I finally laughed…..

Like I said, I’ve received a ton of letters, and spent far too much time reading them all.

All of them made me smile, but a few have cracked me up. Some are printable, others… not so much. But this one got me like no other, and after a cranky two days, I finally laughed. Now I know what the attraction is at Global… Here it is, name with-held without request, because I respect the privacy of readers who contact me personally.

” wow, I am in shock, Simi and Dave sacked. Why, is my question. I work the grave yard shift, loved coming home to their wonderful banter. I have admired Dave Gerry for years, he has that humour that is so Canadian(english). It is sad, because we may lose him to the states. I like global, but I realize it is because of my desire for Mark Madryga – what a hottie. Too bad he is straight and married. In any case, if age was the factor with breakfast television, I will no longer be a viewer. By the way, I realized, lately the good looking guy who does the news has been missing. Is he gone too. without Simi and Dave, they have to come out with guns a blazing for me to watch again. But then again, I do not like guns.

That is my view and I am sticking to it,

a Simi and Dave fan   ”


 ;  ) I love getting mail….