Major media’s lack of coverage of Basi/Virk development speaks volumes

Let me see, what headlines did I find today…

Is Laibar Singh ever going home?– His ‘saviors’ say Laibar Singh is ready to go to India  and that his lawyer has been fired – yet the lawyer in question maintains that he has not been fired and in fact, Laibar wants to stay. Click your heels Mr. Singh, as Dorothy said ” There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home….”

Ken Dobell and his lobbying shenanigans -Old man, even older news, and hes not going anywhere, anytime soon, unless someone digs up something else to ensure his departure. Watch and see -he will get nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a new contract somewhere. Rest assured, Ken Dobell has a hand in everyones back pocket…

The premiers defence and ‘confidence’ in his staffs obvious poor judgement regarding Ken Dobell– oh yes, dear Jessica McDonald. Poor thing, how is it she couldn’t see the writing on the wall… it must really suck to find out you are just another pawn in the game of BC politics

BC ferries TSB report results -Big shocker here – no one was paying attention.Who’s driving the ferry? Can we have onboard cameras installed on the helm so we know someone is actually in there ? It took two years for this information to be confirmed in a report. Not to mention that BC ferries doesn’t appear to be the safest form of transportation…

Liberals threaten federal electionGee, Stephane Dion, or Stephen Harper? Its like choosing Arsenic or Cyanide- which one hurts less?

But are there are no headlines detailing the ever-growing shadow over Gordon Campbell and his office,  regarding his involvement and activities  surrounding the Basi/Virk trial.

The reputation and integrity (what is left of it) of the BC premiers office is at stake yet again, and one would think that this is news that all British Columbians should be hearing about, yet little- if anything- that develops in this riveting case is ever reported in The Sun or The Province. I talked to people both locally and in the interior, and no one seems to really know anything. Although the average working Joe might have heard of the names Basi/Virk, do they know exactly who they are, how the premier is involved, and what it could mean for the Liberal party of BC?

Not a chance.

This is one of the biggest,ongoing stories in politics anywhere, and yet we are provided with no ongoing coverage by any major media outlet. No weekly feature, or updates.

Why is that?

 It could lead one to surmise that the local media is able to be influenced by those who are compromised most in this story. What other explanation is there? How about a two page special chronicling the entire saga to date,  to get those who have not been privy to the events that have transpired, up to speed? Its anything but a boring read.

Dave Basi and Bob Virk, are two ex-government ministerial aides that have been charged with corruption ,stemming from the legislature raids several years ago. Disclosure has been going on forever and has been plagued by delays, obstructions and missing evidence.

Now, defence attorneys are asking for Premier Gordon Campbell to testify and answer some pertinent and loaded questions regarding allegations of political interference surrounding the release of documents required as evidence. It is alleged that the Premier arbitrarily changed a court protocol on disclosure, and now defence -and the opposition –  want answers as to why he would do such a thing without involving a government lawyer.

Read the entire story here, on political commentator Bill Tielmans blog :

Bill Tielman has been diligently providing almost daily coverage since the beginning, and not without consequence. His office was broken into and ransacked at one point, with a cryptic message left – an obvious message from someone pissed off by his dogged determination at relaying this story to the public.

It brings to mind the role media outlets play in our political landscape. Sadly, I think the majority of the public relies on mainstream media for their political information and news . The standard should be held that our mainstream media remains unbiased and reports the news in its entirety- good or bad.  So when a story of this political importance is conspicuously ignored over and over, the motive for doing so must be questioned.

After all, the more informed the public is about political process in British Columbia, the better. 

Information is power.

10 thoughts on “Major media’s lack of coverage of Basi/Virk development speaks volumes

  1. The media does not adhere to its own code of ethics on a regular basis.
    They can create or destroy depending on their whims. A topic can be made important or ignored. There is no follow through with important issues to the end. Although flashes of propriety shine through occasionally such as the one on the Mormon sect and polygamy.


  2. Laila,

    I was thinking of you last week … a challenging week for me, torn as I was between trying to pry out some information — and beseeching the newsrooms and journalists to write the story about what went on in the Victoria Court House.

    Just imagine: The Vancouver Supreme Court judge on the BCRail Case showed up unannounced, held a surprise session in Victoria Court House — quite apart from the A.L.R. trial of Dave Basi. It was at this point that BC Mary had to learn what “Inherent Jurisdiction” meant. Very interesting.

    And certain censored informants tell me that tension in that courtroom between Erik Bornmann (for the Crown) and Dave Basi was extreme … and NOT A SYLLABLE appeared all week in Times Colonist. Have you ever heard of a guy accused of serious government issues having to contend with two separate trials at once?

    Because, you see, somewhere along the way — shrouded in fog — the whole caper about the A.L.R. charges against Dave Basi … are you ready for this?? … morphed into a full-blown trial …!! With the BC Rail Trial running as a sidebar, apparently. I mean who knows??

    Anyway, that’s where the extreme tensions were in evidence between the Crown’s chief witness (in the BC Rail Case) and the Accused (in both the A.L.R. case and the BC Rail Case).

    I mean, Laila, there are stories within stories here, news flashes within riddles within enigmas within conundrums. Can you even imagine why a NEWSpaper wouldn’t be right there, all bright-eyed and eager to take notes?

