Teresen gas competitors worse than scientology recruits?

I live in the burbs, and although we dont often get door to door salespeople, there have been a few in the past. I,however, leave such a lasting impression at the door, they tend to never come back, if you know what I mean. I figure if you show up at my door, a private residance, unasked and unsolicited, it’s open season if you dont leave immediately when I tell you I’m not interested.

Since the sale of natural gas through suppliers other than Teresen has been approved, my doorbell has been ringing off the hook with downright aggressive salespeople, who have a litany of brainwashing techniques not unlike the ones used at scientology recruiting sweeps.

4 different people showed up at my door in one day recently, and with each knock, my anger level grew to epic proportions. One guy threatened to call the police after I yelled at him for ringing the doorbell  repeatedly in rapid succession- I told him he was lucky I didnt answer with a bat. The final straw was a cheeky little gal who  refused to leave the doorstep, tried to push the door open ,and then called me rude when I asked her what part of GO AWAY she didnt understand.

Let this be a warning – if you come to my home to convert me , convince me, or otherwise try to sell me something I didnt ask for, please respect my answer NO, and leave promptly.

I’m Laila yuile and this is how I see it.