TIME! How about paying all ambulance attendants what they are actually worth (so they don’t leave BC by the busload each year for greener pastures). How about making it MUCH more affordable for ALL BCAS attendants to upgrade their medical qualifications. How about putting MORE ambulance stations into our communities. How about putting actual studded snow tires on ALL BC ambulances (instead of all season tire for most). How about having more than just 6, 4×4 ambulances province wide! (Yes, BC only has 6, 4×4 ambulances out of 500!). How about legally allowing all ‘willing and able’ municipalities to cross-utilize their existing Fire Rescue departments to also provide any additional level EMS care, you know, to better serve their residents and ratepayers?
    The finally straw for me in this issue was that PHSA staff are now actively lobbying municipal councils to cut their existing Fire Rescue code 3 responses to match the ‘cut responses’ by BCAS (!!) this, because they (PHSA) officials, feel that Fire Rescue provided care adds no real value, that it is only ‘comfort care’ they provide, and that (such a further response cut), will NOT enhance patient outcomes! How would anyone at PHSA or BCAS know about patient outcomes, as the BCAS / PHSA DON’T track patient outcomes! Point of fact, patient outcomes, in true first class EMS systems, are tracked and that statistical data is used to adjust prehospital care resources in those systems – but not here in BC.
    The above is only a short list of the many shortcomings of the BCAS ambulance service and BC prehospital care in general. Even a layperson can tell from the above that our EMS system is long outdated, grossly inadequate and highly dysfunctional, and it not difficult to see that our loved ones are paying a high price as a result.
    If the above does not convince you of the fact that BC is decades behind other EMS systems, consider this; in Europe they perform emergency surgery on scene (!), including open heart surgery!! (But patients must be ‘pronounced / declared dead’ by the attending physicians before the patient’s chest is opened – and they claim to have a 17% revival rate with this procedure! See London’s Air Ambulance on the net / YouTube for more details on the open heart surgery they perform on scene). This level of EMS care has been common in Europe for over 40 years, but not here in BC.
    Finally, consider this; if European health care systems were providing a cure for cancer (or other high death rate conditions), how long do you think it would take for that medical know-how to
    be adopted in BC, months, perhaps a year, two years tops, well the Europeans developed a prehospital care system over 40 years ago, called the Franco-German Systems of EMS, that yields vastly lower mortality and morbidity rates. Yet we in BC are still stuck in the 50ies, why is that? Why and how is our long-outdated, ‘scoop and run’ EMS system better for our critical care needs loved ones?
    Get this; European heath care systems have proven overall better patient outcomes and for lower patient cost than we do! So why are we still doing what we are doing, why is our chosen, proven outdated, EMS system being so zealously guarded by a handful of PHSA / BCAS stakeholders and senior officials?
    Someone show me how our chosen EMS system is better for our loved ones!
    I know it’s not – having lived and worked in Europe.


  100. Great posting. I have been a member of the BC Liberals, allured by the promises of Gordon Campbell. When old enough to get my card I did. Defending the liberals at all costs seemed to play the party line. However, this party seems to be crushing social freedoms. I think it is terrible. The poor teachers, the hospital workers… What next? Or what will we allow them to get away with.


  101. you are not going to like my comment i think that C Clark is doing a great job and not falling for all the stupid things think should be done and if you want more things to happen in BC then quite standing in the way of making BC a great province .And you tell me where all the money is going to come from to pay for all the things you think should be done .I do beleve the NDP do have a good leader after what they just got rid of .So be part of bc not aganst every thing