    They say that Dave Basi was very much in charge last Wed. and Thurs., too, speaking to the press, behaving like a winner in that Victoria Court House. Figure that, eh? Meanwhile the Crown witness (Erik Bornmann) was shrinking fast. Figure that too.

    Basi, Virk, and Bornmann were even photographed (separately, of course) on the sidewalk in front of the Court House. Didja see that in your local newspaper??? Nope, I didn’t think so. I hear their intriguing images were shown briefly on “A” Channel News and Global one evening, then gone. No depth, no public understanding. It’s as if the public interest didn’t exist. So it wasn’t as if the media didn’t know.

    My censored informants from inside TC tell me that TC actually had a journalist there in Victoria Court House but STILL DIDN’T THINK IT WAS NEWS. When it becomes “NEWS” … ha ha ha ha … they say they plan to publish it. Oh good. I’d hate for them to miss it.

    Commentors to my blog (The Legislature Raids) have come across with wonderful bits of research, which help to keep my spirits up.

    Do you know anything much about Josiah Wood? He came up for discussion when Justice Bennett held court in Victoria. He’s a very surprising google, apparently a favourite of Ujj Dosanjh when Ujj was AG … briefly appointed Spec Prosecutor on Basi Virk … then zapped. One of the documents the government is trying to keep secret, is said to be about Josiah Wood.

    Googling him gave me my first glimpse of an interesting term: “Legalized obstruction” which, I swear, describes what’s going on with the Basi Virk fiasco.

    And this is NEWZ, for gosh sakes, because, if not checked, this entire Basi Virk Caper will bankrupt the province with the default legal fees which are piling up. And we’re still not finding out why BC Rail slipped from public ownership into private pockets.

    To continue BC Mary’s Week From Media Hell: A “legislative bureau chief” was in Victoria but didn’t know the hearings (one of which morphed into a full-blown trial) were in progress (see what I mean??), so I was trying to keep him informed … until finally I had to break down and suggest that he check in on my blog. Like, y’know, The Legislature Raids … ?

    A dear friend who lives in Victoria but couldn’t attend those courtroom sessions either — started laughing about this situation, saying it sounded like a Monty Python show.

    Well, yeah, it does sound like a Monty Python Show. Only it ain’t funny. I think BC has turned into a banana republic without the bananas.

    Best wishes, Laila. Keep up the good fight.



  3. I wonder if B.C. Mary would like to write a book on this case. I hope someone does soon. it would be a fascinating subject. Rather like a Sopranos episode with a new cast of local characters.

    It seems that the b.c. government, and their lawyers have learned something from the ontario corruption cases, and will stall until the case is dismissed. Under the circumstances, there is no excuse for the lack of attention to this story. This is THE political story of the decade in B.C. and should be on the radar of many Canadians as a little lesson in back door provincial politics.
    By the way, if Bill Tieleman dies under mysterious circumstances, do you suppose that will be news worthy to media outlets? Just a thougjht.


  4. Maybe it’s just me, ‘Hard to shock’, but your last line is more than a little creepy. I’ve referred it to Bill, and I’m really hoping something was just lost in the translation.


  5. This entire BC rail affair is going to dog GCampbell worse if they do not get to the bottom of it and how can this govt sleep at night making the cuts they do while spending millions defending a crime with implications to the top levels , and where is mainstream media what does Campbell have over them .
    I hope Tielman presses harder along with the others who do fight we need voices ,
    This govt has made a very hostile climate and i almost hope the public rallies against it about the time the Olympics begin international media may be more helpful than what our nationals have been .


  6. Where is the media what does Campbell have over these guys , and lets all encourage people like Tielman and Laila to challenge for truth , this Govt spending on this court case must be into 10s of millions and they cut legal aid to poor people i wouldnt sleep at night wonder how they do.


  7. SB, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night because you’re not a sociopath…you have a well developed conscience. The Campbell Cult has none – developed or otherwise, I don’t think.


  8. well after yesterdays SCC ruling i checked all the BC papers – nothing not one scrap these bums do not seem to know what media should be doing
    or are getting cash to shut up Baldry must be so tight with lib insiders hes got red panties on and wont report any facts against his freinds
    the others wonder why they are going bankrupt maybe public sees they are morally bankrupt allready and do not care.
    I am beyond angry with whats happening and peopel in this provinec need to take obvious action and soon or we will have no rights and no voices left.


  9. Hmm, I think you missed something SB, because both the Sun and the Province, as well as the Globe and Mail had stories on it. As did CBC and The Tyee.

    The MSM have picked up on Basi-Virk developments, with the Globe and Mail leading the pack, IMO.

    Morally bankrupt is one of the leading requirements for some Liberal positions in the Campbell administration. I think Kevin Falcon is coming in a close second to Gordon.


  10. My first online editions didnt show but i have now seen and still say its rose colored goggles but at least they put it there , G&M hasnt been so bad they dont seem so worried about Campbell so they will at times pusha bit more which is great wish more of it was happeneing
    i stand corrected , im so disappointed and fed up with theses crooks i was jumping too fast lol


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