Gang violence, government corruption and the BC legislature. Sounds like an old-school mob movie? No – just business as usual in provincial politics

This is war: Gang Warfare on the streets of Vancouver, Surrey, Montreal and Ottawa

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Nearly 700 police officers were involved in today’s major raids on gangs who allegedly traffic cocaine in Montreal and Ottawa. 47 people have been arrested so far on various charges, including gangsterism, weapons possession as well as drug-trafficking. It begins to look as if that’s the way to do the job. But the lesson passes unremarked by the leadership of British Columbia.

In Vancouver, where 6 people have been shot in the past 7 days, the premier says he will shift police around, ask Ottawa for better wire-tap laws, and (in his opinion) provide families with a sense of safety. The man is a fool.
Julian Sher, author of two books on Organized Crime in Canada, said in a CBC interview that it’s impossible to have any effect on organized crime without having a serious plan of infiltration. He agrees with Jerry Paradis, a BC provincial court judge for 28 years, who says that putting more police officers on the ground won’t lessen the danger to ordinary citizens, who are at risk of getting caught in the crossfire. “The police will be unaware of when the next explosion will happen. They don’t know about [the shootings] until they happen.” The only method that works is when a brave cop puts his life on the line by taking up with the gangs, running with them, learning their secrets, and never forgetting that he’s a cop there to arrest the gangsters.
So Campbell and his Attorney-General are talking nonsense about putting more cops on the street and about how this can be done by shuffling cops from one unit to another without hiring new ones.
Campbell and Oppal can’t help but know that a drug war has broken out on the streets of Surrey and Vancouver. They can’t be so stupid as to not know what’s really going on. Although that’s exactly what the premier told us when he returned from his Hawaii holiday after the police raid: “I know nothing,” he said. Prime Minister Martin stood up to say the same thing. Fools. They were briefed, as much as 3 weeks before the raid was launched. Do we think they never asked “Why?”

How can they forget that it was a drug trafficking investigation which led police to make that unprecedented raid on the B.C. Legislature? Such a thing had never before happened in Canada. It was about drugs … drugs which, in B.C., add up to to $6Billion a year for marijuana alone … and traded in the U.S. for cocaine which came back into Canada. Traded for guns, too. They knew that. Solicitor-General Rich Coleman told us about the guns himself, saying that some of them ended up in the hands of the insurgents fighting Canadian troops in Afghanistan. How could they fail to see their duty, when the opportunity presented itself to put these issues on trial?

Caught on wire-taps and available as evidence were the cell-phone conversations between Ministry of Finance aide, Dave Basi, and his cousin, Jasmohan Singh Bains who in 2003 was thought to be the new Mr Big on the West Coast. The Bains trial was held in Victoria in June 2008, the guilty verdict was given in August 2008, the 9-year sentence was pronounced in September 2008, but nothing was known of this until December 2008 … why? We’d be fools ourselves to think that the Attorney-General, and therefore the premier, had paid no attention to the Bains trial. So … was Dave Basi a witness at that trial? Probably. But we the people don’t know.

Drug charges were actually laid against Dave Basi as well as Jas Bains after the Legislature Raids. We know this from a little exchange in Supreme Court:

Ms. Winteringham [Crown Prosecutor] said the defence was simply wrong when it stated that the investigation, code named Project Everywhichway, suddenly veered off course to target Mr. Basi … In fact, she said, Mr. Basi emerged as an early person of interest in a drug investigation that was triggered when informants told the RCMP that the arrest, in May, 2002, of U.S. drug dealer Cirilo Lopez had created an opening for a new drug boss on Vancouver Island. “The word on the street was that Jas Bains was going to be the person taking over,” Ms. Winteringham said.

There were 26 calls recorded between the cousins in the summer of 2003.Then, all of a sudden and without explanation, the drug charges against Basi were stayed. Why? Does this make sense? I don’t think so. But it’s a great pity that the police didn’t seize the opportunity to learn more. Instead, over 5 years have passed with an official silence offering, in effect, a protective cover.

