Mayor Sam Sullivan’s ‘Big’ transportation survey, a joke.

Someone please tell me, how on earth did the citizens of Vancouver vote Sam Sullivan into the Mayors office? What on earth were you all thinking? Now the man has disrupted my entire morning by forcing me, on a Sunday, to blog about the sheer stupidity of his “survey”  regarding the proposed rapid-transit expansion out to UBC.

Lets look at this news-worthy survey, that  supposedly garnered responses “from residents throughout the Lower Mainland.”

One, it was posted on Sam Sullivans website, .  Hardly an unbiased polling outlet to begin with, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps Sam should have hired Ipsos, if he wanted to show some credibility in the results.But you know, that wouldnt make a difference anyways. It is, after all, Sam Sullivan.

Two – are you ready for this? I mean, grab a chair, because the number of respondents is simply unreal. Ready?  A grand total of 1,850 people responded to Sam’s Survey.

1,850 people.

Estimated Vancouver population : 611,859 people

Estimated Metro-Vancouver population: 2,116,581 people

1,850 survey respondents = 1 giant drop in the bucket

So the urgency and graveness of Sam’s poll, and his emphatic announcement on the news this weekend that Vancouver simply cannot wait until 2020 to build this line, is based on a minute fraction of the entire  Lower Mainlands population. More than 87% of those polled said they would use the line if built.

Wow! 87% of 1,850 people say they would use the line. Let’s definitely make it a priority, Sam.

Hey Sam, I know you claim to be so damn concerned about the environment, and pollution, and getting people off the road, but there are a couple million more people out there who have opinions, and the majority of them do not live in Vancouver!!

How about every single car driving into Vancouver from Surrey/Langley/Abbotsford/ Maple Ridge ? How many of those cars on the road have only one person in them, and are forced to drive because there is not one transit option that works?

Ever driven out the #1 highway during rush hour, Sam? All those cars are heading in and out of your city, every damn day, and perhaps you should take an interest in getting some of them off the road. We’ve been crying out here for  transit expansion for years, and the best we get are vague promises of a transit route over the Port Mann – or maybe they’ll twin it, or perhaps we’ll see a toll bridge- there has been years of talk , and little concrete work done. Its more of a ‘believe it when you see it ‘ type of promise. Not to mention I’ll probably be in a walker by the time any of it happens.

UBC already has an amazing network of bus routes and dedicated lines that work efficiently and fast.  Go to the Translink website, check the routes, and you will find there are 15 bus routes dedicated to UBC alone, not including the B-line route along Broadway. Give me a break. Building skytrain along Broadway will do nothing to get any of the 15 other routes off the roads.

Building a rapid- transit extension further out to Langley, however, and installing some efficient bus routes between these eastern burbs and Vancouver, will result in 10’s of thousands of cars off the road, if not more.

Sam, your poll means nothing in the grand scheme of things, and its a joke, considering the number of respondents – but go ahead, make all the announcements and promises you want, because I have a very good feeling that your days are numbered. Right now you could go and promise every Vancouver citizen you’d personally clean their toilets when re-elected, because you will likely never have to fulfill that promise. You have frustrated , angered and alienated a good number of your voters with your bizarre style of rule.

But here’s an idea – lets all humour the grand poobah in office for a moment. I want to hear what my readers have to say about the skytrain expansion out to UBC- shopkeepers, residants, student whomever.

 Do you support a sky train expansion to UBC ?

Do you think expansion out East should take priority over the UBC line, and why/why not?

Email me via the contact page and form, or  leave a comment here on the site, and we’ll have an informal poll of our own, with the results posted later this week.

6 thoughts on “Mayor Sam Sullivan’s ‘Big’ transportation survey, a joke.

  1. I agree, this is a totally un-needed expansion.

    No, to the UBC rapid transit line, totally redundant. Will it make travel more convenient to UBC ? Yes. Will it remove a substantial numbers of cars from Broadway, NO. The majority of students already travel by bus. Need should outweigh convenience.

    Yes, to an expansion out to Langley. The line could be easily buit right down the center of Highway One, from Surrey Central, to Guidford Mall area, then out to 200th street overpass, where buses from Abbotsford and other areas of Langley could link up.

    Why doesnt Translink actually consult with these citizens on a large scale? Public meetings and consutations to get input from people that would potentially use such an expansion?

    Because no one really cares in Victoria, or Vancouver , or Translink, about all the residents out in the Burbs- they have a huge burden with growing populations, yet are totally an completely discounted.

    As far as I’m concerned , expansion in Surrey/Langley CANNOT wait for another 10-25 years, or longer. Do it now.


  2. Sam Sullivan is floundering, and trying to collect votes with this last bit of press.

    I saw the clip you referred to on CTV news. He makes it sound as if it is such an urgent need, when in reality, it is not. I work on Broadway, and the traffic dies down significantly the closer you get towards UBC. The majority of vehicles are shoppers, tourists, and workers along the area- not to mention all of the health professionals along the Broadway corridor.
    Shoppers hate carrying parcels on transit, and will always drive when unless they do not have a car.

    I cant speak for residents in the eastern cities you mention, but I have had the DISPLEASURE of trying a commute over the Port Mann during rush hour one morning! The traffic was insane all the way into Vancouver. I thought I would die, it took so long. Needless to say, I was late for my destination.


  3. Hello

    Note that this UBC Rapid Transit Line is a provincial project, not an idea solely supported by Mayor Sullivan and the City of Vancouver.

    “In January, the Province of British Columbia announced their plan to construct a $2.8 billion UBC Rapid Transit Line as part of their province-wide transit strategy.”

    Besides, Sam is responsible for his own city, and I don’t see a problem with my mayor supporting a project that would benefit my city.

    Rather, you should be complaining to the provincial government and Translink, for their lack of commitment and delaying of rapid transit connecting Vancouver to the east.



    1. I bet you would Erik, perhaps almost as much as the residents east of Surrey would like to see an expansion in this direction. At least your area currently has numerous transit connections. Out here, we have very few and as a result most of us have no alternative but to drive. When you look at Sam’s numbers though…. well, laughable is the word that comes to mind.


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