No Jail Time sends Wrong Message to offenders and victims alike.

If there is a  crown counsel out there who can explain to me why no jail time is being asked for in the sentencing of Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young, jump in here anytime, because this one screams teach this guy a lesson, and send a message to everyone that public officials must answer for their actions just like everyone else. Jesus, what the hell does this announcement say to guys like this everywhere? If a mayor can get away with no jail time, so can I. But hey, nothing new about that – it’s been going on for years.

I find it ironic that even after all the cases of domestic violence in the last year, many of which have come to dramatic and violent conclusions, this case will more than likely end up with a conditional sentence. You get the idea- Scott Young will have to be a good boy for X amount of time, carry no weapons, stay away from alcohol,perhaps attend some anger management courses, check in with his P.O. every so often, but carry on with life otherwise.

Perhaps I’m jaded, and I’ll even go as far as to admit I’m biased because of my own personal experiences with this type of behavior, but to hear that no jail time will be sought screams a contradictory message to victims and offenders alike about all the recent changes called for in handling of domestic violence incidents.

I’ve heard the argument that this doesn’t qualify as domestic assault because the relationship has been previously terminated by the victim. If that makes you feel better somehow, about how this is going down, so be it, but the facts tell us otherwise. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about how alcohol and  emotional scarring  from his daughters death led this man down a road that ended in harassment and beating. The 911 recording  is graphic, and paints a picture of Mayor Scott Young in a  completely out of control state. He broke a restraining order to go over to that home.  what does that say? He doesn’t even respect the system that was trying to prevent this from happening. He was charged with break and enter. His resentment and anger at the victim and her friend are starkly obvious. He resisted arrest when police arrived, and oddly enough, when the officers who attended finally searched his person, it was discovered that the the good mayor was carrying around two length of rope, one in each of his pockets….

Now, only Scott Young knows exactly what was on Scott Youngs mind when he went over to that house on the evening of the assaults.

Perhaps none of us will ever know what his true intentions were as he entered the home without permission.

 But you tell me why a drunken, emotionally enraged man carries around two  separate lengths of rope in his pockets when he goes to break into his ex-girlfriends house, the woman whom he had already demonstrated controlling and obsessive behavior with throughout the volatile relationship.  Behavior that, in any domestic assault manual, will tell you are conclusive indicators and predictors of future violence.

Yes, I’ve heard the routine firsthand in a courtroom myself. I’ll even tell you what the defense is going to say during his pre-sentencing submissions.

It will go like this. Mayor Scott Young is an upstanding citizen and served his community well ; many letters of character will be brought forth from friends and colleagues alike and his tragic past concerning his daughter and his alcohol abuse will be touched on with the statement that he sought help on his own to deal with it  – blah, blah , blah, and he will top it all off with the assertion that it was a heat of the moment crime, not premeditated. The good mayor has learned his lesson, and apologizes to the victim and the community, with deep regret and contrition, for all of this. Oh, so noble, so, so, bloody gosh darn noble of him.

Bullshit, on all accounts. Being a mayor and having served your community well isn’t an allowance for crimes committed. Having great friends who support you doesn’t excuse it either, nor does the tragedies hes experienced in his own life.

We all have tragedies we are forced to live and deal with- we all have crosses to bear in life, but that doesn’t mean we all go around displaying violent and crazy behavior. It takes a certain person to be able to do what he did, and it takes a certain mindset to even behave the way he did before the assaults, and neither fact should be overlooked.

What exactly does a politician have to do to be prosecuted, and truly face some consequences? And why is it that the oath taken when being sworn into a public position doesn’t include the line, “ to maintain my professional and personal life in an exemplary manner, beholden to the public position and example I represent. “  ? How about adding in there, ” I understand that any involvement in activities that results in criminal charges or prosecution, will result in my immediate removal from office until resolved, and should I be found guilty of those criminal charges, my tenure will end without further notice.”

It seems that only makes sense in the World According to Laila.  To allow Mayor Scott Young to remain in office following a criminal conviction of assault and breach of conditions is a smack in the face of both victims in this case, and a mockery to the office and position of Mayor.

Speaks volumes to the rights of criminals in this country of ours, doesn’t it?



6 thoughts on “No Jail Time sends Wrong Message to offenders and victims alike.

  1. Eronne

    What a disgrace! There is so much wrong here but I’ll just address only the obviously beneficial treatment Young is getting. I attended court and have to say Emmett Duncan, the Crown, presented an awesome defence for Young. Where were the victims represented in this travesty? Seems to me in order for this to be his first offence, as Duncan stated, Young’s ex-wife would have had to obtain her ongoing restraining order with no crime ever having been committed. I doubt that the courts would have obliged her request had Young not beaten her too.
    I have had the unpleasant experience of watching our PoCo judges further the criminal education of many, many youths by sentencing them to jail time for even one simple assault between peirs. Young committed two (in this case). Why is he not going to jail? Time served 9 days (credit for 18). I have l already heard kids say, ‘if you want to beat people up, get elected’. Physical violence for Young has proven to be a very effective way for him to deal with the women in his life. Explain that to my sons please.