Retired judge Paradis put it this way, with regard to the drug wars underway on the streets of Vancouver:

“I’m satisfied in my own mind that although organized crime is involved in other things at the moment, while this particular or several gang wars may be due to other things that I’m not aware of, I have no doubt in my mind that it’s [an] attempt to either get status or maintain status in the drug market and protect turf,” he said.
In my view, the leadership in British Columbia has failed to take action when it could have and should have. The people of this province — even their children — are in danger. Therefore, the BC government is in serious default in its duty to protect the people of this province.
– BC Mary.   


But, that’s not all.

 A new development in the trial stemming from the BC Legislature raids leads me to this piece by Bill Tieleman …….. a MUST read, if you ask me, because it would make any sane person question the BC Liberals and their style of  rule. 

Now why would the BC Liberal MLA caucus want to block a freedom of information request on their communications? WHAT could they possibly have to hide?

But, theres hope……. again, thanks to Bill Tieleman, who posted this yesterday on his site :

 ” BC Liberals internal polling shows them 9% behind New Democrats – Dave Hayer, Pat Bell, Shirley Bond headed for defeat, even Kevin Falcon in trouble

Internal BC Liberal Party polling results obtained just days ago have created a panic amongst cabinet ministers and MLAs – because the poll shows that the BC Liberals are 9% points behind the New Democratic Party, according to a very reliable source.

My source also told me today that this polling shows that both Prince George cabinet ministers, Forestry Minister Pat Bell in Prince George Northand Education Minister Shirley Bond in Prince George-Mount Robson, would lose their seats if the numbers held up.

Also headed for defeat – Surrey-Tynehead MLA Dave Hayer, who allegedly trails the NDP in his riding by 18%.

Perhaps most shocking is a riding result showing Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon in a neck and neck race with the NDP in Surrey-Cloverdale.

The BC Liberal polling also indicates its MLAs in the Burnaby-North and Burnaby-Willingdon, John Nuraney and Richard Lee are in serious trouble, along with Kamloops-North Thompson cabinet minister Kevin Krueger and in the riding of Kamloops, where Claude Richmond is retiring.

My source indicates that gang shootings, Olympic costs and the troubled economy outside Metro Vancouver and Victoria are all taking their toll on BC Liberal fortunes. ”  

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  1. It feels like a whole lot of people (that would be the people of B.C.) are drowning in the nearby sewage lagoon while a slick, colourful circus is getting into full swing in the neighbouring pasture (that would be the countdown to the Olympics).

    That’s how the past week has seemed to me.

    People in the streets being shot … Premier Three Martinis and his sidekick, Stonewally, announce in weasel-words that they plan to do virtually nothing about it.

    Then — very, very quietly — the Basi-Virk Gong Show gets going in BC Supreme Court again. I happened to spot it in the court schedule. Bill Tieleman got the basic facts. And with that, the story gets more weird.

    Seems the BC Liberal MLA Gang want to prevent their former employees (that would be Basi, Virk, Basi) from obtaining under Freedom of Information, the MLA e.mails needed for their defence.

    Maybe the MLAs think they’re only blocking 3 guys on trial for BCRail corruption. That’s bad enough. But in truth, their barrier would keep everybody from accessing MLA data. And that’s definitely NOT o.k.

    They’ve forgotten that under parliamentary rule, the people are sovereign. Time to exercise our rights. Off with their head!


    • Sorry for the delay in reply Mary, I’ve had an issue accessing this portion of my blog.

      It would seem – as indicated by all the recent press- that our premier shows little regard for parlimentary rule or freedom of information. What are the BC liberals trying to hide with this move? Why is protecting their communications and keeping it from the public so important?
      More importantly- what are we, the public, missing out on?
      Every single British Columbian should be asking their local MLA just that, via phone call, email, or in person. Hold these elected officials accountable.

