And they call it education…

Between my career, my personal background and as the mother of three, 16, 14, and 2, I think I’ve seen and heard it all. No one is accountable for anything anymore. Today, my son told me his humanities exam was open book- of course I didnt believe him, it’s an exam after all- but no, I called the school and its true. Apparently  the students “couldnt possibly remember everything that happened from the beginning of the year, so they may use their work for reference.” 

 Ummmm, HELLO… its an exam? Gee, Why even bother wasting everyones time, why dont they just pass everyone and get on with it ? …. What happened to the days of studying, of expectations, and tests to see what you actually know. No wonder the city is filled with flakes like the APC – freeloaders draining our system, taxing our resources and basically just taking up space.

We have the kids whose guilt-induced and over-compensating mummies and daddies hand out dough, cars, clothes to make up for the time they didnt spend with them,therefore creating the self-entitled brat you can see anywhere and usually protesting some cause they dont know anything about, and the poor kids whose parents pass on the poverty ideal to create another generation of undereducated welfare recipients – and you know the difference between those that really need help due to curcumstance and those who work the system.  Somewhere in between is the kid whose parents might be middle of the road, and actually teach them the value of goals, hard work and the contribution of actually earning your way through life.  Pratt and Taylor had it right , talking to APC  token masthead David Cunningham– Hes a freeloading media whore, taking up space in subsidized housing that prevents someone who really needs it from getting it, and we are well on our way to creating more bums  just like him.