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Vote ! Vote ! Vote! You can’t complain if you don’t vote.

Thanksgiving is over, but today I’m still feeling very thankful that I live in a country where I can vote for whomever I choose, regardless of the fact that I am a woman or that I am loud spoken and critical in my views and opinions of our governments and candidates. I am Canadian, and I am free, and I will not discard my right to vote so casually like many others.

Some people say that it is a strong statement to with-hold from voting. Personally, I think you do yourself and your country wrong when this choice is the one exerted. Don’t be lazy – by now you should have found out what your local candidates have actually done for the community in which you reside, and  who will serve you,your family and your community best. You should have come to a choice about where to mark your X on the ballot, whether you support a particular party, or plan to participate in strategic voting.

Myself, I plan to vote for the only candidate in my riding of Newton-North Delta that has a strong track record of enacting positive change in our community, one who has stepped up as a private citizen for years in order to make our streets safer, and our quality of life better. Unlike the other candidates, her achievements for our community are tangible and evident- unlike the others.

Liberal candidate Sukh Dhaliwal has not achieved anything personally or in his position of MP, for the Newton area. Nothing. He  did not even attend or send a staff member to the August meeting of the Association for Sustainable Communities meeting, to which he (or at minimum, a staff member) was invited to attend. He talks alot about what the Liberals plan to do, he attends a lot of public events, but what has he ACTUALLY done locally to help Newtons problems? Nothing. If he put as much effort into protecting Newton as he has Burns Bog, we wouldnt have hookers on our street corners.

Conservative candidate Sandeep Pandherhas no track record personally being proactive as a concerned citizen in Newton. Let me correct that- he might be  concerned, but his name has never been anywhere that I know of. Persona non grata . Where has he been throughout the struggles we have been experiencing as a community? I have no idea, but his website talks a lot about how bad the Liberals will be for us, and very little about actual Issues we are facing here. Nothing. No record of community activism.

NDP candidate Theresa Townsley doesn’t even live in Surrey – shes a Delta resident, and I see nothing on her site about what or how she plans to address issues in Newton. Nothing. I also see nothing to indicate she’s been a proactive voice for Newton in the past, although she seems popular in Delta.

Green party candidate Liz Walker is the woman for me. Living right in Newton, she has a strong and proven record of community involvement enacting positive change for residents and business alike. She is often at city council meetings keeping our municipal politicians accountable.    Shes never been afraid to put herself out there, and I know if elected, that she will continue to serve our neighbourhood well and with pride. 

I urge you to do the same – vote for whomever will represent your riding best, regardless of the party. There is absolutely no use in voting for a candidate who will represent you ‘persona non grata’, and has no record of local community involvement.

If your local candidates aren’t proactive in your neighbourhood now, why would you expect that to suddenly change once elected?

Polls opened up at 7am today, and close at 7pm tonight, so there is absolutely no excuse NOT to vote. None.

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