What The Hell is Wrong with B.C. ?

Someone accused me of being one of Bill Tielemans hacks once, while I was trying to get to the bottom of a story – I took it to be compliment and an indicator that I was getting very close to the truth.

Bill wrote an excellent article on his site that everyone should read. Please pass this link on to everyone you know who is also concerned about the direction our province is headed.


2 thoughts on “What The Hell is Wrong with B.C. ?

  1. Interesting that the prosecutors are seemingly above scrutiny. We hold physicians responsible for the decisions that they make. We hold defense attorneys responsible for proper conduct in representing an accused. It seems that it takes another tragedy to try and bring some accountability to yet another profession. I believe you will find that the standard retort is that there are systems in place for the judiciary to police itself. That was the refrain for years with physicians. Unfortunately(?) the legal profession has made great strides in holding other people to account. Now the pigeons are coming home to roost. As with every tragedy, and with the heinous ones such as the case with the stabbings, we hear the outcry of the population for some transparency. Well lets hope that in this case some strides are made in that direction. In the US the DA’s are elected and face the population at election time. What scrutiny is placed on the hiring of prosecutors in Canada?


  2. This is one of a few instances where my agreement would be with the American way of electing DA’s.

    The actions of the crown counsel in the Lee case are reprehensible. Any worker involved with domestic assault cases will tell you that men who go as far as to actually threaten murder, are highly likely to attempt it at some point. Most beaters dont go that far. How they could ever justify releasing him, after her video testimony, his previous actions, her verbal and written statements – I do not know.

    For these same prosecutors to now beg for immunity tells me that they fear sanctions, or change. No one should be above scrutiny, for such immunity leads to careless lawlessness with no accountibility for wrong-doings.

    Enough is enough. Expose their process just as anyone else would be exposed.


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