      Now, if only the big corporate media centres would follow suit on that request….. for the rest of you, here is a link to the BC government MLA finder, so you can find out first hand why the Liberal caucus want to prevent those communications from being released.

      Salvatore: It seems after looking at Jerome a little harder, that you are right. A staunch card carrying member of LEAP – He and Tim Felger should get along just fine. In the same camp as lets give all the heroin addicts other addicting meds to “cure” them and prevent crime- all on our tax dollar. Speaking of that , I wonder who’s getting the kickback on that scheme – people are fighting pretty hard for the program to come back.

      Dave: You hit the nail right on the head. He is still taking cops from other areas for this “gang” squad. So, other communities will be losing out until they score a new recruit. And as you so nicely pointed out, it works out to very little in the end.

      In an interesting addendum, I was cruising around the local RCMP web page, and found some very telling CRIME MAPS of Surrey, showing month by month where the B&Es happened- both residential and commercial, as well as the auto thefts. Holy crap. It seems I was right. The street right behind me is an auto theft hot spot -and those are the reported ones. I know quite a few residents on that same street who have cars broken into without being stolen that havent been reported to avoid premium increases.

      I encourage you to check it out in your city as well David. And no thanks needed for posting your blog post! I should be thanking you for that one… as should everyone else… hehe.

  2. Jerome Paradis is an idiot, lost his mind on the bench and had to be removed. His support of the pot groups is well known. So much for judicial independance. He did nothing to protect people from criminals with his lax attitude. His biggest brag is he was only successfully appealed once. Big deal, all that means is he is a lackey for the higher judges.

  3. If You break Gordie Campbell’s hire of new cops down into three shifts, factor in time off, sick days etc, and consider the 22 municipalities in Metro Van, we’re looking at one more cop on the job per at any given time.
    Yup, that’ll do it, Gordie. 🙄

  4. Jerry Paradis and LEAP are absolutely correct. Prohibition of marijuana and other drugs is doing exactly the same thing now as alcohol prohibition did in the 1930s: It is making criminal gangs rich, powerful and violent. Meanwhile, prohibition does absolutely nothing to reduce drug abuse. Countries such as the United States, which enforce prohibition with psychopathic intensity, have higher rates of drug use and abuse than countries which impose less prohibition.

    The only way to stop gang violence is to remove their source of income. The only way to do that is to legalize drugs. Prohibition put Al Capone in business, and the end of prohibition took him out.

    It is time for us to learn from history.

    • Mark Tonner summed it up in his Province column today, and in a manner that effectively nullifies all debate surrounding the argument of legalization in Canada. The United States WILL NEVER LEGALIZE or decriminalize pot .

      Never. Not happening.

      So, Mr.Tonner says, imagine if we did legalize it here in Canada. How does that make any difference when BC bud is a huge export to our American neighbours? He talks about how hard it would be to guard shipments, grow ops, etc. No, legalizing it won’t get rid of gang activity in Canada at all when you look at it from this perspective. If anything, it might get worse. As for drug rates, the Netherlands is finding that the rates of hard drug usage has been steadily increasing since pot was decriminalized.
      Read his column. I’m not a fan of his usually, but his argument is hard to beat.


    By: Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney

    As a Cherokee Native American Activist and a former member of the Richmond California Violence Prevention Movement, I have seen close to 515 homicides in the City of Richmond from 2001 to the present.

    The declaration of a ‘war on violence’ by the Richmond city government was not the panacea, instead it failed miserably.

    I have often stated in town hall meetings and on television, the best way to win the ‘war on violence’ in Richmond is to ‘TEACH THE VALUES OF PEACE’.

    In the killing fields of Richmond, most of the victims of homicides are youth or young adults. Teaching the values of peace begins with our youth and young adults. From a Native perspective, winning the war on violence begins in the home with a strong, spiritual belief and value system.

    We believe that Creator made all generations, past, present and those of the future, holy people. This is what our Elders teach us from the time we are born.

