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And please,can anyone tell me WHY he was he smiling, again?

thanks to…….  I’ve had these images in mind since that 10 point plan he announced recently.

And exactly why was he smiling? Beautiful BC. Where convicted criminals run our cities ( Scott Young) and our province. ( self explanatory )

This is the single biggest difference between US and THEM.


  1. “And exactly why was he smiling?”

    Well, fwiw, I’ve always figured he was so loaded it took until that point in the proceedings (ie the 4th mug shot) for a true understanding of the situation (perhaps remembering he’s not premier of Hawaii) to get fully into his sodden gray matter and wipe that goofball grin off his face.

    MADD say studies show that by the time the average drunken driver gets nailed (the first time) they have driven drunk an average of 100 (yes, that’s one hundred) times before.

    Gordie’s a disgrace to BC (in more ways than one), but this … this … this takes the cake. (sputter sputter fume)


  2. It really concerns me that actions like this are considered so forgiveable in the public eye.

    We forget, we forgive and we move right along to the next scandal.


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