How much is the Harper Smear Campaign costing the Liberals – and who’s funding it?

In my never ending quest to find some valid reason to vote for someone other than the Conservatives ( not a conservative fan), I’ve been checking out the competitors sites to see what they have to offer.

A short visit to the Liberal party website  offered these bits of Anti- Conservative  propaganda. Check them out if you are in the mood for chuckle. All I can say is that if mon petite weasel spent more time bringing something realistic and appropriate to the table rather than spending all those campaign funds on ridiculous videos, they might fare better in the popularity ratings. Stay tuned for an update into exactly WHO IS giving the Liberals big$$$$ for this campaign. Would it make a difference to you if you were made aware that certain businesses gave rather large campaign contributions to the Liberals? Might make you change your mind about who you conduct your business with after all…

 In a politically related note, it appears trouble is brewing for a couple Liberal party members in BC. Liberal official Mark Marissen( husband to CKNW talk show host Christy Clark ),and Judy Tyabji Wilson, are both named in a lawsuit filed in BC Supreme court Sept. 24th by Green party candidate and former Liberal MP, Blair Wilson. Marissen and Tyabji Wilson are accused of ” circulating unsubstantiated claims about Wilson’s 2006 election campaign. ” Read the full story on the new Tyee blog, The Hook.

8 thoughts on “How much is the Harper Smear Campaign costing the Liberals – and who’s funding it?

  1. lailayuile

    My my David, you aren’t inferrring our local papers and news gathering outlets are somewhat biased and skewed in their coverage, are you? ; ) Updates will be forthcoming.

    I have to laugh when I see news like this, and the blog post below about Pat Kinsella, coming out on a Friday, and then BOOM, by Monday, nothing.

    But as usual, does the majority of the public even know this , or do they even care? The question then becomes, is it the media’s fault for spoonfeeding the public at large, or the publics for gulping it down without questioning a thing ? How many people would believe that the biggest papers out there are Liberal Party supporters and give campaign donations ?


  2. lailayuile

    Ah yes, the good old CBC… So tell me though, why are so many people so willing to take everything at face value?

    Everyone bitches about the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP and yet very few actually take the time to question their local candidates on what they’ve done, and what they really plan to achieve. Some of my local candidates have no track record of any realistic or tangible efforts of assisting the community I live in, other than showing up for photo ops- and I live in one of the hottest ridings in Canada, Newton /North Delta.


  3. “…question their local candidates on what they’ve done, and what they really plan to achieve. Some of my local candidates have no track record of any realistic or tangible efforts of assisting the community I live in, …”

    In the “Friendly” of “Soft” Dictatorship, local candidates become MPs who are nothing more than trained seals standing up, sitting down and making noise on command of the whips.
    Its all about the boss, so why pay much attention to nonentities?
    (Vote yes to STV to change this 😉 )


  4. GettReal

    It is not that we vote people to office, we usually vote people out by electing someone else.

    Politics has become a spectator sport, and for the most part insulting to the average voter. In the US, I hear nothing of the infringements on individual rights such as collecting information from your electronic devices at entry points to the country. In Canada no one reflects on why one province alone has a federal party to itself, or how unbalanced the representation by population is nation wide.

    Too busy slinging mud or commenting on hairstyles while making the all lovely, never ending, placating, motherhood statements. Not one of these people have experienced any real hardships.


  5. lailayuile

    True enough, but what happens when the options are as weak as the candidate we are trying to vote out?

    Again the lesser of all evils is what it amounts to. My foray into what people think about individual rights has been an interesting one. Often I hear whispers of ” conspiracy theory” mindsets. No one speaks up for fear of being ridiculed and all the while our rights ARE being eroded, bit by bit. Canadian government agencies awarding contracts to American companies who are then in charge of our personal information, which then becomes subject to the legislation of the Patriot Act.
    Does the average Canadian even wonder about who has their information and what it could be used for?

    Why is this not on any parties platform? When one visits the Canadian Privacy Commissions website, the message from the Commissionar, Jennifer Stoddart, even highlights that very point :

    ” Globalization raises the challenge of trying to find a cross-border privacy language. Technological advances hold out the promise of greater convenience, but sometimes at a cost to human rights such as privacy and the ability to control our personal information.

    Meanwhile, governments and businesses have a seemingly insatiable appetite for personal information.

    Governments appear to believe – mistakenly, I would argue – that the key to national security and public safety is collecting mountains of personal data. Privacy often receives short shrift as new anti-terrorism and law enforcement initiatives are rolled out.”

    My point exactly.

    Imagine, for example, if our Canadian Corrections information were being handled by an American company.

    That would potentially give the American government access , under the Patriot act, to personal information on anyone in Canada who not only has a prison record, but who has faced charges that were stayed, who had been arrested and released, who was the subject of an investigation without charges.

    The implicatons are staggering, and somewhat scary.

    Our healthcare/medical records systems in BC, are handled by an American company. Again, under the Patriot act, the American government could access personal information on anyone in BC, using that information for purposes it was not originally intended for.


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