Premier Gordon Campbell shows his true colours, but are his days numbered?

Rarely does anything surprise me when it comes to politics these days, but Michael Smyth’s column in The Province makes me question what was going on inside the heads of the BC Liberals this week.

 Rather than put politics aside for one day in a unified show of support against bullying in the province , the Liberals –  in a move true to form- pulled out of a planned photo-shoot featuring  both the Liberal and NDP caucus members shortly before it was scheduled to happen.

Why? Because some of the Liberal members selfishly wanted to use the photos for election campaigning – without the NDP members in them.  Really, no one is fooling anyone that even a joint photoshoot is a premium PR opportunity, but by pulling out the Liberals managed to look like idiots.  Classy, really classy. Fake it for a minute, will you?

  Read Michael’s full accounting of the latest in petty Liberal politics here:

Perfect timing to show some true Liberal colours too, as the NDP won a major victory in court yesterday, as Justice Elizabeth Bennett ruled that both the NDP and the public will have access to over 8000 pages of government documents relating to the dubious sale of BC Rail.

Will those documents contain the smoking gun  everyone is looking for, or will the  really juicy details already have been edited out,effectively erasing any hint of  why and how BC Rail was sold right out from under British Columbians. Read all the details at Bill Tielemans Blog  here: , and definitely read the accounts and commentaries of Robin Matthews and BC Mary on her in-depth site,  The Legislature Raids….

My hope is that someone will be able to put the pieces of this puzzle together, and find the missing portion that will end the speculation about who was ultimately involved and behind the sale of BC Rail- and why.