History in the making – Barack Obama the 44th president of the United States of America

What an evening, as my 17 year old turned to me and remarked that she would be able to tell her grandchildren one day that she remembers when the first African American was elected president. Truly groundbreaking for so many reasons, Obama steps into the role that will test his strength, intelligence and character.  I hope that he can live up to the aura of hope and change that has permeated his campaign, and that he is able to lead his country in a manner befitting its people.

As for McCain and Palin? I’m guessing most Americans don’t care to have a hockey mom backing up a president. I  also suspect the moose in Alaska are hiding as we speak, because I ” betcha shes gonna be trigger happy as Hell, ” when she heads back up to the great white north with her tail between her knees. So much for lipsticked pitbulls. Lets hope we don’t see her back in 2012, so she can have another go around at setting back women 100 years.


2 Comments on “History in the making – Barack Obama the 44th president of the United States of America

  1. I have a feeling people in BC may just become a wee bit less infatuated with Barry O when he follows through with his promises to put the boots to our economy on behalf of Idaho, Oregon, etc.
    Personally, I have a whole buncha “told ya so”s and such all ready to go. 🙂 🙂
    And before some goof starts calling me a “disappointed neocon Republican …. “, I’d have written in Ron Paul if I had a vote in this.
    So don’t blame me.

  2. Yes , I agree David. While it is a history making election, it is always unbelievably hard to deliver from a pedestal this high,and from conversation with others earlier today, the sentiment seems to be the same among those of us who are either cynics- or realists, as I prefer to call myself.

    A economic commentator I heard recently, said that although Obama may be better for the Americans, McCain was better for Canadians. McCain is all about free trade – Obama? Not so much.