Liberals planning complete takeover of BC?

Lots of speculation going on these days about Carole Taylor and Christy Clark, but no confirmations  – or denials –  from either.

British Columbia Finance Minister ,Carole Taylor, has announced she will not be seeking re-election to the legislature in 2009, lending fuel to the rumours she will be seeking the seat of Mayor in the city  of Vancouver.

Premier Campbell would not add anything to the speculation, but it seems fitting she would run, considering her background and considerable political experience.  Although I am not a Vancouver resident, I think she would make an excellent candidate, bringing to the table an impressive skill-set and proven record of success from her varied career background.  And what a coup for the Liberals –  securing the seat of Vancouver Mayor…..

This still leaves us yet another female being talked about in BC politics -talk show host Christy Clark. The rumours and speculation are everywhere , following the Blair Wilson fiasco,  that Mrs. Marissen is planning a run for the seat on the Sunshine coast. Reported recently on the Bourque NewsWatch website -( known for snagging early tips on political moves behind the scenes) – even Conservative Bloggers back East are talking about the likelihood of her return to politics on the federal level . A quick Google query of “Christy Clark + Blair Wilson” will bring all sorts of chatter to your desktop. Speculation or not, it leaves one to wonder whether she really would be so bold as to hop into yet another area in which she does not reside…

 Although it has often been speculated that she would return to run again for mayor of Vancouver, her background doesn’t offer anything close to the same calibre of  experience and business/financial acumen that  Carole Taylor does, and there is little comparison to be done between the two. There are still plenty of hard feelings left after Christy’s stint as Education Minister, and one would be hard pressed to find a teacher in the province who would vote her way- although it has been said that her re-creation as talk show host is a concentrated effort to put time and space between her failed Vancouver mayoral election bid, as well as her time in the legislature. With Liberal political maestro hubby Mark Marissen at her disposal, some have referred to them as B.C’s power couple, but puppet and puppet-master may come to mind as well…

Only time will tell  what is next for both of these women, but the political games at the federal, provincial and municipal levels are looking that much more interesting.

I’m Laila Yuile, and this is how I see it.

2 thoughts on “Liberals planning complete takeover of BC?

  1. The only problem with this idea is that Mark Marissen is up to his ying yang, as is Christy’s brother, Bruce Clark, in culpability over Blair Wilson. They both knew what he was up to during the 2006 campaign and did nothing about it.


  2. It could be construed that way, yet some are saying that the entire sequence of events as they occured ,was deliberately overlooked by the above mentioned in your comment , in an effort to free up the seat from a liberal member who was not playing the way the party wanted him to. They wanted to get rid of him.
    Did they know what he was up to? Of course, and they let him go down in a very public way, and deny, deny, deny any involvement they will. Either way, the seat is open, and Wilson is gone.


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