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He Who Holds The Cash, Laughs Last…

Going through all the dailies, early this am, I read several stories about Translink bringing in security and transit police to prevent people from budging in the back to school lineups. No surprise regarding the budging, I’ve often found the rudest people seem to take Transit. But what is surprising is that skytrain riders have been howling for the last year in particular, to get increased security at skytrain stations because people are getting mugged, beaten, harassed etc, and all for nothing. No money, not enough officers, impossible to station security permanently at each station (I call bullshit on that one. How hard is it to station two security at each station on rotating shifts? ) blah blah blah.

BUT… and this is where it gets funny…. the second some line-jumpers create some confrontations at Broadway station,BAM!  Extra officers and security are stationed to make sure we all act like grownups. Good grief. Budgers I can handle, muggers- not so much!

Another astounding example of finding money where supposedly there is none, is the announcement that B.C. Pavilion Corp will be spending $65 million dollars to re-decorate the interior of BC place stadium. Why? The Olympics , of course. Wouldn’t do to have the place looking shoddy now, would it? 

“And how are they financing this”, you ask?  Oh, DO let me tell you……part of the cash will come from cash reserves ( hmm, cash reserves ?),and the remainder will come from future real estate sales around the stadium….. money they apparently don”t even have yet!

So let me get this straight – its ok to use those cash reserves for some new paint and carpet and shi-shi- poo poo, fancy-ass decorator, and to hell with all the patients waiting for treatment for hours and hours on a stretcher in the hallway in one of many of the provinces hospitals where money/space/nurses/doctors are sorely needed?  Of course it is, all those visitors coming for the Olympics aren’t going to be spending cash to see the hospitals, now are they?  It will be quite ironic if anyone visiting gets injured while the Olympics are on, ( which coincidentally happens during flu season), and ends up having to spend countless hours, or days waiting for treatment. But then again, those who hold the cash in this province probably have a plan for that too…… perhaps a special ‘Olympic visitors only’ hospital ?

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the efforts of our athletes despite how little support many of them get from our government. But I have a hard time swallowing the bitter bullshit (that either everything’s fine, OR there is no funding )that we repeatedly hear coming from our Health Ministers mouth ( overcrowded hospitals), our Attorney Generals mouth (no room in prisons, not enough RCMP, or municipal police), and our Premiers mouth in particular, while millions, if not billions of dollars have been poured into preparation for 2010.  Enough already- haven’t we spent enough? Nope, expect more announcements in the coming year, because remember, the premier still has all those homeless addicts to worry about getting off the streets. Cant have them all messing up the image hes created now, can we?

It’s too bad reality isn’t on his agenda.

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