  102. Cliff
    Are you out of your mind?!
    C Clark is continuing doing what Campbell started .
    Stealing money from every publicly owned asset in the province to subsidize corporations big and small.
    In the past 10 years the BC Liberals have bankrupted BC ferries, BC hydro, under funded BC hospitals and the whole Healthcare system . Sold BC Rail . Given away huge tracts forest land to forest companies. They have shut down special needs and mental health institutions and dumped the occupants onto the streets and the children into the public school system but they didn’t move the funding from mental health to the schools , instead they lowered taxes for the corporations.while raising every government fee and service for you and me. Hydro rates are going up ferry rates are up.MSP.
    Their agenda is simple bankrupt the public system and privatize it. Your taxes that used to pay for roads and bridges healthcare and education now are being used to court Enbridge, LNG. Run of river projects and any other corporate welfare scheme they can dream up. Meanwhile you get a monthly bill from some company who charges you to cross their bridge.
    A bridge that you used to own.
    They continue to take hundreds of millions out of a bankrupt BC hydro to put into General revenue and then raise your electricity rates , making your hydro bill just another tax.
    Open your eyes they have been systematically stealing from the public for years.
    The public school system is being attacked
    Every year they under fund it more and every year they send more and more of your tax dollars to private schools where their kids go.
    If they can lock out the teachers or force the teachers to strike they will have more of your tax dollars to give to northern gateway or some Chinese LNG company.
    This is just a big shell game.
    if you let them play you cannot win.


  103. With regards to #1: I firmly believe that the liberals thought they were going to lose the next election (because of various reasons on your list!) so CC was brought in to take the fall, so to speak. There were several liberal ‘bigwigs’ up for the nomination and CC came in from the private sector to win???!!! I think they anticipated that they were going to have to rebuild and wanted to ensure their longevity…I don’t think anyone thought CC was capable of winning the provincial election


  104. And now we find an investigation into improprieties regarding financial dealings during the election has been launched. The people who voted Liberal need to get their eyes and mind checked. After all the lies we were fed from Campbell, how could anyone have possibly trusted CC? The Liberals MUST go before they destroy our province!


  105. Christy Clark really didn’t look too happy today over the teacher’s deal. I guess she didn’t expect the parental support for teachers and the pressure of such places as China who send their children to BC for their education. Considering all things, I think the teachers did pretty well when you look at what they were originally offered. I have always said that this fight was not with the BCTF but between Christy and her public school teacher father. He taught in Burnaby. Dad won!

    It all goes to show–money is there if it is a priority. People didn’t buy the scare that taxes would go up if the teachers got a fair deal.


  106. LOL – I really like Laila’s name for the last 10 years in BC: “decade of deceit”! This could easily be used to describe the Federal Govt as well, under #HeilHarper – a couple of personal comments:
    1. I have long believed CC is a lickspittle of #HeilHarper and asks how high whenever he gives her an order. The reasons of course, are quite obvious – $$ ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching! (and maybe the possibility of a seat in the Senate??)
    2. I found it extraordinary that, after all the polls reporting that an NDP victory in the last Prov. election was as good as guaranteed – that it ended up with the BCLibs winning? ….. Yeah, winning! I find myself wondering ‘how’ the polls could have been so wrong – I mean, EVERYONE knew the Libs & CC would be finished as soon as the final tally was in – so, what happened?? There have been a number of possible reasons bandied about – people so sure NDP would win they didn’t bother to vote – the Leader lost it for his party – they fizzled in the last weeks when they should have been making fireworks, etc. etc. I have my own theory, to me the only one that really makes any sense – could it/would it be possible that #HeilHarper arranged for votes to be whatever he wanted them to be? Think about it – with an NDP win, the Feds would not have an easy go of continuing to rape and pillage the province as easily (them, thru their Corporation buddies) as it’s been with CC at the helm. Do I have any proof of this? No, of course not! But look at the 6 or 7 Federal ridings that did; they still lost!!


    • The moniker ‘Decade of Deceit’ is correct. Lower personal and corporate taxes,replace that with user fees and premiums, raid ICBC when you need some cash and you have it.

      First, I would like to ask that readers comment in a civil manner – you want more people to vote? The partisan name calling and slurs do not assist in engaging anyone unhappy with the current state of affairs. I know how many are outraged, but try to convey that without lowering yourself to that level. I appreciate it.

      There is no conspiracy theory as to why the NDP lost, in fact a short time before they did lose, I called it on Philip Tills morning show on NW. The NDP assumed they were going to win and never got their vote out.Toss in the fact that Dix thought being civil in an election meant lying down and playing dead….they had no chance of appealing to the mass of voters who don’t vote left or right, but vote on issues. And on many issues the NDP flip back and forth.

      To their credit,the Liberals run professional,slick campaigns,stick to the talking points and pound them home into voters. The NDP have come off looking like country bumpkins in comparison in every election.

