And if all the “cover-ups” so far weren’t enough….

Here’s an article I missed in the Vancouver Sun last week, by Neil Hall, regarding a request by Attorney General Wally Oppal to limit  the public inquiry’s probing of the Crown’s decision  NOT to charge Vancouver police officers involved in the death of Frank Paul. It really adds another dimension to the already revealing developments and testimony that have come to light since the start of the proceedings.

What is the purpose of the public inquiry, I wonder, if there are limits on how far they can go, or where they can look for answers? 

Shouldnt it be an open book for all involved, and why shouldn’t the Crowns actions be looked at? The fact that the Crown did five separate reviews  in the years following Paul’s death, is enough to tell me there were ongoing questions surrounding how they handled it from the start. Why do 5  reviews, when one done right should have been enough ?  Not to mention that the reviews were handled by prosecutors who routinely worked very closely with the police……  Questionable, to say the least.

One thought on “And if all the “cover-ups” so far weren’t enough….

  1. Your Attorney General’s request to limit a public inquiry is inappropriate as the top law enforcement official in the Province. The very fact that this tragedy has gotten to the point of such an inquiry certainly does not speak well of the Coroners Service who should have caught this in the first instance, then the police who seemed to have bungled a chance to surface and face the facts. The Crown prosecutors can only assess what they were given. Which of course begs the question of what that was. You cannot limit the inquiry so that the course of that decision making process is hidden from view. Hopefully we will ultimately learn the entire story in due course.

    There are many reasons why the prosecutors cannot be sued. Those rules however, should not be a hindrance to ascertaining exactly where this fiasco went off the rails. It is impossible to fix something if you do not know where to start.

    It is standard practice these days to bring in a “special prosecutor” to independently assess such matters. Was one brought in and why not if not?

    I am afraid I have no time for ambulance chasers like Cameron Ward who profits from such incidents by being an obnoxious cretin, dropping the clients when the money runs out. Check with your sources in Ontario and see how well the non police investigating police group are viewed. What is needed is integrity, not more political hacks.

    As for Left Wing Larry, how convenient that documents are missing from the file. Now its he said she said. For the amount of tax dollars supporting those two their performance is grotesque.


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