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 Yes, you read that right. Gordon Campbell would like to shut us all up!

Bill 42, the Election Amendment Act, places extreme limits on public interest advertising and communication in B.C. from February of this year until the May, 2009 provincial election. Although the legislation was amended after a massive public outcry, it still greatly limits any third party advertising for those  very important three months prior to the election.
 This leaves the gag in place while they introduce the province’s budget and other legislation in the spring session. 
How considerate of the Premier. Makes you wonder whats coming, doesn’t it?
Sound fair?  Not at all. It means he doesn’t want you to hear any other representation other than his own, just prior to the spring election. Check it out for yourself, and let your voice be heard at
Next up :
If you live in Surrey, Delta or Langley, you’ve more than likely heard about the Gateway project – a massive government transportation project that includes the very contentious South Fraser Perimeter Road. This project alone has garnered enormous amounts of press, debate and protest,due to its inevitable environmental impact, as well as the impact on the local residents who will be directly affected by its construction. They are protesting, and protesting loudly, and are providing interested listeners with a view that you won’t hear from Gordon Campbell and the transportation minister.
 Check out the information at : , and decide for yourself if another freeway is what we need. There are a number of interesting links that can be accessed through this blog.

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  1. I think as long as people drive cars they will drive even if gas is really high. We will always need better roads and more of them.

  2. What you say is true Sal, but the alternative thought is that if we had efficient and reliable tranist solutions, there would be fewer vehicles on the road- especially from the Fraser Valley. Currently those residents drive because there is no other option at all. A large median goes right down the centre of highway one, and could accomodate a light rail option, linking up with skytrain in Surrey.

    Plowing a new highway through this area talked about in the link, may not be the best solution for anyone but the Port.

  3. I am for both. that median is ripe for something other than grass. Nobody thinks ahead. They are putting in another lane each way, why not 2 while you are at it? think ahead and run an el down the grass strip at the same time. Nobody can bitch about the noise or tree huggers whine about trees being cut down on it. Im in for another 2 cents litre to make it happen.

  4. Yes, unfortunately though, it would take a few hundred grand to even have the government even think about it. Residents I’ve talked to support it. Does anyone really like driving down that 2 km an hour nightmare every morning and evening to and from work? NOT so much.
    Too many talking heads, not enough action.

    First, an over educated environmental study would have to be conducted, then – a transportation study. how about a resident impact study and more than likely the requiste “Does this really make the government look grand ?” study… you get the idea.

    Why is it that the easy solutions never make it to the table?

  5. Take a look at this video – Rapid Bus on the Port Mann Now:

    Most of the traffic on the Port Mann is single occupancy vehicle – and there has been no transit on it for 20 years.

    Gateway is not a balanced transportation plan. The distant transit improvements are a carrot-and-stick routine.

    I think most people south of the Fraser wouldn’t have a HUGE beef with making improvements to certain existing congested arterial roads, combined with improved transit. The scope, location, and economic rationale for something like the SFPR on the other hand is frankly absurd, as are the hypocritical methods with which Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon are pursuing it.

    Delta North MLA Guy Gentner recently told a town hall meeting against the SFPR about a group of well-connected lawyers called “Quick Assets” who stand to make a mint off commercial property flipping if the SFPR goes through. It’s people like this who are really driving the ravin’ pavin’ agenda.

    Stay tuned to our site, as well as and