Liberal Press handler remains silent on relationship with numbered companies

No reply from Dan Lauzon to this second email fired off yesterday afternoon:

“laila yuile to Daniel
show details 4:05 PM (17 hours ago)

Thank you Dan. Could you please clarify for me if 55555 Inc. / 55555 Canada Inc., are  “partner organizations” of the Liberal Party, or do they perform some other function relating to the campaign ?  I am curious as to why the websites and IP addresses all seem to be traceable back to either one of them – 55555 Inc. in particular.
Thank you,

Laila Yuile”

Not that I really expected one- really, what is he going to say? 


 Opening email was an adventure this morning, because there were three that traced back to an email address in Ottawa that contained virus attachments. Foolish, foolish foolish, and let me tell you why. When you send something vis-a-vis a proxy server to try and hide your location, you should check first to ensure the proxy server you use is, in fact, actually hiding your ass. Note: check my About page to see my previous careers.

As well, there were several interesting visitors to the site this morning, putting those public dollars  to hard work. Either someone is merely an interested reader using government time to peruse my posts, or perhaps there is an investigation going on. traced to: ( Canada Revenue Agency) traced to: ( RCMP ) traced to: ( RCMP )

Hmmm, methinks I pissed someone off yesterday?

I think the Liberals have more to worry about than anyone revealing any “partnerships” that may or may not exist. 

 Stephane Dions bumbling performance   ( THIS IS A MUST SEE CLIP !!!! ) in the much talked about CTV interview has quashed any doubts anyone still may have had that he is clearly related to some sort of pasta.   What are the Liberals thinking? Someone, anyone- please?  If Stephane Dion cannot understand such a succinct and clearly phrased question such as this, even after being rephrased by the interviewer, as well as someone off screen , then perhaps he should be taking some ESL classes.

Clearly, Stephane Dion is not  the man Canadians need to lead our country.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

One Comment on “Liberal Press handler remains silent on relationship with numbered companies

  1. Very interesting. I think a submission of a freedom of information act form is in order to find out who is visiting and why. Somebody checking from the tax department is certainly intriguing. Filed late this year? Perhaps you just have fans in dark places checking in on company time…..