Global Warming,Carbon Profiles and New York Steak

We all know something big , strange, and scary is going down with Mother Nature- the polar ice is melting, glaciers  are retreating, and  massive infestations of bugs are eating their way across Canada’s boreal forests.

The climate change/global warming debate is hotter than  Bruce Allens recent rant on NW and  you either believe it or you don’t.

I’m a believer – I can see it everywhere, especially around my hometown of Prince George, where the pine beetle devastation is glaringly apparent – in part because winter temperatures haven’t dipped anywhere close to the chilling level they used to, in years. It’s sad to see the clear cuts in the forests where I grew up camping.

So, I’m sitting here this morning ,thinking about what I am personally doing about it.Am I making a difference? It’s easy enough  to say that that the activities of just one person won’t matter, and use that justification to keep going on, doing your regular thing. Most people still do that every day.

I want to ensure that my children have as wonderful of a time enjoying this great world as I did growing up, and it scares me to see how different the Canadian landscape is becoming, when you think about the” Good old Days…”

I take the bus and skytrain most of  the time, when it is feasible to do so. Unfortunately, being out in the ‘burbs makes it hard to rely on it as much as I would like to.  We have only one vehicle, and as I run daily with my son in his jogger stroller, I combine it with handling my errands along the route – killing two birds with one stone- so to speak.

We buy groceries in bulk to save packaging, recycle and I shop for local products and meat whenever possible. I shop at a local thrift store out of choice, not because I have to, often snagging clothes that still have the original price tag on – someone obviously couldn’t be bothered to return it!

I’m definately not an eco-warrior, I don’t own anything made out of hemp, and  you arent going to find me going vegetarian anytime soon. I guess if that’s the worst thing I’m doing for the planet, besides drinking Austalian wine and German beer, I can live with that.  You should try it – make one change at a time, even if you dont believe  in the global climate change debate. Less garbage or fuel used has to be a good thing, right?Do it for your kids, or your grand-kids. Do it to feel better.

Oh, have to go now – I have  some AAA Alberta grain fed New York Steaks marinating,  and that calls for a Heineken…