Ed Willes hits it spot on, and pulls no punches doing it.

More often than not, the best writing in The Province is found in the sports section, under the banner of Province sportswriter, Ed Willes. Personally, I think they should let this man loose with a column in the first section, and see where he can go with that. His style is straight forward and descriptive,and nary a moment is wasted getting from A to B.

Case in point? An excerpt from his column in todays sport section regarding 2010 and John Furlong’s suggestion that it is our duty to assist in the games success- possibly by mandated vacations in the middle of February….

” …Finally, if you were wondering about the nature of the beast we’ve invited into our community in 2010, we direct your attention to John Furlong’s incredible press conference from last week.

Furlong, among other things “challenged” Vancouver’s business community to “embrace the true spirit of the Games.” This, apparently, didn’t mean filing a nuisance lawsuit over rights infringement.

Rather, it meant businesses should encourage, even “mandate,” employees to take time off during the Olympics; that their work schedule should be altered during the Olympics; and that businesses should direct employees toward volunteering for 2010.

There was more, but the general drift — it’s your civic duty to support the Olympics — was unmistakeable and there is something incredibly offensive in that message.

Look, Furlong is a functionary appointed to organize a sports festival. No more, no less.

But it says something about the sense of entitlement inherent in the Olympic movement that he not only feels he’s been granted some form of power, he’s also within his rights asking people to alter their lives to accommodate this sports festival.

I mean, it would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. And the worst part? VANOC doesn’t begin to understand how offensive that kind of presumption can be. ”

Ed Willes, The Province,Published: Monday, November 17, 2008

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  2. The Olympics have become nothing more than a huge cash cow and sports of the elite. It is such a big production that i dont think anybody really knows how big. i should volunteer and take time off work to spend thousands to see what i can watch at a giants game? I dont think so. My civic duty? bs.