BC Liberals End spring session early- more eager to campaign than answer some very uncomfortable questions

I could not believe my ears yesterday, after hearing that the spring session of the legislature would be ending two days early- apparently because members are more eager to get out campaigning than answer questions or take care of business. http://www.cknw.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLocal/Story.aspx?ID=1077209 

And they are leaving some unfinished business laying about- the premier never did get around to fixing that very sloppy lobbyist registry that he so vehemently promised he would take care of in this spring session. Ah well, I guess it really isn’t in his best interest to correct the mess, because then all his lobbyist buddies might actually have to be accountable for their dubious actions and associations.

 Two days early closure makes no difference in the end.

The premier never  intends to answer the questions surrounding the long-term payments to friend and lobbyist Patrick Kinsella who appeared to be working both sides of the table before, during and after the BC Rail sale.

Wally Oppal never intends to answer the very same questions.

And oddly enough, both  Wally and Gordo really seemed to be trying their best to be sincere at saying the GAG law recently struck down by the law, was their noble attempt to level the playing field – in fact, the government might even waste more of your money launching an appeal to prevent you from hearing anyone else’s views but their own…. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2009/03/30/bc-appeal-gag-law.html

Meaning, they think YOU, the people, need someone to make up your minds for you. Democracy? Bah. These two act more like bullies  desperately trying to hold down a fort in the school yard.

Latest in the ridiculous realm of the Liberal nuttiness in the Leg, is Stonewally Oppals application of his standard response, ” It’s before the courts- I can’t comment.” to the deal between BC Hydro and Accenture- another of the premiers ‘friendly’ business dealings…. check out Sean Holmans post on this here: http://www.publiceyeonline.com/archives/003737.html#more

Now,  my fellow blogger Gazetteer, http://pacificgazette.blogspot.com/ , has really been doing some wonderful bits on all of this lately. Smashing, goosebumpy liveblogs and commentaries. Go and check it out for yourself, and scroll down to read it all.

Here, is just a teaser to get you going….

RailGate Retreat…..Accentuate The Positives

” Today, during Question (not answer) Period in the British Columbia Legislature, (Attorney) General Stonewall Oppal indicated that, in addition to any and all matters railway-related, the privatization of a portion of BC Hydro is also before the courts:

J. Horgan:Well, let’s try a privatization scheme that’s not yet before the courts. In 2003 Patrick Kinsella’s organization, according to their own resumé, did the following: “Did a survey of the landscape and interviewed a number of stakeholders in the British Columbia government and B.C. Crown corporations and determined that the best opportunity for Accenture was B.C. Hydro.”

Now, the minister of defence took this question on notice last week. So I’m hopeful that the Minister of Energy has been prepared for this, and he’s able to stand in this place today and advise this House what role Mr. Kinsella, what role Mr. Martyn Brown from the Premier’s office, had in the privatization to Accenture. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Hon. W. Oppal:Those questions I expect will be answered by (RailGate’s presiding judge) Madam Justice Bennett. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]


Mr. Speaker: Members. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Member has a supplemental. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

J. Horgan: It’s curious to me how the Attorney General can stand in this place and tell us that B.C. Hydro is now before the courts. For every activity [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Now, based on this, it is difficult not to conclude that General Stonewall might have at least a few rocks in his logic.

And it’s not just Hydro….It just might be gambling that is before the courts as well….

John Horgan continues:

J. Horgan: ……….Mr. Kinsella was involved with the B.C. Lottery Corporation. Does that mean we can’t ask questions about the Lottery Corporation? Is everything that Mr. Kinsella touched now off limits to the people of British Columbia? [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Again, a simple question to the Minister of Energy — and I know he’s anxious to get to his feet. What role did Patrick Kinsella and Martyn Brown have in the privatization of one-third of B.C. Hydro, a $1.45 billion deal to the friends of the government, Accenture? [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Hon. W. Oppal: I’m sure these questions are asked for the purposes of getting a sound bite on the six o’clock news. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

I’m not going to answer the question. The question is before the…. All of those matters are before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, and everybody here knows that it’s inappropriate to talk about matters that are before the court. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT]

……. Wow!! Read the rest of this at http://pacificgazette.blogspot.com/

Since when is BC Hydro and Accenture before the courts? Or does good old Wally know something we all don’t know…. IS there something to look into? Something untoward about the relationships and names involved in THIS deal as well? Come on Wally! This is no more before the courts than the Premier is answering questions.

As well, Gazetteer includes a hilarious video of  Wally Oppal’s reactions and answers during the media scrum… where he seems to be running out of justifications…. courtesy of Sean Holmans public Eye Television available on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/publiceyetelevision


Hmmm…… now that the Leg is done, does that mean that we are now responsible for asking those questions during campaign appearances and visits?  Someone should get on Christy Clark about all this BC rail  / Patrick Kinsella nonsense – I believe she was deputy premier during part of the time this was all going on… she must know something she can speak to that is ” Not before the courts”…. speaking of Christy Clark, check out this link for a little stroll down political memory lane.. http://www.robbinssceresearch.com/polls/poll_133.html   Doesn’t this just spell out all the connections  that can make all the difference in a political career for you?