Criminals facing trial applaud VANOC’s commandeer of the RCMP for 10 weeks during 2010

If you don’t follow David Berner’s  blog now, I suggest that you do. He writes and comments and talks about various important issues facing those of us in Lotusland, and often touches on items that would otherwise escape the scrutiny of the public.

Imagine my surprise when scrolling through his feed this morning, to see that I had completely missed one such topic of great importance….

“The criminal justice system will be on hold for 10 weeks before, during and after the Gordon Games. (DISRUPTION) the disturbing and undemocratic power now given to VANOC.  

RCMP and other police will be too busy on security assignments to testify in local courts.

This peculiar news raises another other questions.

Will policing in general be “on hold” at the same time?

Does this make the calendar period from January 15 to March 26, 2010 a great time to commit murder, robbery, rape and other public mayhem?

The other day we pointed out in this space

This is what I wrote:

“VANOC is now apparently the highest form of government in the land, unelected though it may be. VANOC can close streets, re-route traffic hire or buy buses by the freight load and do just about any darn thing it wants to in order to make its famous Games work.”

How little I knew in the dark days of Thursday.”

 Read the remainder of Davids post on his blog here:

After reading his post, I clicked on the imbedded link  which lead me to his Globe and Mail story, that frankly, is very alarming.

There have been 5 shootings  recently near my home  in Surrey alone, three of them uncomfortably, nerve-wracking close. The RMCP are absolutely and completelyswamped with the onslaught of criminals in our lovely coastal cities. The Vancouver police are busier than ever. Delta Police are resorting to kicking the gangsters out into other cities, like mine.

The RCMP have promised us throughout this increasing violence they are doing everything in their power to get these people off the streets.

” We will do everything we can to get these people off the streets, and make it clear this criminal behavior will not be tolerated.”

 So they have been making arrests and crown has been laying charges faster than hens lay eggs. Many of these cases may end up before the courts next year- around the time of 2010.

So of course, it makes perfect sense for the RCMP to announce their officers will not be available to testify as witnesses in any cases between January 15th to March 26th, 2010- because VANOC needs them for security.

How utterly and completely ridiculous. The following excerpt details the issues behind the RCMPs decision:

      ”  The news has angered some criminal lawyers, who say that without police witnesses, the courts will be virtually shuttered.

         Vancouver lawyer Chris Johnson said most court officials expected delays, but nothing like what the police are pitching.

        “The police are one part of the justice system and they’ve taken this move without any consideration for any other part, which is, what I    think, kind of shocking.”

          Robert Holmes, president of the Trial Lawyers’ Association of British Columbia, said a 10-week delay in criminal cases could be viewed as unconstitutional if defendants are denied speedy trials.

         “That is problematic from several perspectives,” Mr. Holmes said. “One is the basic principle that the courts should be open and available all the time ”

I understand the security commitments inherent to any Olympic games.

The athletes, the venues, the visitors… all must be safeguarded to prevent  any hint of chaos and tragedy from occurring. Terrorism is a real threat in some circles.

But what about the host country and its residents? Must we all go to the extent that some criminals could escape justice due to an unreasonable delay? Our courts are already clogged and behind, and considering the cuts Gordon Campbell and his Liberals have targeted the  justice system with  they are likely to become more so.

Again, it makes perfect sense to put it all on hold so the world can party at our expense.

And here is where David Berner’s best question comes into play…

                                  ” Will policing in general be “on hold” at the same time?

                                    Does this make the calendar period from January 15 to March 26, 2010 a great time to commit murder, robbery, rape and 

                                    other public mayhem?”

Excellent and valid question David….because if the majority of the RCMP are busy keeping the rest of the world safe  in Vancouver and Whistler….. who will be minding the streets everywhere else?


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