*****  UPDATE JUNE  06 *****  

As per Susana da Silva this evening…… everyone is talking beavers..lol.. and the Newton Drug/crime /prostitution story has been put off until this weekend , or Monday. She will advise as soon as the Beaver Killing Story dies down.  Susana, guard those ankles- there may very well be another beaver lurking nearby!!!


So, here I am watching Ian whatshisface on CBC news at 6, and they start to talk about Surrey so of course I’m all excited to finally see the piece – and whats the big news? The city of Surrey killed a beaver in a pond because it was pissing off the locals.

Bumped by a beaver, wheres the justice in that….?

Susana tells me it should run for sure tomorrow night at 6pm, but as everyone knows in the biz, theres always a newer and better story, so no guarantees it wont get bumped if something smashing happens in Surrey overnight….

No baby yet, but I did spend some time worshipping a fertility goddess while 8 acupuncture needles got my baby “chi” rocking, and followed that up with some nasty herbs guaranteed to irritate my female organs… : )