Is Stephen Harper a POSER????

Well, well, well……. it seems that our Prime Minister IS (was)a lot like Australia’s Prime minister… so much so that they once used the same words, in the same order, in the exact same manner. Well, once that we know about – who knows how many times this has happened. The Vancouver Sun is reporting this afternoon that Stephen Harper allegedly plagiarized much of a speech he gave back in 2003, a a mere two days after former Australian Prime Minister John Howard gave the very same speech. 

The Liberals have created a video which shows the two politicians speaking in a split screen format, and focuses on the sections where the politicians ARE SAYING THE EXACT SAME WORDS…many times over.

Wow. WOW!!!  This is interesting. While it is not uncommon for politicians to employ professional speech writers to convey the exact amount of contrived anger, frustration or emotion that  any particular audience calls for, this is a bit much. Have they no pride? Did they think no one would notice, that we Canadians don’t pay any attention to the rest of the world? Of course, now the party has already designated a scapegoat and  of course they accepted responsibility and they have resigned, so Harper will no doubt continue to deny deny deny….. one would think a little more effort would go into selecting their employees.

Where do they recruit? McDonalds drive thru? I can see it now……Want fries with that sir? No, but I like the way you said that- will you come work for me?

The only problem is that I  really don’t know what’s worse: The Conservatives stealing the words right out of someone elses mouth and getting caught , or the Liberals combing through piles of video, transcripts, and papers just to dig some nasty dirt up on the competition. Come on, NDP, give us some dirt on Dion….. I can totally  see him with a little spiked leather collar and a leash……everyone has a secret somewhere.

So where are we now? Left with a poser(Harper), mon petite weasel( Dion), and Mr. ” I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about”( Layton) . May doesn’t really count because we all know that is never going to happen. All I can say now is, when is the next episode airing?