Patrick Kinsella and BC Rail statements give us more questions than answers

 And why isn’t  Gordon Campbell telling us everything in the latest twist to the BC Rail Corruption Scandal ?

After days of government stonewalling, new statements from B.C. Rail and Patrick Kinsella contradict the evidence and raise more questions than they answer.

1)      Kinsella claims he was hired by B.C. Rail to help with the Core Review, but that process ended in 2002 and the decision to privatize B.C. Rail was made later that year. So why did B.C. Rail continue to pay Kinsella $6000 a month until 2005?


2)      Internal emails between B.C. Rail executives at the time Kinsella was hired say he was paid because he is a “backroom Liberal”, directly contradicting a statement released by B.C. Rail last week.  Which statement is true:  the one made by executives when he was hired or the one made six years later by a government in full damage control?


3)      The premier, the Attorney General and the transportation minister refused to answer questions in the legislature, saying the matter is before the courts.  But if it’s okay for B.C. Rail, a crown corporation, to comment in a press release, then shouldn’t it also be okay for the premier to answer questions?


4)      Kinsella received almost $300,000 in taxpayers’ money from B.C. Rail, but the public still doesn’t know the specifics of the work he did. Did he produce a final product, such as a report? If so, will the Campbell government release that report, since it is a document paid for by the public?


5)      Gordon Campbell claimed that the Core Review was supposed to save taxpayers money, so why did the process end up costing B.C. Rail $300,000?


6)      Gordon Campbell hand picked John McLernon as the Chair of B.C. Rail, saying he would be a key player in transforming government. Why would a crown corporation chaired by a Campbell insider need to spend public money to hire a B.C. Liberal lobbyist?

7)      What qualifications did Kinsella have to work on the Core Review, other than being a close friend of the premier and co-chair of the 2001 B.C. Liberal election campaign?   

8)      Patrick Kinsella’s specialty is lobbying Did Patrick Kinsella engage in any lobbying activitities while he was working for B.C. Rail?


9)      Who did Patrick Kinsella report to?  Did he ever report to the premier or the premier’s office?

10)     When will the public know the full truth about the B.C. Rail corruption scandal?

5 thoughts on “Patrick Kinsella and BC Rail statements give us more questions than answers

  1. Hey, I’m not a Jack Baur fan, but maybe we could send him to Victoria and finally get some answers. Most of the infamous 27 published on the black front page of the Vancouver Stun shortly after the raid are still unanswered as well, after over five years!

    Where are “enhanced” interrogation techniques when you need them?


    1. Ha! Ohhh, Jack Bauer…. THAT is truly funny koot. But oh so appropriate. That show was(is?) the epitome of over-acting at it’s best and worst. Kind of like Gordon Campbell when I think of it. Everytime I see his over-acted fake smiling performance for the press it makes me gag and sneer.


  2. Hey Laila

    This video is based on the old adage that it’s better to laugh than cry – and StoneWally’s refusal to answer even the simplest questions is worth crying over. Post and pass along as you see fit


  3. Ha! hahahhaaaahahahha!

    Love it!! Can you do something up with just the premier and all his stalls and non-answers? Ohhh- I’d just love that !!


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