Appearing at a Corus Station Near You- Talk Show/Talk Radio – Idol!!!

A funny thing happened on the way to the blog this morning – a slew of emails from individuals back east (Toronto and Montreal), asking about my experience winning CKNW’s Talk Show Idol contest, and how/why I won. Apparently the two Corus stations are hosting their own versions of the contest which ran recently in Vancouver, although the prize there, is an actual on-air shift !

What can I tell those who are looking for tips and advice ?? Be yourself. Be true to what you believe in and have integrity. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your opinions, likewise, be accurate and prepared. You must be well-read, and well-informed – no one wants to hear some loudmouth blather on for an hour about the merits of home-made wine, and no one wants to know how you would handle your ass rash.

Real topics, real issues. Although it’s great to play devil’s advocate to bring both sides of an issue to the discussion, don’t say that parents who mow the lawns on city sports field are aggravating and prolonging the civic strike one day,  and then a couple of days later say that you think its  a good idea and it has nothing to do with striking workers.

Its inconsistant, and insincere, and your audience will pick up on it eventually. I think my appeal was that I am who I am, and I never tried to be anyone else. I’ve seen the rough side of life and the good, and I’ve had to work for everything I have – or don’t have. I was raised in a  small forestry town by blue-collar, union parents  who worked hard to raise our family and expected me to do the same.

I’ve never had anything handed to me on a  plate, and I am not , nor ever will be biased by corporate or political affiliations of any kind. I know what the local and provincial governments actions really do for the average family, because I am part of that average family. That’s my take on it, anyways. I am passionate about most things in my life, and I don’t care if you like me or not. I will always tell it like it is, and that’s how I see it .

Good luck to all of you, and I hope you enjoy your stint as much as I did!

I’m Laila yuile, and this is how I see it.

One thought on “Appearing at a Corus Station Near You- Talk Show/Talk Radio – Idol!!!

  1. I have been following your weblog since I first
    heard your show on CKNW, and I finally have to comment. I think the PD at NW missed the mark by not giving you a time slot to hone your talent. Although I think you need some voice coaching, your views and comments are both refreshing and it is quite apparent to both myself (and my colleagues) that the time has come for a woman like yourself on the airwaves. How Christy Clark can claim she is no longer a liberal and not biased by her liberal background, her liberal husband and liberal family is beyond everyone who has followed politics within the proviince of British Columbia. I would rather listen to Adler – at least he does not claim to be something he’s not !


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