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The cost of Stephane Dion – courtesy of Mark Warawa, MP

Here is something funny for you.

An open letter to Mark Warawa, MP, conservative.


For the third time in a week, I received a flyer trashing Liberal leader Stephane Dion, in my pile of junk mail. On the front is a picture of Stephane, looking indecisive as usual, carrying two bags of  “your money” – one in each hand. Inside, you are asked to check one of four boxes in response to the question  “What Do You Think ?”

Three of the boxes have a picture of Stephane Dion beside them, with the following choices:

A) I want higher taxes   B) I want more debt  C) I want a bit of both   …..

OR – you can check choice

D) I want lower taxes and less debt, with a picture of Stephen Harper, looking not unlike a cartoon character from the Simpsons.

On the back one will find a little blurb about how great the Conservatives are, and how bad the Liberals are, and it begins with this sentence :

Hard working Canadians are right to expect that governments will treat their money with respect.

That’s right – we do. So tell me, Mr. Mark Warawa, MP, why the heck you feel the need to waste my money, along with all other Canadians, by sending not one, not two, but 6 unaddressed mailouts in week, which can be returned, postage free, back to your office at the House of Commons?

As a dutiful taxpayer, I demand to know exactly how much of our money you have already wasted, printing ,mailing and covering return postage fees, all in the name of free speech ?

I don’t care to receive any mail  from you, I’m not a party member and I am not on any mailing list. This is not only a wasteful expenditure of taxpayers money, it is also environmentally repugnant. Oh wait, I forgot- your party doesn’t care one iota about the environment now, does it? These flyers truly are junk mail of the worst kind.

Do all Canadians a favor, and the next time you wish to slag Mr. Dion, do it on your own dime- not ours. I look forward to your reply, as soon as is convenient to you.


Laila Yuile, Canadian Taxpayer.

In addition, I emailed this directly to his office. I have yet to receive a reply, however I will post his response should he care to defend his actions.


  1. Damn right!
    I live in North Delta and in the last week I’ve had two flyers from him (he’s not even my local MP), one from Garry Breitkreuz (a MP from Saskatchewan !) and another one… which I don’t recall but at the time I assumed was from my local MP – but now I’m not so sure.

    This is just incredible. As taxpayers I’m sure that it’s us that’s paying for these – and probably paying for it if we send it back too.

    I don’t have strong political views and I never ever write letters of complaint to anybody but this has really made me see red. I think I need to write to their boss about this misuse of public money and I encourage you to do so as well.


  2. Jon, I have written both of them directly, to both their local offices and the Ottawa offices. I received a reply from Garry in SK, see the home page and scroll down…. But please do write. see also the link in the article posting his reply to Garth Turners website. Apparently the conservatives are after all the Liberal ridings.


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