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Dave Gerry guest blogs Monday morn’

Lucky me, I’ll be taking the morning off, courtesy of guest blogger, Dave Gerry! Grab your coffee and stop by on Monday, November 24th, as Dave Gerry shares what he’s been doing at home for the past little while.

 All alone.

 In the dark…

and on his hands and knees. (visuals included)


  1. Fabulous! I’ve missed him the most on BT – the new crew seems to be trying to cater to the 20 somethings, but even my 15 year old daughter who watched BT every morning before school can’t stand to watch – she mutes it but needs the time and weather : ). Hope I don’t miss anything being on the westcoast.


  2. sleeping in?? perhaps he’s making up for all those 4 am mornings. either that or Angie’s keeping him busy. rumour is that Dave will have/be part of a new show on CBC – good to see that someone in BC broadcasting management has a brain.


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