Mother of murdered girl denies her husband was distraught over her birth

In a twist that’s may be unexpected to some, the mother of little Rajvinder Kahlon has denied her husband killed her daughter because she was a girl.

She claims her husband had a medical condition and that his depression went back much further than the birth of their third daughter. When interviewed by the writer for The Now, she was in the presence of “relatives” and was obviously distressed. She denies everything her previous downstairs tenant and neighbour claimed in an earlier interview about her husband’s attitude towards his daughter and his depression , repeating that  alleged disappointment over having another duaghter had nothingto do with Lakhvinders depression.

Thank goodness for a keen eye on the part of the interviewer , for it was noticed , and pointed out, that there was a picture of a certain Sikh , Baba Buddha ,on the wall above the drawing room – He is the Sikh teacher that some superstitious couples who are wanting a male child will pray to in hopes that he can bless them with a boy.

Manjit said her husband brought it from the temple – but that it meant nothing and her husband was happy with the girls.

And I guess the tenant/neighbour who saidManjit called her and disclosed that Lakhvinder was beating the girl was lying about it. And the story about how her husband had  called and spoke dirt about the young child was made up, along with the tears about having another daughter , how much he wanted a male child,etc etc. Why someone would make something so heinous up is beyond me, but who can account for neighbours?? Especially one who spoke so freely about it, and did not seem shocked that the murder had actually occurred. My interpetation, anyways.

As much as I would like to believe everything from Majit Kahlon at this time, I have grave doubts. I have been told by someone from within the Sikh community that this reaction would be typical among women who are still in the husbands home, in the presence of the husbands family, or are relying on inlaws for support. If a women were to say anything to shame her husbands family, she may be out on the street and they may take her children, shunning her and sullying her reputation. She must do as they wish, or else. What “else” is, I don’t know.

The fact that the ” relative” who has spoken to the press would not identify how he was related to her, nor give his last name, is questionable. If it were her immediate family, why the secrecy?  I truly hope any donated funds end up in her hands and are used for her daughters care and not in those of her inlaws or towards her husbands defence.

Only time, evidence and testimony will tell.  I deeply hope I am wrong about this .I do hope they subpoena that neighbour who came forward to the press.

This is one time the grace and work of the courts must not fail us, or little Rajvinder.

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  1. This is horrific tragedy and it would only be justice if Canada had the death penalty for such ruthless crimes like this. Rajvinder was only two years old – not even old enough to defend herself from the cowardly monster that was technically her father. Regardless of her age, the motivation which is trying to be covered up, is disgusting. However, the bias towards men is not particular to Indian culture, although it is very much more prevalent there.

    **NOW, allow me to clarify one thing. Sikhs do not believe in “saints for things.”

    There is no such thing as “saint of this” or “saint of that” in Sikhism.

    Baba Buddha Ji was alive through the times of the first Sikh teacher until the 6th Sikh teacher. He lived for over 110 years, and he performed the ceremonies to initialize the teachers as he was so respected in the community. His meditation and universal love is unsurpassed in perhaps any spiritual community in the world. He IS NOT, WAS NOT, and should NEVER BE recognized as a saint of male children, or a saint of giving the gift of male children.

    Male and female children are both recognized as gifts, as equal in the Sikh faith.

    Some STUPID, IGNORANT Punjabi families might use the fact that Baba Buddha Ji blessed the 5th Sikh teacher’s wife to have a child, and that child happened to be born a male, as a superstition that he blessed people with male children. THIS IS UTTERLY FALSE.

    Sikh faith does not preach this type of stupid superstitious, dogmatic, fairy tale hypocrisy. The Sikh faith is a path of universal love and truth, and the Sikh community strongly denounces heartless crimes like this. Punjabi or Indian people may misinterpret the Sikh faith, and unfortunately this misinterpretation is carried forward by journalists and bloggers who didn’t do enough research.


  2. Sikh B , thank you for clarilfying that Baba Buddah Ji IS NOT a “saint”. My use of the word is to give understanding to my non- sikh readers. It is the closest approximation of comaparison I could find.

