The shortest talk show gig in CKNW history…..

Laila and Tom in studioTo quote myself ” Sometimes you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes…”

Although I won the contest,  I have mixed feelings about the Sunday show. To those of you who took the time to write and thank me for adding something new and different to the CKNW airwaves, I humbly accept. I have been overwhelmed at the number of total strangers who have taken the time to write a note telling me how much  they enjoyed the show.My mandate the entire time was to educate, inspire and  create change,and among the letters, a few people have even written to say they tried beer for the first time!….. Good on you!! Be responsible while expanding horizons. That the guests were pleased is an understatement-all have forwarded letters and calls congratulating and thanking me, although it is I who is most thankful.

It would take days to email everyone back, so I am posting my response here, knowing those who have written will see it.

To answer all your questions – No, I havent heard anything “official” about my show from CKNW.

 My only professional insight has come in the form of hearsay from someone within the industry –  it was negative – and allegedly came to him from someone at the station. I succumbed to a nasty throat bug the day aftermy show, so I havent been able to make any calls to confirm if this is true – however, I’m sure I would have gotten some sort of feedback ( although what do I really know about the speed of such things in radio?) Remember, this was a contest, and I did receive the prize – beyond that, there were no promises, however much I would like to remain in the CKNW lineup. 

 I do know that many people in the industry were hoping I would screw up that show completely, just to prove what a bad idea the contest was. The possibility of a previously untrained talent ending up on the air seems to threaten people – perhaps because it shows that the qualities that make a good radio personality cannot be taught . Passion,determination, integrity and honesty are generally not  charateristics that can be taught. Voicework, method and mechanics can all be learned.

And so, has the  shortest talk show gig at CKNW come to an end ? …. only time will tell, but that doesn’t mean it’s the last of The Laila Yuile Show !  As I said, I have received countless emails from fans, and some of those fans are in similar industries…. that’s all I can say for now!!!!  Those who recognize how much work went into creating Sundays three hour show – on my own – know that I can and do commit myself fully to every endeavor.  All the research, booking the guests, writing, and format were done with a two year old hovering nearby, and required early am get-ups and late nights to juggle my other  commitments. And what I don’t know, I learn pretty damn fast. You haven’t seen the last of me……

What have I learned? Going back to my own , earlier post ….:

*What says more are not the people who have congratulated you, but the people who have not.

* People generally appear to  hate winners…. and the truth.

Fight hard, keep your integrity, trust no one- and be at peace with your choices.

Count on yourself, and no one else