From the desk of the talk show idol

Updating and reworking the blog- please be patient while the changes are happening! It’s been a crazy,busy week, leading up to the long weekend, working on the mechanics of the new domain. This blog has generated great stats and feedback and I hope to continue the trend  with the new site, once completed.

2 thoughts on “From the desk of the talk show idol

  1. lailayuile

    I really don’t know what you are asking –

    ” what is the “deal” with your website , for all that it worth?” has been registered and “saved” until I decide what direction I’m going. is the website where I will be featured in an online magazine this month, with a bit of a sotry about my life, and following dreams. In the interim, the publisher is running ads on my site.

    If you are talking about this site – Its a blog,”Jason”. I write about whats on my mind. If no one reads it, thats fine,I have no expectations. If they do, thats even better, and it seems that many people do. If I make them laugh, think, get angry, whatever, super. In case you havent noticed, some of the posts have started long debates on different issues, from people all over the world, and its great to have viewpoints and discussion from so many different individuals.

    No different from any of the millions of other blogs out there, really. I share, people respond.

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