When you have been told at a young age, that you are going to be nothing in life, it tends to stick. Academically, as an adult, you know that only you can limit yourself, but subconsciously , that tiny little seed that was so nastily planted when you were young,  still sits. I have an extremely hard time with compliments and praise, and as such, was completely overwhelmed by the judges assessments  at the end of my show. Shirley called me a true wordsmith, which for me , is one of the finest things you can say to a writer. I write because I love to, because my words are  the only conduit I have for my thoughts, my feelings, my pain or happiness.  I had so much fun, and just enjoyed the moment, knowing it could be my last. Peter Legge, a gentle, kind and soothing soul. Shirley, tough as nails, her strong exterior belies the caring and compassionate interior. Her criticism is always pertinent, whether you like it or not, and I relish every bit of it- it makes me better each time I come. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, I say.. stay tuned, I was voted favourite to go forward, I’ll post confirmation as soon as I receive it.