      Your theory isn’t correct sadly.Average voters are so disconnected between elections and the Libs count on that.

      Want to change history? Inspire people to inform themselves, get engaged and make changes.


  107. Some of the things that plague the Liberals, plague the NDP–same old faces, same old ideas. If you are looking for something new to vote for, where do you go? Do you stay home or vote for the same old, same old that is plaguing both parties.


  108. BC Liberals are not liberals at all – they are Conservative – Gordon Campbell scampered out of BC like a rat and then got a plum job from Harper –
    Why NDP bashing Laila? Did they a far better job than these clowns – hands down
    Can we start a recall campaign? 100 or more reasons to do it
    What do you think, Laila?


    • Recall campaigns are great,but as we have seen time and time again,rarely work.

      I hold every party to the same standard and always have. The problem is that many people don’t agree that the opposition should fall under any scrutiny at all, which I vehemently disagree with.They need to show voters what to expect and while lately they have done an amazing job on many files- this government never stops providing horrendous scandals this year- there are many issues they are still all over the place.

      If expecting the NDP to do the best they can, and show voters how they would be different is bashing, so be it.Would they be better than Liberals? Yes.But from seeing how they have handled certain issues of spending,LNG etc, one can expect to have to watch them just as hard.

      At the municipal level there are many ‘NDP’ politicians supported by Liberals donors and supporters,many of which support this government as well – a hybrid mix of the two parties.

      What NDP supporters still do not widely get is how conservative many British Columbians are, particularly in the interior and north. And I don’t mean that in the party sense, but that they are more cautious voters.The Liberals run very good campaigns that are effective and the NDP repeatedly has fumbled along for over a decades worth of elections.

      One might want to ask why that is. https://lailayuile.com/2015/03/19/left-right-and-the-space-in-between-conquering-the-great-divide-in-politics/


  109. In 2002 under the Campbell Government, the Workers Compensation Act was amended as an effort to more easily disallow claims for mental stress. After years of battling through the BC Human Rights Tribunal, the Government agreed to rewrite the Act again, stating that claims would be more appropriately managed. (2011).

    This isn’t happening consistently.

    After years going by calling on the BC Government to provide ‘presumption of illness’ to better serve Public Safety Workers through Work Safe BC, still nothing has moved in that direction, which has now led to workers committing suicide from Public Safety professions (police, fire fighters, paramedics, emergency dispatchers, corrections workers, and others).







    Add to this the continued abandonment of duty in regards to persons with disabilities needing financial supports and assistance, clawing back policies etc. and what you see is a Liber Party having established a meritocracy/plutocracy, while violating fundamental human rights with impositions of poverty on the marginalized in BC:


    The lack of social conscience alone, indicates that the Liberal Government in BC under Christy Clark has no moral authority any longer to govern. If we had way to impeach, many would be behind such impeachment all the way.


  110. The Clark government is allowing more and more raw logs to be shipped overseas – there is no such thing as forestry jobs when a feller-bunched can log out a huge area in a short time and logs are simply shipped out. When Christy pretends on her commercials that jobs matter, this is disingenuous – there is a huge vacuum of leadership in value-added jobs.



  111. I feel like a lot of millennials are just too young to remember how the NDP utterly ruined the province in the 90’s with bad politics. I had to live through that, and it was awful. Getting a job was like a marathon against hundreds of other people, everything paid poorly, and it resulted in years of poverty for me. I finally had to leave my home in Vancouver in 2000 because the economy was so bad from over taxation and NDP policies to look for work elsewhere. I still credit the Liberals with putting in the work for the years of cleanup they had to do after the NDP were voted out in a sweep of every single seat except 2 (which demonstrates just how fed up people were at that time). A vote for anybody but the Liberals is basically a vote for them. Just look at the mess they are creating in Alberta right now. Calgary just hit 9.5% unemployment, which is almost unprecedented. BC finally has a low unemployment rate, it is busy and people are able to make a living. The last thing this province needs is the NDP again 😦


    • This is a joke right? I’m on a secret hidden camera game show to see my reaction to this… correct?

