Inquiry Reveals Disappointing lack of concern – and character – surrounding those involved in Frank Pauls death

Over the years, I’ve been called annoying, irritating, tenacious and a snoop, and compared to a dog on the trail of a good scent. I have a knack for knowing when there is something more to be discovered about a person or a situation,for knowing when a person is lying, and when details that should be known remain hidden.And I really dont care what someone thinks of me .Those traits have served me well as an investigator in the past, and to this day, I can’t just let things go when I know there is more to the story. I could never, in good conscience, turn my back on something like this entire Frank Paul fiasco, even if it meant my job. Why didnt anyone have the balls to force the issue with all this conflict?

The coroner who investigated Frank Paul’s death, Jeannine Richardson, doesn’t think anyone in her office tried to find out why there was such a huge conflict between the video showing a very obviously drunk Frank Paul, and Russell Sanderson’s statement that the deceased was not drunk. She doesn’t recall trying to track down any medical evidence that might prove or disprove Russell Saunderson’s claim that Paul suffered some sort of disability, that made him appear drunk that night – although that would have been something within her duties she should have done.

Richardson went on to disclose that several notes, including those regarding a conversation with then Chief coroner, Larry Campbell, had gone missing from the case file. Larry Campbell had not wanted an inquest into the death of Frank Paul, she testified, because he did not consider it an in-custody death. Larry Campbell is expected to testify today. Should be interesting.

It’s easy ,with a case like this, to understand why and how conspiracy theories originate regarding police cover-ups. They happen. Although this inquiry cannot assign fault in Paul’s death, it clearly is doing so , in the public’s eyes, with the ongoing testimonies of everyone involved. Every single person so far, has had a role in Frank Paul’s death, if only in not doing him the service in death of finding the true answers behind what happened. It should never have taken this long to have the truth known.

 I use a quote on my website banner , from Eleanor Roosevelt. It reads : ” When you have decided what you believe,what you feel must be done, have the courage to stand alone and be counted…”

And stand alone you will, because that path is a lonely one, my friends. Been there and done that. Standing up for what I believe in has occasionally been at the cost of relationships with family or friends. It’s too bad that when it really matters, when someones life or peace or happiness depends on it, the strength to do the right thing is over-ruled by the strength of the fear one must overcome to stand strong.

Sometimes, all you get is one chance.

5 thoughts on “Inquiry Reveals Disappointing lack of concern – and character – surrounding those involved in Frank Pauls death

  1. Your coroners service website states:

    “The Coroners Service of British Columbia is responsible for the investigation of all unnatural, sudden and unexpected, unexplained or unattended deaths. It makes recommendations to improve public safety and prevent death in similar circumstances.”
    They go on to state they are to determine where when who and how.

    I find it somewhat disturbing that there are items missing from the file. Sloppy record keeping at best, suspicious at worst. In the final analysis they are to speak for the victims and be their advocate. Not documenting the reasons for denying an inquest is unacceptable.


  2. disturbing doesnt begin to describe this sham of policing and investigation. See new post, on an item I missed a few days ago, that will enhance your disgust even more.
    I’m updating soon on Larry Campbells testimony today, in which he testified that he now thinks there should have been an inquest. Its laughable how much changes after the story that has unravelled in the past weeks. Of course everyone is sorry now, that it can no longer be hidden to what extent this was pushed under the rug. Of course it easy to point fingers at everyone else now. To his credit, the only now who has actually apologised and sincerely seems to have remorse, is David Instant.


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