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If you are as fed up with the wimpy, limp-wristed sentences being handed out by judges these days, as I am,  then this IS the site for you !!!

Created with the vision of a group of Langley residents who finally said enough is enough, and decided to take action rather than sit back and whine about it, this site allows you to voice your concerns, share your stories, and sign a petition for tougher sentences.

 This group of proactive residents were repeatedly victimized by the same offender who keeps being charged by police,  and yet is subsequently released by judges who dont think his criminal actions warrent any jail time!! 

Tougher sentencing is an issue close to my heart,  as it is the only way to address the atrocious lack of penalty given to many offenders, including those who commit domestic assault.

Stand up and allow your voice to be heard. Go to, and take action by adding your name to the list of outraged citizens and victims of crime.


  1. Well, sir, that would certainly make for an even more overloaded system. Thats why we need more civic minded people running for office, people that are citizens and deal with this everyday. i think often that those with power are so isolated from the average joe, and they become wrapped up in their own agendas and goals, forgetting why they moved into politics in the first place.


  2. Put more of the tax payers money abusers in prison and we will have enough money next to pay for the prison, for the amount they have abused already always far exceeds what it costs to put them into prison,,

    More honest fools running for office will not change anything next..

    We elected honest Harper and he turned out to be another liar..

    Power , money, fame corrupts.. and their adultery, alcoholism is already a sure sign we have the wrong persons in public office now too.

    Here is what I know works best the exemplary public exposure and prosecution of the bad guys serves everyone’s best interest including the next person who takes office, for it really serves as a warning to him or her not to do wrong..

    instead everyone tends to cover-ups it up like they falsely fo still deny the sins of too many crooked cops and crooked pastors now still too..

    Insiders knew that the Latter rain Canadian evangelist in Lakeland Florida Rev Todd Bentley had gone of the deep end a long time ago much time before it became public, as usual too..

    but they could not hide it forever..


  3. The media dutifully reports comments made by politicians and when they seem to contradict themselves or, God forbid, actually change their mind on an issue (which is what people want them to do on some items) there is a hue and cry about lies, flip flopping and the like.

    I for one would like the media to hold itself to the same standard as they profess to hold the politicians and other authorities. Oooh you reported this but actually it was that….. COVER UP, LIES….

    It is no wonder why anyone in prominent positions is hesitant to actually say anything. My kingdom for some politician to actually say: that’s BS and I don’t like it…..

    A pretty accurate observation about why politicians do things, to stay in power. Exactly how are we responsible for that situation is the question to be answered.


  4. I profess to be guilty of doing just that on occasion: calling a politician to task, then howling when they flip-flop that they have no stick-to-it-ness. “Make your mind up, we holler, have you no morals? ”

    Someone introduced me recently as a journalist, and, quite embarressed, I corrected them and said I was actually a freelance writer. “Same thing” was the response.
    The power to affect change with mere words is perhaps the most abused yet the most respected. How are we responsible for the status quo with respect to politicians? Good question. We elect them based on, I think, an illusion WE impose upon them, not neccesarily what has been represented by them.
    Throw in the press who hound-dogs every move, and you have the recipe for an alcoholic, sexually deviant public official, because those two things are often used as control mechanisms rather than pleasure.
    Then, throw on all the material trappings that go along with a higher level position ( car, house, social contacts,lobbyist fees, expense accounts, public adoration ) and go to town.

    Hmmm, maybe I dont really want to run for council…..


  5. If you were to run for public office the downside can be somewhat offensive. The media feeds on controversy and can make the most inane become front page. Witness the OJ debacle and the time spent analyzing the hair style of the prosecutor.

    Your private life will become fodder for the news mill and any deviation from perceived norms will be vilified.

    We all like the politician that can slice and dice with the language and never be at a loss for words. People that never answer a question with yes or no but rather segue into how we think they should answer. People made fun of former Prime Minister Chretien and his facial issue. How crass. We expect perfection, the right choice all the time, no backtracking, no human frailty Mr. President.

    Politicians have raised the ability to talk about and say nothing to an art form. “Well that’s not an easy question Bill, it has many sides….”, so when they mention everybody’s viewpoint, everybody feels like they are validated but where is the beef? They have not said which side they are on. Truly interesting to watch.

    One of the former Prime Ministers who is much touted as a great leader was ultimately found to have had conversations with his dead mother, among other “odd” behavior. Can you imagine those items leaking out today about a politician?

    You are quite right, we elect people with an illusion foremost in our thoughts. If you examine the US presidential proceedings you must conclude that politics in the US is a spectator blood sport. One candidate is an accomplished orator. The other, not so much. If they so much a bumble a few words on the road to election, it can sewer them. So you get the snake oil salesman. Ok but how well can he run the country?

    Think back to all the speeches of all the politicians over the years and run a small comparison. Where are we as opposed to where they said we will be? Oh yes, I forgot, the darn opposition would not let me get anything done….

    Reach for the tinfoil if you have not already checked out the Harper link above.


  6. I went , I saw, I assembled a tin hat in no time flat. You would be proud.

    Obama talks a good gig, he has the gift of gab, the enthrallment factor, the ability to make people listen. That alone will get him elected without even looking at the issues. People want hope, they want so desperately to believe that someone has finally come along who is different, someone who truly cares about the plight of the average person. Listening to the speeches from Obama’s camp last night on CNN ( yes I have no life), I heard several times about John McCain and his repetative negative vote against raising the minimum wage- as if raising it will cure all that ails the US. However, not once did I hear how they plan to address that. They know what people want to hear, and they deliver with cooing babies and perfect, smiling, white children and they feel no qualms about pimping them to the public if it gets them the vote. This is the ultimate “full meal deal” that has ever run for office. A black nominee whose speeches bring to mind the era of MLK, combined with the white bread appeal of his VP running partner. What more could the majority of American voters want? Who doesnt this team appeal to?

    As for me, the reality is that I am not what the voters want, even in my own city. I have a “checkered” past, and its not pretty. I dont come from a moneyed,gentile background and I am too “real”. I’m honest to a fault and that offends people. I don’t do well with bullshit and as much as I try, I have never been able to cultivate a poker face, so count me out with all the fakery involved.
    With me, what you see IS what you get, nothing more or less, take it or leave it, os more than likely no town council for me.

    As for non-conformer: “Thou shall not spit religous rhetoric and ramblings to make a point in reference to Canadian politics. Religion and state shall not entertwine. ”


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