  2. GetReal

    Another stunning example of the legal system. You have also touched on another pathetic example in the “credit for time served”. Another tip of the fedora to the criminal who will no doubt go to a club fed or provincial playpen with most of the time already done because the poor thing does not have access to “programs” while doing “dead time”. I do not see the women that were affected getting any credit for the time they served while being terrorized by this genetically deficient miscreant.

    The tolerance for criminality in political life is astounding.


  3. lailayuile

    Eronne, I read a portion of your comment on tonights show, and it raised some good points. How do we explain this to our kids? So, do we start teaching kids that there really are two sets of rules, the old ” do as I say, not as I do” sort of thing?
    Tonights show highlighted the fact that there are no recourses for councils to currently “evict” a mayor who attains a criminal record. That clearly needs to change, and I’ve offered a solution that seems to be the only one out there right now. Its time citizens woke up and demanded change within the charters, oaths and requirements of our politicians.


  4. Eronne

    Dear Laila,
    I just listened to a discussion recorded from Skype and presented on YouTube. This discussion is exactly the reason we need to fight. I burnt my bra in 1968 and forty years later it seems to have been for naught. This discussion between several cro-magnon members of the other gender represents the thinking of far too many men. The conversation includes ‘inciteful and well-thought out’ statements such as: “Anyone who knows anything about relationships knows that a woman can drive a man to assault her” and “all she has to do is fool around without telling him” or like “a woman (he knows who) told a man that her old boyfriend had a bigger penis”. It’s no wonder women are being beaten, they are blatently asking for it! The future looks bright – we could even reinstate the rule of thumb …to the moon Alice


  5. lailayuile

    You know, I was thinking, Eronne, where have I heard those words before?

    Hmmm…let me think back to a time in my life when someone told me that I had asked for it. Yep, that would be it.I drove him to it. I confronted him about his lies and behavior and it drove him to it.
    Clearly, it was all my fault.

    It seems to me that the people – men or women- who justify violence in that manner are likely to be the same people to indulge this kind of behavior.

    Honestly, I don’t know that domestic violence will ever stop, at least until we start speaking out about our experiences in a very blunt manner, and do it often. Shame can be a powerful motivator, and most abusers dont like being exposed for the people they really are.

    As I spoke about last night, the curent domestic assault policy must change. We need to revert to mandatory charges regardless if its a “first- time” offence or not. Too many men are getting off on conditonal sentences, like Scott Young most likely will this time, and then if they offend again down the road, after the record hasbeen expunged, it looks like another first time offence.

    Take Mayor Young. The first time he dealt with charged like this, he was routed into counselling and the charged were stayed. Dropped. No record, no conviction.

    So this is the second time he indulges in a little drunken and emotional sparring, and he is charged, however since the REAL first time cant be held against him, he gets off relatively unscathed. A conditonal sentence that again, down the road, will not have any bearing on possible future incidents.

    How does this protect women from men who have obviously extablished a pattern of abusive, harassing and violent behavior?

    Clearly, it doesnt protect anyone but the offenders future.
    It has to stop.

    Enough talk already, enough studies have been done to show this system isnt working for the women who rely on it with their lives, and the lives of their children, friends and families.

    Think Peter Lee. Let’s not see a repeat of that tragedy ever again.


  6. GetReal

    As long as you mollycoddle people who incite and use violence, it will only propagate more of the same. You teach a child not to touch the stove. When they do not listen and get burnt, a valuable lesson is learned. The same principal applies to the legal system. You must make it undesirable for these buffoons to assault women. There are some instances when the “iron fist” approach to justice is rational and this is one of them.

    60 Minutes last night delved into the ‘me’ attitude and ‘whats in it for me’ people we have growing up. A clear message must be sent to present and future felons, or we are just going to get worse.

    I do not agree with the moaning by councils that they cannot do anything about egregious behavior. Run a plebiscite, take a council vote, quit paying the fool, debate his actions in open council meetings with the public and witnesses present and providing input, (like you said, exposure). All manner of things can be done but everybody runs scared. “Oh he can sue us”. Giddyup, the Municipality has more money than he does and can wear him out. Witness the lawsuits some city councils run against its own citizens to keep them quiet. SLAPP suits I believe they are called. Somebody please just grow a pair!

    By the by, interesting show.


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