Tories live to rule another day as Governor General agrees to suspend Parliament.

And thank you to her for doing so.

We Canadians trotted off to the polls recently to elect a leader for our country, and Stephen Harper was clearly the victor. Personally, I did not vote fora coalition government that includes the Bloc, and I’m sure no one else did either. Was that a choice on the ballot I missed? Perhaps the NDP and the Liberals should have included this plan in their campaign advertisements. And why have they lost confidence in the current leader? They would have you believe it is because he has not addressed the current economic crisis we are facing, and to some extent that may be true. However, all this whispered talk of a coalition government became a roar when Harper decided to remove subsidies paid out to political parties for every vote they receive.  Harper backed down when he heard that roar, but the damage was done. Clearly, his plan was to substantially weaken his political opponents whose personal campaign contributions are a much smaller percentage than the Tories- thus they rely more heavily on these subsidies for their campaigns.

 Power struggles are inevitable when a minority government is elected, which is often why they tend to be so ineffective. However, if one thinks a coalition government is the better option here, they may want to revisit the history books for some subtle reminders.

Canada lays claim  to being a democratic society, one where the people have the right to vote and choose our governments.

Apparently, it’s all just a grand illusion. ( credit to David in North Burnaby for the well- written piece contained in this link)

3 Comments on “Tories live to rule another day as Governor General agrees to suspend Parliament.

  1. The coalition was stupid enough to announce what they were going to do ahead of time. what a bunch of morons. And you want this bunch of einstiens to run the country? They cant even get their own act together without shooting themselves in the foot. Had they said nothing of their agreement they would have toppled the govt like Trudeau did to Joe who, and took over.

  2. Apparently they’ve never played chess… Stephane Dion as leader would never have flown regardless – he has no confidence even within his party, let alone the public.

    What surprises me is how the public has reacted to all of this. Many people seemed confused when the story first broke, not aware that this could even happen in our country.
    It is nice to see people becoming more interested in political process as a result.Anger can be a powerful motivating force when channeled correctly. Perhaps some will understand the signifcance of actually voting the next time an election comes around rather than thinking their vote won’t make a difference.