More Targeted Hits give a “Big City” Feel to Vancouver’s Image

Check out this link to see a map of Metro Vancouver , detailing the locations of  shootings that police feel were targeted hits, related to gang and organized crime activity

Gives more than a little old school New York feeling to the Vancouver scene.

4 thoughts on “More Targeted Hits give a “Big City” Feel to Vancouver’s Image

  1. …my cousin was over visiting from Hungary this summer and one of those gun pictures on Granville and 16th happened outside my Mom’s condo.

    The cops shot a guy dead wielding a knife or something.

    Ironically this was my cousin’s first visit to Canada and we convinced her how the stories of gangster movies, Al Capone, and so on happened 30 years ago, and it was just Communist propaganda to make them believe it was that crazy over here.

    Sooooo what happens?



  2. I think we’ve even beaten Nicaragua’s record for corruptness and lawlesness right now. We have kids killing kids, men killing men, husbands killing women and fathers killing babies. Teens are carrying guns, knives and machetes, gangsters carry military weapons grade armourments, and me?
    I’ve just got 5’10″of blonde attitude and a mean left hook. Get a couple of shots of good whiskey in me and you can feel safe walking Vancouver’s street with me at your side…….lol


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