    To be honest, Sikh B, I didnt research this Baba Buddha – this was a comment on what I considered to be a sick twist on the story.

    And while I will never be the first to defend a journalist- there are many many bad ones out there- cut us white folks some slack when it comes to the Sikh religion. It is very hard for an on -follower to determine what the actual uninterpreted faith consists of. Conflicting information is everywhere!

    Many people who claim to be”sikh” believe different things in my neighbourhood- some think you MUST wear a turban, others do not. Some think women are wonderful, many do not. I found a Sikh website where the teachings are of many of the American Sikhs I’ve talked to- women are revered and equals, no girl killing etc .

    Alternatively, I also found a sikh website that says, regarding women, that a women is never to be trusted!
    Its all about interpretation, and there isnt much you, or I can do about it. Look at the Catholic faith. No birth control, yet how many (good?) catholics use birth control, or get divorced etc.

    My belief as to what I have read and been told about Sikhism? I think the true, core religion, unadulterated and read as originally written by its founders, is as you say- universal love and truth, and equality. The only way to pressure those “Sikhs” who practice the out-dated Punjabi ways and call it Sikhism, is for others in the fatih to condemn it publically and personally within the Sikh community. That is much easier said than done.

    Thank you again for stopping by, and reading. I hope you continure to do so.


  3. Thank you for your reply – I appreciate your patience, humility and honesty. Please continue to share important issues like this with your readers.


  4. i was a tenant at 7888 116 st up until the murder.On Friday, January 18, i awoke to his wife screaming upstairs in Punjabi.i assumed it was a fire.i ran upstairs to find her lifeless body sprawled out on the kitchen floor. it is something i will never forget.
    I lived there for 2 years, and in time i was there I had many conversations with my landlord. He had shared with me how depressed he was. mostly over financial problems, and an illness that kept him from working. He never mentioned anything to me , or my husband about being unhappy about his daughters, or that he wanted a son.
    i do believe this was a mental illness issue and not what you are suggesting. I knew this family well, and they are suffering greatly, as is mine. I don’t know what else to say. thank you for your time.


  5. I am speaking of the previous tenant, the indo woman and her husband who publically gave her name in the paper and to reporters , and who stated that the husband had been talking badly about the child for along time, that he had been beating her, and that he was very upset about having daughters.

    If you have information that would assist the investigation , I suggest you contact the RCMP, if they have not already questioned you. I can pass this information and your contact email to them.

    Thank you for stopping by.


  6. i have spoken to the delta police because i was there at the time. the previous tenant had given false info to the media. i wish i knew why.i lived under them, so i know that he was not beating her. Not in the nights before this happened, or at any other time.I could here them very clearly in my suite below.The only odd sound i ever heard was Lahkvinder crying while the other children where at school.i am not at all justifying what he did. I just want to say that it was not for the reasons the media thinks.


  7. Thank you for clarifying your thoughts on this.
    Im not sure why someone would publically lie , giving her name etc, about such a thing. The womans story has been consistant all the way through,even about the couples calls to them.

    Every tragedy has sides not seen to you or I. Just because you lived downstairs doesnt mean you know the entire story either. Your opinion is just that- your opinion. Right now we have conflicting stories from the family and this previous tenant.

    The police can go as far as tracing those calls to determine what is true or not, the previous tenant can give sworn testimony, and of course if he is fit to stand trial, then he will be tried for her murder regardless of motive.

    The truth will come out in the investigation, and until then all we can do is speculate.


  8. regardless of the conflicting stories, it is obvious that abuse was taking place in this household (ie. beatings to the wife and children, particularly rajvinder, god rest her soul). many criminals pull the ‘mental illness’ card to get a reduced sentence. the saddest part of this crime is that these women (ie. the wife, tenant, etc) do not report the abuse to police early enough. perhaps, if the wife had removed her children from a man who was beating them (as tenant claims) or mentally ill, this tragedy might have been avoided. it’s such a double-edged sword because on one-hand, these women need to leave these monsters and not be subjected to their atrocities and on the other hand, if they leave, they could themselves end being killed.


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