Team H2V

I’ve been asked why I’m so into the H2V ride across Canada, when I’ve never had anyone in my life touched by the disease. The answer is simple.

I believe.

I believe in the power of dreams and change, and these men and their team are all about that. I met Willie, Kyle, Taylor and Matt, back in beginning of summer when I won the title of Talk Show Idol and a  3 hour talk show on CKNW, here in Vancouver. My mandate had been throughout the entire competiton to use the air time to bring attention to causes I deeply support, as well as giving airtime to others that I felt believed as deeply in their causes as I did  in mine.

Enter Team H2V, who I met through Curtis at Innovative Fitness in White Rock, while setting up an interview with Gurj Dhaliwal and Matt Young. Curtis jumped on the chance to hook me with up with the team, and I was honoured that they came on the show to talk about juvenile diabetes, Taylors life, and Kyles dream. I had so much amazing feedback from people who were touched by the disease, and the rest is history.

Although with my work and family commitments have not allowed me to volunteer my time, I do what I can with what I have. I have had the team featured since that day on this site under Charities for Change, and emailed everyone I know to donate. I have tried to inspire the team with some motivational quotes and words of support, in addition to donating.This is so  important – these people are the kind that will change the world , and set examples for all of us  of how we should live our lives. Charging ahead, conquering fears, and taking action rather than sitting on our collective asses ! Live your life as if every day  might be your last- you never know what tomorrow brings.  I look forward  to seeing Kyle, Willie, Taylor, and Matt, and finally getting to meet the rest of the team and support staff !!