Left wing Larry gives commanding performance on the stand defending his decision – but has no recollection of Frank Pauls death.

 Larry Campbell did not disappoint on the stand Friday, and stayed true to form during his testimony at the Frank Paul inquiry. Campbell was staunch in his defense of his motives and decision to overrule another coroner that consulted him about an inquest that he denied, in the questionable death of Frank Paul . He maintained that the choice was based on evidence presented at the time. He even argued with the lawyer for Frank Pauls family, grandly denying that it had anything to do with not wanting to make a negative finding about a superior police officer, or Frank Pauls aboriginal background.

He also testified that same day that he had ruled no inquest because the death hadn’t occurred in police custody – regardless of the obvious conflict between the video, the coroners findings, and the statements of Russell Sanderson.

However, he also claimed he had no recollection of Frank Pauls death, and that he was merely consulted by the coroner in charge – obviously trying to distance himself as much as possible.

Hmmm, he testifies that he cant recall the death of this man,but he can recall exactly why he overruled the need for an inquest when questioned about his motives ….. He cant recall the death of an obviously drunk Frank Paul who was left to freeze in an alley like old garbage, but he can recall precisely the reasons AND MOTIVES behind those decisions,so confidently, that he will argue about it with a lawyer who is going down a road with a destination that good old Larry doesn’t like.

His memory works in an interesting way, almost selectively, I’d say. But who am I to judge ?  Must be something that happens with age…… but then again, how convenient that the documents and notes regarding his conversation with the other coroner have all gone missing from the file…

I’m just listening to the justifications as they come out, one by one. Doesnt give me much faith in the coroners service though. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/01/25/bc-campbell-defends-decision.html

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  1. Thank you Kat, I’m glad you stopped by. It is important that people see how far the police will go to ” make things go away”. May his family find peace and strength in the knowledge that the truth WILL be known. I dont do facebook, but my daughter showed me your site. We have some of the same heros, my dear. Keep at it.


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