Conservative MP from Saskatchewan now sending junk mail for Surrey’s recycling program

An open letter to Garry Breitkreuz, MP, Yorkton-Melville, SASKATCHEWAN

Dear Garry,

 You must know Mark Warawa, MP, from Langley British Columbia. Here is a link to an open letter I sent to him, for which I have yet to receive a reply.

I received yet another junk mail flyer from Mr. Warawa today, bringing the total to 7 unaddressed conservative flyers trashing the Liberal Party. I thought surely, this is some kind of joke.

Then I discovered your junk-mail flyers in the pile- two of them, identical in format, using the threat of losing the childcare benefit as a way to scare potential voters away from the Liberals.

Not recognizing your name, I did a quick MP finder search, and imagine my surprise to discover you don’t even hold a BC riding!  You are  the MP for Yorkton-Melville, Saskatchewan ! Utterly amazed at this turn of events, and turning the flyer over, I see that like Mark Warawa’s junk mail , I can check my little box on this one and return it, free of postage to the House of Commons – all courtesy of tax-payer dollars.

What would the people within your own riding think if they were to know you were so thoughtfully informing British Columbians of our choices to lead the government? Can you please tell me what this is all costing us?  As with Mark Warawa’s unending stream of wasteful expenditures on this junk mail, I must shake my head at the arrogance of your choice to send this all the way to the province of BC. We do have TV and newspapers here, you know, and are all very literate. We know who stands for what in the government, because it is all we hear about in the press.

I would appreciate a reply  as soon as possible, as I am quite puzzled  why you would be spending so much money to send junk mail all the way to Surrey ,British Columbia.

Next time, harass your own constituents.


Laila Yuile, Canadian taxpayer

9 Comments on “Conservative MP from Saskatchewan now sending junk mail for Surrey’s recycling program

  1. The same sort of CON “propaganda attack” is apparently occurring throughout the country, including in Garth Turner’s riding in Halton, Ontario.

    Please feel free to refer to Garth Turner’s web site ( and blog to get an idea of the extent of this “campaign.”

  2. Oh!!

    What a joke~! Thanks for the heads up, I’ve emailed Turner the links and details.

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  4. Garry’s is one of the “safe seats” so they are sending his spare spams and many others to anywhere there is a Liberal they are targetting. It’s really slimy, and probably illegal, and is still going on. We’ll just have to tell more people so they vote the bums out, or charge the Conservative Party with the expense.

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  6. Laila,

    Just read your post at

    I wondered if you ever got a response from your MP? I have been collecting these flyers for a year now and have about 35 of them. I have never gotten a response from any MP. I plan on mounting them on a wall board next election and showing up at all candidates debates meetings with my “wall of waste” where I will ask people to vote for anybody but an MP who uses this service.

    • No, Peter,my MP is as good as gum stuck on your shoe, but I did forward it to Garth Turner, who in turn brought the issue up in parliment. He had heard from many of his people who had been spammed the same way and If you search Garth Turner and conservative spam I think you will find the links you need.
      It’s currently happening again here in Surrey, as my riding is a hot one. I’ll remember to save one next week to scan and post here. Perhaps we might get a response this time!

  7. I Contacted Mr. Parm Gill after getting 5< —– yes I said 5….pieces of junk in one week. I asked him to please stop and just focus on his job….not only did I not get a reply, I was blocked from his FB page. Mr. Gill's staff think that we like getting his mail. So I think I will send some mail I think HE will like to get….Rogers always sends good offers…..I think he will like those.

  8. Notice whoever is sending the junk mail to cease and desist. Notice them that any further junk from them will incur a handling fee. Contract makes the law, use it to your own benefit at all times.