And in This Corner….

If you missed Bruce Allen’s reality check today, you must go back and listen to the audio vault. His target today? None other than the newest CKNW talk show host, Christy Clark,who he claims, has no street smarts.

The editorial was in response to her opinion piece in The Province on Monday, about her shock that one of the gangsters killed at 70th and Granville recently was a neighbour of hers in Port Moody. Her piece does come across as completely naive that she thought it wasnt going on in her neighbourhood. Hello! Where isn’t it, is the question? And so, she has jumped on the bandwagon on calling for a regional police force, now that it has come to her personal attention.

And Bruce Allen called her on it, and then some. Although those who follow politics in passing might have forgotten her many bungles and arrogance displayed  as education minister, many have not. Street smarts? Depends on what streets you’ve lived on, I guess…..I wonder if her outlook on education in schools has altered now that she has a little one in school, and has to deal with the system firsthand?

In response, at the beginning of her show, Christy had her two cents, which just made it all even funnier. I’m sure they are trying to keep it all ” in jest”, but even though she claims to have no political aspirations, Christy still talks as if shes got to keep her voter demographic happy. In my opinion, she won’t risk offending certain groups that are know to the Liberals as “block voters” , and in fact,  at times seems to ingratiate herself to those who may remember her at the polls down the road.

Bruce Allen is right in saying most politicians lack street smarts. I take transit, and have for years. I see what works, and what doesnt. I know what makes me feel safe as a woman alone on  sytrain, and I’m telling you again, it isn’t turnstiles.

When politicians make choices for people, based on second hand information received from a study or report ,without actual first-hand knowledge of how those choices really affect people, you have wasted both money and time. Sound like our government? Give me someone who HASNT had a privilaged, easy life growing up, any day, over the majority of politicians we currently have running our province.

I’m Laila Yuile, and this is how I see it.