Who is in charge of local news online lately?

”   A Surrey man wanted on a U.S. felony warrant was arrested at the Peach Arch border crossing New Year’s Day.”


4 Comments on “Who is in charge of local news online lately?

  1. Well, I am, but I’m not clear what the issue with this story is. We do our best to correct errors when they’re brought to our attention. Can you please be more specific?

  2. Ummmmm… unless there is a border crossing you know about that I don’t, one would think it should read the ‘ Peace Arch’ border crossing, rather than Peach Arch.

  3. The Peach Arch crossing is just south of Osoyoos. (Kidding.) Sorry, even after you posted it I read the headline about three times and didn’t notice that ‘h’. But we’ll fix it now. Thanks for the heads up!

    • No worries Erik, it was just a tad funny. I’m sure you will find something on my site here to quack about too!
      My bill is in the mail…
      However, keep in mind that I am always available for hire if you need someone with a sharp eye, a quick wit and a background in investigations to give you a much deserved break now and then.haha!