too tired to be inspired

Hi everyone. To be honest, I’m simply too tired and uninspired this morning to post anything interesting. My youngest is recovering after a sudden occurence of  facial cellulitis, and 4 days of intense worry have taken its toll. I thought as a parent of teens and a toddler, that I had seen it all in terms of childhood trauma or illness, yet the speed and seriousness of which this infection occurred was alarming. The very real complications were even more so. Flesh eating disease. Meningitis. Sepsis. With the infection having appeared on his chubby little cheek, the need for immediate and strong medication and attention was paramount, and thankfully he has responded extremely well and is on the mend. Big infections can spread very fast in little bodies, especially when located on the face, close to the brain, the lymph nodes and a plentiful blood supply.

Its funny though, all these ” new” illnesses and germs. I really don’t ever remember hearing of this when I was a kid, and I dont know anyone whose ever had it now. At 3 he’s never been ill before, never had to take medication for anything- a healthy, young boy.  I seriously wonder if this type of thing is the result of people overmedicating with un-needed anitbiotics over time, strengthening the bacteria around us.  Something to think about.

I’ll post later today.

3 thoughts on “too tired to be inspired

  1. Sorry to hear your little one is ill. As they grow older, even in adulthood, the worry is still there, it is just about other issues, some bigger, some smaller, but they still engender sleepless nights. They never grow old enough not to be your little boy or girl.

    Nature has a way of getting around anything we invent.


  2. I agree with you entirely. My oldest are now 16 and 14- not easier, just different. Instead of worrying if they are going to fall and break and arm or stick a fork in the socket, I worry if my daughter isnt home on time after school, walkiing alone, or if my son is going to get jumped by some hoods who dont like white kids.
    I understand my parents so much better the older I get…Thank you for your concern,GetReal, it should be an easy night sleeping tonight – doc gave him a clean bill as long as he doesnt start scratching the area, and he proceeded to flirt madly with every little gal in the waiting room!

    Now, back to raising everyones blood pressure…


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