    Our families and Elders teach our young people that they must tear away the images and stereotypes that mainstream society has placed upon them as Native peoples.

    Violence and killing is not traditional in Native culture, it is a learned behavior from mainstream society.

    We teach our youths not to attack, punish or beat themselves up for crimes that they have never committed in regards to racism. Our Elders and families teach our young people to have good self-esteem, self-worth and self-value, for as the original holy people this was Creators plan.

    Native people know that it is both family and community responsibility to teach the values of peace to our young people.

    We teach our young people honesty and accountability concerning violence. It begins with accepting responsibility for self and acknowledging any past use of violence.

    Admitting any wrongdoing, communicating openly and truthfully to renounce the use of violence in the future places our youth on the right path. We place a heavy emphasis that all life is sacred.

    The final lesson in teaching the values of peace is quite simple. It is helping young people understand their relationship to others and all things in Creation.

    Be responsible for your role, act with compassion and respect, and remember ALL LIFE IS SACRED. Native culture is prevention!

    Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney

  6. Unfortunately, Mark Tonner is lying. The Netherlands has lower rates of drug usage than the US, both “hard” and “soft”. There has NOT been an increase in hard drug usage there.

  7. Google me.look at the article and the video.
    British Columbia goverenment is rotten from the core on out up to the highest level of it’s systems.
    Do you belive the GST smokescreen that drunken premier bowed out on or do you think it had something to do with the BC rail deal.Why is no one saying it outloud?
    Their Social Services systems are corrupt and top heavy with accountability freaks and that means “looking good” at any cost.Morals are out the window and value producing employees are tethered early on.That is one boat that should be rocked.I have never been involved with so much death producing energy in my 64 years.There is only one social worker that I met in 19 years of service in Victoria that I would call sincere and he was labeled”unstable”The Mental Health field is exactly that,MENTAL.If you are involved with these life suckers,follow your gut and get rid of them.Life sucking liars the entire lot of them.I will write BUMS as long as I live and whenever I can.I sat in court and watched men that I put my trust in for years, openly and blatantly lie about me.This is a systemn that sucked the very life out of me,all the while thinking and believing it was an OK thing to do.All of this under the guidance of that drunken bum Gordon Campbell.He should reflect to us how pathetic we have become in our actions and words.In the face of ignorance,lies,corruption and all sorts of immoral acts we turned a blind eye abnd we do it over and over.It does matter and where are our Rotten Carrots and Mashed Potatoes in the BC Rail affair.Caught up in a small drug bust while the REAL chriminals walk.Idiots all of u

    Not a Happy camper


  8. I sort of went sideways there,I can spell government and and.Over in Nova Scotia we have the same kind of corruption going on in regard to the Tusket River system and related lakes.Pollution that has closed the waterways to swiming and god forbid drinking of the water.Mink ranching upstream is causing the polution and government is moving as slow as it possibly can to correct the problem.Why?Mink ranching in the area is a 100 million dollar a year industry and that is the price of the Tusket River and it’s related lakes.My question is why do we continue to PAY TAXES,money that is constantly used against us and against out wishes.I know of a PEDOPHILE in Victoria that was contracting to the MINISTRY OF CHILDREN AND FAMLIES and he walked,scott free.We can’t ask the then police chief of Victoria why because he has been fired and is replaced by another thug.Take a look at that police brutality you tube video.You will see an ape in a yellow jacket kicking men already down for the count.Why no charges have been laid is another mystery.If you or I were on a you tube video kicking someone on the ground we would be charged.Shit floats to the top always has always will.If any authority out there would like to challenge me openly on the PEDOPHILE issue in Victoria BC,bring it on,in the open.Why were charges dropped,why was the police file CLOSED to all officers except the then CHIEF and his patsy or was it RUTH.He was fired for other reasons she was promoted for other reasons.Charges were stayed,transferred and the Victoria court that transferred the charges couldn’t remember what court district the charges were transferred to.It’s not who you know it’s who you blow with!FOI is a joke!!!