Please America, keep Sarah Palin far,far away from the White House.


Yes, I admit it freely, I am watching the Vice-Presidential debate on CNN, and it is nearly done. Both candidates will present their closing statements shortly. I think Joe Biden is the clear and absolute winner.

I can guarantee, without a doubt, that Sarah Palin will mention the greed and corruption on Wall street( which she has mentioned at least a billion times), the need for reform in government, and how Americans are craving that straight talk  in order to ‘Git Er Dun.’ Shes going to mention how they need to create jobs,help the middle class and how they will fight for freedom of Americans by fighting Iraq……all without saying a damn thing on how she plans to assist the president in achieving those goals. Shes vague, and a very  repetitive circle talker who I think really didn’t answer any of the questions asked of her succinctly.

Oh Jeez, she just gave her closing statement. I was right on all the above points. Canada has more to fear by having her and McCain in charge of the country next to us, than we do by electing Stephen Harper again.