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Teresen Gas and BC Hydro will be charging YOU for their 2010 security costs.

How would you feel about having to pay the  2010 security costs for Teresen and BC Hydro? 

If you aren’t sure, you better start thinking about it now, because you are going to be on the hook for at least $11 million between the two companies.

CTV  BC ran the story last night on their 6pm newscast, highlighting yet another Olympic cost that should be included in the Premiers Olympic Budget, but  isn’t.  Check out the full written story and video clip at this CTV link :

Teresen Gas will be spending at least $4 million dollars to protect the gas lines going up to Whistler during the games. That’s right- $4 million dollars – out of your pocket. 

 Already approved, this will result in a surcharge on your gas bill for at least two years, to make sure those gas lines are safe for two  short weeks. We all know how  these Teresen surcharges work. I blogged about the current number of ridiculous surcharges we already pay back in November, after dissecting my rather laughable bill where the actual cost of gas was less than all the extra charges and taxes.  

I predict they will apply for an extension on that, and we will all be paying up the ying-yang far longer than two years.

But, let us not forget BC Hydro! They are saying the costs to ensure security for the Hydro lines is running at $7 million dollars. Again, out of your pocket.

Also not included as an Olympic cost by the Premier. This charge was approved back in December, however we are  suddenly only hearing about it now. And of course,  it did not  come from either Gordon Campbell or the finance minister.

Neither Teresen or BC Hydro has announced how much extra we will be paying on our bills in the years to come, but I’m certainly looking forward to hearing about it when their PR reps have finished working out what particular spin they figure will ease the pain for taxpayers.

I saw the premier in an interview recently, where he denied all the projects currently going on where Olympic projects. Let anyone add what they want to the bill, because they will anyways, he declared. The Sea to Sky highway is not an Olympic project. The convention centre is not an Olympic project. The Canada line is not an Olympic project. ( no, they just have Olympic deadlines…)

Well Premier, these would seem to be direct Olympic costs, and they are not in your Olympic budget.

Explain that.

When 2010 was announced,we were wooed with promises of Olympic glory and long standing legacies for all British Columbians.

What they failed to mention is that the  most significant legacies will come in the form of longstanding debt for taxpayers in all corners of BC, whether you can afford to join in on the celebration or not. And many British Columbians will not be able to afford anything more than a bag of nachos and a beer while they watch in front of their tv.

 I think I speak for many, when I say that Olympic debt is one legacy we can do without – at least this is how I see it.


  1. You have got to be kidding me.


    Please tell me you are kidding me. I just got laid off my job after 14 years working. Never used the system once. Now, I’m lucky to get an extension of a few weeks. I could lose my house, because my wife’s pay doesn’t cover everything, and we have to pay this crap too, on top of everything else?

    Why the hell should we have to pay for this? Why did this Teresen charge get approved? Don’t we have some say in this at all?

    I’m sure as hell not voting Campbell in again. No freaking way. I’ll take my chances with the NDP.

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I better start watching CTV. Didn’t see this on Global.


  2. Not again!

    I’m a senior, and on my small pension I already have a tough enough time paying for everything, even with my seniors assistance. I’m not going to the Olympics, Ic an’t even get around now with my walker.

    Its not fair people like me have to pay too. Its getting to be too much. The city doesnt want us downtown during the games, they want the people to host volunteers at their own cost, and now this.

    Boo Gordon Campbell, boo to Teresen and bc Hydro too. You can find money for all of this but us seniors are left hanging again. And you know what I’m talking about.


  3. these Liberals think they have the brown vote covered to help get them through this next election. You should see what goes on at temple. Oh yes, shaking hands here, shaking hands there. Yes, yes, vote for me, i’ll help you immigrate your family over here. This province needs your people to work hard. We are loving the brown people, they say.
    I got news for you. The brown vote is split and we are getting tired of these promises that go nowhere from this man who talks too much about nothing. I am tired of seeing his mouth flap with nothing coming out of it.. We will use our power elsewhere.
    No more taxes. Enough.


  4. Why isnt there any public consultation on these rate and surcharge approvals?

    This is out of control! It is like these companies can just come up with any charge they want and it gets approved. We should have to be consulted or where does it end?

    Well I’ll tell you this. I’m going to start charging the government some “surcharges”.

    Like the ” sitting in the hospital ER for 2 days wasting my time while i’m hurt” surcharge. Actually happened to me when I fell in December shovelling my driveway.

    Or how about the” I have to eat crappy food” surcharge because I have to spend so much money heating my house so my kids dont freeze.

    Or the ” I’m saving to visit my family on the island” surcharge, because to go over with my truck and camper and small trailer ( to save on hotel cost) with my 2 kids and wife costs too much now. We had to cut back how often we see my mum and dad. The kids are the ones who miss out.

    I think we’ve just about had enough of this premier and his BS. He doesnt have a clue what its like to be like me, and have to save up to visit family. He flies to hawaii all the time, and gee, doesnt he live it up over there. Must be nice.


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