      Have you missed the entire unaffordable housing issue?That we have one of the highest child poverty rates in the country? That food banks are burdened under the growing need of the people who are forced to use them? The number of working poor in this province is unreal. Just because you have a job does not mean you are doing well.

      Wait for the updated list of reasons why the Libs need to go.


      • are you crazy the province has never been ran better why don’t you try helping instead of destroying my province Cliff Lackie



  112. Reason # 147

    The BC Government criminal attack on and theft of Pacific Rim Resort in Tofino which
    was carried out by the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation who now
    hold the English Family’s home, business and property contrary to the Criminal Code as
    it is “Stolen Property”..

    This is a major crime carried out by the BC Government that Christy will not even acknowledge exists. She refuses to even respond to letters, emails or documents. She is using the Mafia Code of Silence” “Omerta”. She knows that this was domestic terrorism and organized crime.
    She must be terrified of the criminals as well. Maybe they are the same ones doing the LNG drug money laundering so she has been told to keep her mouth shut???

    The crimes were carried out by the Gordon Campbell Gang and she knows it.




    also on Gangsters Out Blog

    and Veterans Today in the US.


  113. Hey does anyone have the list “100 reasons the bc liberals must go”? I’d love a copy please. Here’s my plan: in my community I plan on photocopying this list and going from neighbourhood to neighbourhood delivering these flyers. Mailboxes and chats with people. It’s my New Years resolution to remove the liberals. If you have this list, please pm me. 🙂

    Ps. Can you send me the new updated 2017 version when you have it made?


  114. I’m printing this updated list out as hard copy, two computers at my home work station aren’t enough to go through it all, and I want to absorb as much of it as I can.

    BUT just getting Clark out is not enough, people have to think of the fight as not being a simple “change one election and everything will be better again” situation, but as a real fight against opponents that are not fighting fair, but are fighting to win.

    (sorry to anyone of peaceful nature for the imagery that I am using, but it is appropriate)

    This election of 2017 can be considered to be the moment of a crucial blow in a long battle, a moment when the monster that has been beating on our hero (us, actually) lets their guard down for just a moment to gloat.

    The shot taken at that time should be effective as possible.

    When in Karate, or other “hard” martial arts, practitioners are instructed not to aim a punch at someone’s face if they are punching them in the face, but rather to aim for a point just behind their skull.

    It is the same with this provincial election, we want to go right through the “face” (the Clark government and Cabinet), shake the brains behind the face (the network of deals public or otherwise that have been made to hand over BC’s resources and work force as commodities), and be able to shake out our fist and wiggle our fingers afterwards, without the enemy standing up again.

    Otherwise the NDP could get in with a landslide, and a year later everything will be almost exactly the same.

    Remember when we thought that Trudeau was going to “fix” everything that Harper had done overnight, before he hit the labyrinth of traps and dead ends that Harper left behind, that basically meant that anyone who took office after him would have to do exactly what he wanted them to?


    Clark out, yes.

    Whoever follows HAS to be publicly committed to the ugly process of cleaning house, and HAS to be held accountable to doing so.

    The public HAS to be active now, and not let up again, the fight for a healthy and ethical governance of ourselves and our world does not ever end (it never has, that is the nature and the price of democracy, because with freedom come the Bastards who will exploit it).

    BC is worth it, right?


    • Hi Darryl, this isn’t the updated list…I’m holding it back a bit longer …still a bit early considering the election is in May…and its even bigger….lol


  115. Hi. Love your list, particularly as we approach the May election. Two suggestions for you:
    – Consider some kind of voting/ranking of the items in your list; it would perhaps bring more attention to it; I can help with some aspects of the technology
    – look up the word trumpery. I would like to see it make a comeback


  116. Thanks for your response. An online database would help add beef to each issue, multiple references, easier to find existing issues and save you some time eliminating duplicates or merging references, and the whole voting thing would be much easier and more robust. Again lemme know if you want some help.


  117. Great work!
    I have been looking for this info.
    I found the original 2013 election platform and want to review what was said and what has or has not been done.
    Also, could you turn the comments upside down.
    Last should be first, although I did like reading all the comments, it took forever to get to this box.


  118. I was thinking of making a list like the “Shit that Harper did” list….and then I found your list! Wonderful! and I will be watching for the update and circulating that as far as I can.


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